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  1. form 1: Basic sword techniques. Blocks, thrusts, swipes, parries. Learned by all young padawan in training. form 2: Ancient and efficient fighting style from the old republic. Created specifically for use in lightsaber duels. Not used by the jedi order in the time of the films due to the fact that their known enemies did not wield lightsabers. Used by Count Duku. form 3: Extreme defensive stance. Based on exercises in deflecting blaster fire with the lightsaber. Masters of this form can be all but impossible to kill, but may have trouble dispatching their enemy as well. Used by
  2. Rules, rules, rules! Hades, you need to learn to think outside of the box man! By the way; the idea that a jedi can ever reach a point at which there is nothing more for him to learn about the force is ridiculous. It seems that jedi continuously become stronger with the force as they get older. In that sense, capping character progression would really be out of sync with the SW universe. Even if they do cap your level progression (ie: hit points, attack, defense) they shouldn't cap your progression with the force.
  3. They shouldn't use any of those. They should derive a unique system that best suits the game. If they use D20 as a base; as a building block to start with, then so be it. That DOES NOT mean that they have to adhere strictly to any pre-established rule set.
  4. This argument has become pointless. You clearly feel that keeping completely in line with the D20 system takes precedence and that the game should be forced to fit within those confines. I feel that the over all quality and enjoyability of the game comes first and that the system should be subject to change in order to acomodate that.
  5. No one's saying that it would be without rules. The rules would just be different then the rules of the pen and paper game. The devs' priority should be to make the best video game that they can, not to adhere to guidlines created years ago for a pen and paper rpg. If in their quest to make a better game, they find it best to adjust the rules of the game, then I say go for it.
  6. So what. Does that mean that they should avoid making the best game that they can because it is not exactly the same system as the pen and paper game. The system for KOTOR is "based" on the d20 system. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't customize it so that it best suits the video game.
  7. Because the base rules system is not balanced for characters above 20th level. KotOR 2 is still based on Star Wars d20 and Star Wars d20 is not balanced for epic levels and since there are no epic levels in the Star Wars d20 there shouldn't be any in KotOR 2. Case closed. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Why do you think that the game should be a slave to the d20 system. You talk about that system as though it is the gospel. It is a system developed for use in a pen and paper game, not a video game. There is nothing that says that other SW products must be subject to it. The devs sh
  8. Though jedi are "protectors" and "keepers of the peace," they are also powerful warriors. They weild the deadliest personal weapon in the galaxy and are trained to perfection in its use. It's sort of like our "peace keeping" troops in Iraq with their tanks and assault riffles.
  9. I think it's the intentions behind your use of the power that matters, not the power its self. If you use force choke to save someone, that's different from using it to punish someone. Yoda even decides to use Dooku's lightening against him to protect Obi-wan and Anakin.
  10. I don't think that they should be too picky about differentiating LS and DS when it comes to force powers. Most of the powers are used by both sides (particularly in battle). In ROTJ for example, Luke uses force choke while trying to rescue Han from Jabba. In short, I don't think that these sharp distinctions between LS and DS powers ever really existed in Lucas's mind. I think they have been implemented by EU writers and developers to suit their purposes.
  11. If you read my other post you'll see that the idea was for you to only be able to level up to a certain limmit prior to finishing the game. The chance to continue to gain more levels would only come after you've completed the main story. In this way, the "challenge" could be preserved while still allowing players who are into skill building and character developement to do their thing. As a side note, I don't get why you think that somehow, magically, the game will become too easy if you gain an experience level beyond the number 20. I felt that the level of power that you (as well as M
  12. I think KOTNR should take place well after ROTJ. This is the only way that it could avoid being shackled to previous SW stories (and limmited by them). What significance could that story possibly have? I mean we know that Palpatine and Vader overthrow the Republic in Ep. 3 and we know that Luke and the rebels take them out in Ep. 6. Other than that, it was believed at the time of the OT that Yoda and Obi-wan were the last Jedi alive. So what story about a previously unknown jedi from this era could possibly matter. Whatever he did obviously wasn't important because the Empire is still in
  13. That is not a fact Influence, that is your opinion. There have already been several posts by people who's opinion is that leveling up should not be limited. The reason I made the suggestion that I did is that it is probably the only way that all parties can be satisfied. If you think that it is ridiculous to go over level 20, then you won't have to; but if you want to continiue to level up, then you would have the opportunity to do that as well. Everybody's happy.
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