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  1. agreed. the current title is a bit silly... not as bad as attack of the clones though. It was the title I expected actually, even before AotC came out.
  2. Iolo

    for SW fans

    Not to mention that the original title of Episode 6 was Revenge of the Jedi. It was renamed because Revenge wasn't very "Jedi-like".
  3. It's not too hard really. Each level is double the number of posts from the previous level. The exception being level 0 and level 1.
  4. I thought it was balanced because the light sider would take a large penalty when using the Dark Side powers. Using Dark Side powers too much though should give you dark side points.
  5. Well if you had looked into the game more before buying it you would have known it wasn't like Jedi Knight series in its combat nor like Morrowind either. It's not like there weren't people over at BioWare's forums complaing that the combat in this RPG was not like an action game.
  6. But i think that there will because as i already mentioned, there are more than two factions in TSL. It really depends how they are presenting this to you. My guess is there will still be just two endings. Either kill all the Sith Lords as the good guy. Or kill all the Sith Lords and take their place. WOw.
  7. Where do they say that? Feargus said in an interview that one theme of the game is exploring the master/apprentice relationship.
  8. KOTOR1 and KOTOR2 take place before Darth Bane came up with that rule. About 3000 years before he did actually.
  9. Level 2 200 Level 3 400 Level 4 800 Level 5 1600 ...
  10. There should be many more than 2 endings this time. Obsidian, take your cues from Fallout series. Will there be? Probably not.
  11. Only if you changed your name to Darth Bane and traveled in time 3000 years into the future. That's a thing about KOTOR: the Sith practice of having an apparentice is there then, but as far as I know, Bane decided that it should not go beyond that, which is seems to do in KOTOR; as soon as the Sith is judged ready, he/she goes on, or kills his/her master to go on... and in the earlier case, the master just take another apparentice. Except that Bane also decided there will never be more than a maximum of 2 Sith at all times. As KOTOR2 shows, there were multiple Sith Lords at the same time during its time frame. I think if I understand it correctly the rule of two implies that the master can't have more than one apprentice. mind you I could be way off anyone know if I am right or wrong on this? You are correct.
  12. I am not sure I really understand why though. Have they given a definitive answer? I can understand 'not enough time, maybe next time' type of answer but the impression I got was that over at BioWare threads were locked for questions about being able to mod. Why?
  13. Robes look cool. It's the stereotypical Jedi look.
  14. You mean they would actually follow the books that took place during that time period which didn't title the Sith Lords Darth rather than give Sith Lords the title of Darth? Never.
  15. True as well. But since they aren't canonized, Darth signification didn't exist until Darth Bane at any rate. Personally, I think BioWare made a mistake in KOTOR by naming them with "Darth". None of the Sith Lords in EU in that time period referred to themselves in that way.
  16. What about the RPG system itself? Like character creation/advancement, using skills and feats and powers?
  17. I suspect this is one reason the game is set 5 years later.
  18. BioWare was never really great at writing evil into their games that can be played from the perspective of the PC. hopefully Obsidian will do a better job of this. However, Obsidian have confirmed before that the PC going to the dark side may affect some of the people in your party and push them towards the dark side as well.
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