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  1. Low fram rate is the only thing I've seen. It's a very good game and the only real problum I have is the ending but still a very good game.
  2. I didn't really have any trouble with bugs and I played the game through twice. At some points in the game the frame rate really sucks but thats about it.
  3. Everything about that award show was stupid. It was hosted by snoop dogg and was just a 2 hour long rap show. I don't care what won because it was retarded.
  4. It's a great game untill you get to the end. but still a 9.0 at least.
  5. Are you sure you used the sonic sensor when he said the code, because there was another option to use the sonic sensor when he said the guys last words. That's all I can think of.
  6. another pc/non-U.S. gamer crying about us saying we can't wait a day or two. We want the game, we are not rubbing it in you face or anything we are talking to each other.
  7. I just called my local walmart and the said the 7th so I have to wait because that's were I pre-ordered it.
  8. well mabey pc gamers shoulden't read a topic titled I need something to do for a week, knowing K2 comes out in a week for xbox, If they don't want to listen to us xboxers talk about it.
  9. I've said it before. Everyone would be better off if we ignore all post from jedimafia. :D
  10. empty threats is what I was getting at, And I don't see what your going to do if I complain about waiting a week so it would be better if you kept you retarded post to yourself. :D
  11. don't come out till the 6th. But mabey if I plead my case to the grant a wish foundation. :D
  12. I've been trying not to think about the dreams that I die on December 5th . So close yet so far away.
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