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  1. It probably has been brought up before, but I'd really like to see skills profiting from attribute boni, as is common in probably the majority of RPG rulesets out there.
  2. My god that episode was a steaming pile of bull****
  3. Bit of on topic : I played lots of Obsidian games, many from day one (KotOR II, NWN 2, Fallout New Vegas) and neither Pillars of Eternity or Deadfire were as buggy as the three I named. NWN 2 was the worst offender of the lot; it had a plotstopper early on which took around a week to patch, and then some of the patchfiles themselves were corrupted and I had to wait for the fixed files and download them again over 56k... those were the (f*cking awful) days! So no, from my personal experience I can't confirm that the quality of programming has suffered from crowdfunding, in Obsidian's case I
  4. General comment on the EGS situation: It is evident that Epic is taking bucketloads of money in hand at the moment to establish a foothold in the digital distribution market. Rumours of conditions not only include much smaller cuts of sales than common for other game platforms, but also guarantees for minimum revenue. Epic will basically look at the projected money the publisher expects to make, and goes: yep, we give you that, no matter what; beyond that, we take 12%. It's the proverbial offer that's too good to be refused, and the amount of even high-profile games making the switch to
  5. PoE 1 for me, too. Deadfire always leaves me with a feeling of shallowness.
  6. I like Tyranny about the same as PoE I, better than Deadfire. That's not to say that it's an overall better game than the latter - it's shorter and has a lot less to offer in terms of loot and character builds (so much less of those, I can't stress this enough), but I do like it a lot nevertheless. The setting and premise are cool. I like the magic system, where you can combine sigils to spells, with some degree of customization; although you'll probably end up with the same ones every time, because they are objectively better than other combinations. Where it really shines is replayability.
  7. I actually always enjoyed FO3/NV hacking. But I'm fine with no minigame when the available ressources can be put to better use elswewhere by the devs.
  8. The paperwork is still fresh after the merger, but it looks like DRIL no longer exists as an independent entity. It may take a little while before all the records are updated, but OEI and DRIL each show unspecified merger filings as of November 30. The likeliest scenario is that Dark Rock merged back into Obsidian for the purposes of the acquisition. Edited for clarity. Well that would completely defeat the purpose of having founded a separate company to hold the rights to their IP in the first place to prevent another Fallout situation. (Doesn't make that scenario a lot less
  9. System recommendations are not a good basis for this argument.
  10. What do we know about the character system anyway? There are skills, and perks, and flaws, but what about attributes? The Raptiphobic flaw penalizes "Endurance, Willpower, Temperament", so these should be attributes. I hope for at least 6 of those, like in Fallout/Kotor/Arcanum (ok, the latter's 8 was maybe a tad overkill).
  11. I have no strong feelings towards one direction or the other. I think however the combat could do with more visual feedback on the deadlier attacks; more an issue of ragdoll physics than gore though.
  12. Oh yeah, and the two companions we saw in this gameplay video look 120% bland.
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