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  1. :ph34r: that doesn't look much like Kyle Katarn though.
  2. I refuse to beleive that anything new added in a computer game to the Star Wars universe should be considered canon. That includes anything added in KOTOR. I suspect this may be why only some characters from KOTOR are listed in the Star Wars database but really the Star Wars games should be a universe of their own. In fact, each game series should be unless explicitly said otherwise. Something as important as the first use of Darth in the titles of Sith Lords definately shouldn't be added in a computer game especially when there is no reason given to why it is used if it is its first use. If Darth Bane was first then at least it would make sense because he was the last surviving Sith Lord and he instigated the rule of only two Sith at any one time.
  3. The mandalorians should be wearing armor more similar to Jango Fett/Boba Fett's armor.
  4. By gameplay aspects I meant the story as well. But romance options are side stories and not the main story itself.
  5. Bah. I'd rather they devote more time to more important gameplay aspects.
  6. No multiplayer. I am pretty sure they already said no. Anyway, since the original doesn't have it, it would be a lot of work and on the XBox they would need to look at how to do this with XBox Live. I'd rather they just focus on one thing, single player, and do it well. Trying to do two many things leads to something that is a mixed experience.
  7. Iolo

    for SW fans

    "The Phantom Menace" is Darth Sidious. If you can't figure it out, you should try listening to the dialogue......... It was but I would take it a step further and say the Phantom Menace were the Sith.
  8. But it cheapens the experience of the original movies for some people
  9. ahh, but don't forget what Obi-Wan said to Luke when Luke asked why he said that Darth Vader murdered his father instead of telling him Vader was his father. Some truths are seen from a certain point of view. And from a certain point of view, Yoda was his master because Yoda was a Jedi Master on the council and Obi-wan took his instructions from the council. Oh, don't go onto that bullsh*t. Don't even try to cover up GLs stupidity. To some extent, Yoda was the master for all Jedi. He trained all those Padawans in that room in AotC. Also in AotC, Obi Wan lectured Anakin to spend more time learning proper lightsaber technique from Yoda. Yoda trains all the Jedi so to a certain extent he is all of their masters. Relisten to the Star Wars movies. Does Kenobi say Yoda trained him or does he say that Yoda was his master?
  10. I would have preferred Dark Lords of the Sith as the title for KOTOR2.
  11. Attack of the Clones uses a verb. The Clone Wars doesn't. Perhaps because the second movie in the original trilogy also used a verb (The Empire Strikes Back) was the reason why he went with Attack of the Clones. Also technically Episode 2 isn't about the Clone Wars. It's about the events that lead into the Clone Wars.
  12. Oh, Ye foolish mortals, do Ye realize what Ye've done!? Ye'll bring the Old One down upon us! Flee while there's time! Seriously, I don't mind if Hades_One's complains as long as his complainments are not about the d2 or whatever its name was, system <_<. Edit: Horray! 400:th post. That deserves to be celebrated by some changes... It's D20
  13. I have no problems with the PT. Only true Star Wars fans can look beyond the bad acting and special effects of the PT and see it for what it is....a great story. If the PT were made back in 1977, 1980, 1983 and the OT made in 1999, 2002, and 2005. I bet people would be saying that the PT was the best and the OT is crappy. When it is said and done, its basiclly a nostalgia thing more then anything else. I don't think so.
  14. Iolo

    for SW fans

    I'm guessing they're pissed because the Sith have been repressed for so long, forced into hiding and all that for hundreds of years etc, being hunted/swatted down everything they show themselves. For at least a thousand years, since near to the time of Darth Bane.
  15. I wouldn't. I played Revan in the first game. I had some (minor) amount of say on the development of that character in that game. I would rather not Obsidian try to tell me more how I supposedly would have developed that character.
  16. Agreed, "Revenge of the Sith" sounds more like a comicbook title. All three sound like comic book titles to me. In fact I think Knights of the Old Republic actually was a comic book title before the RPG came out. Revenge of the Sith makes sense to me as a title because of the history of the Star Wars movies and how Revenge of the Jedi was the original title of Episode 6. It wasn't very Jedi-like but Revenge of the Sith is very Sith-like.
  17. Iolo

    for SW fans

    Is it worse than Return of the Jedi?
  18. If you are referring to the game system, they always only followed the D20 system lightly anyway. Above level 20 doesn't exist in Star Wars D20 because otherwise Yoda, Palpatine and others would definately be above level 20. Even then the game will supposedly have up to level 30, extrapolated of course.
  19. Onderon is already in KOTOR2. It was confirmed in some interview that both Dxun and Onderon are in the game. No surprise then that it's winning the poll.
  20. I agree on both points. In fact I posted that about Return of the Jedi on another topic in WoT. I don't see why people give a damn so much about the titles of Star Wars movies. It's Space Opera.
  21. There isn't one. They are not public yet.
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