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  1. because in kotor 1 at least (havent played kotor 2 as sentinel) u have the most non combat power. by that I mean the most skills and skills are really underated. I mean if you are planning to solo which is the best way to play IMO u need the skills. plus sneaking around with stealth is cool. Sure guardian crushes foes easiest and consular has the best powers but sentinel is just as good, it just takes skill, sneaking around, using mines and what not. sentinel is my fav class.
  2. I got it for PC I suppose this thread can be closed now.
  3. a direct link to the patches page of the most reliable source would be great
  4. Where would I download all the patches?
  5. Awkward interface? What do you mean by this? Can I have some examples. Ohh and for gameplay. Is the PC as good? My wants are 1 Gameplay 2 Fast Load times 3 Non-buggy 4 Graphics (not as important as the others)
  6. :cool: I haven't, but if I had to choose between X-Box and PC, well, both cost the same, and PC has better graphics and shorter load times (well, depends on PC of course) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Just got a new PC for Christmas. Top of the line for gaming so I figure it will be fine :cool:
  7. Thanks, I hoped people would tell me to go PC. Have you two played both?
  8. I know this may be the incorrect forum but I need some help. I'm looking to buy Kotor 1 because I never actually finished it. I was wondering which system is better, xbox or PC. I have both and am looking for people who have played both for some answers. (Im leaning towards PC)
  9. It would be hard to be revan, he's too powerful as it is. Perhaps his past, or the Exiles past. (The Mandalorian wars)
  10. Hey man, congrats on the prize. Ohh yea, and I didn't try to kill you :D even though I was DS
  11. you get strengths at 100% DS too. Anyways it may not appear but I believe it will have an effect.
  12. You are not stuck, just simply leave and come back to nar shadaa later in the game, after you completed some other planets. As far as the airswoop, I think atton can fix that but not sure.
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