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My Bug Report List: Updated for v480



Here is my updated bug report list for v480. The fix rate based on my bug list along seems to be around the same or maybe a bit slower than v435.

The posts below this one will contain my new bug reports from v480. See you at the finish line.
Save / Load / Persistence
Unit selection not remembered on save/load
Camera position not remembered on save/load

AI Bugs
[Party AI] AI bug when Targeting a character via their portrait
[NPC AI] Issue: NPC Behaviour when you initiate dialogue with them
[NPC AI] Neutral NPCs go into recovery if you attack them

Unit Facing Issue
Interrupts do not stop movement and cause characters to slide
Queued movement commands (AI and player) cause run animation glitches
Run animation glitches investigation #2

Voice Sets in Character Creation can't be interrupted
Hendyna's VO plays from right channel only
Possible Options Menu Sound Bug

Character Art
Clipping Bugs with "leather_armor" female version
Cape/Cloak Texture/Color bugs with different characters

UI Bugs

[Area Map] Incorrect Area Map image showing after ALT-TAB
[Area Map] Edge of Area Map in Stormwall Gorge not obscured by Fog of War
[Character Creation] Character Hair changing unnecessarily when you press next after gender selection
[Character Creation] UI elements overlap fade to black when exiting Character Creation/Level Up Screens
[Character Record] Character Record Button Highlights not reset on close
[Character Record] Highest recorded damage does not match actual damage values
[Combat Log] Loading Tip Entries need a new line between them in the log
[Combat Log] Stone and Adra Beetle DR Bypass not displayed in combat log
[Combat Log] Combat log does not display enough lines
[Cyclopedia] Cyclopedia UI bugs
[Grimoire] Portrait Circle in Grimoire, back arrow clips out of the UI
[inventory] Minor Accuracy Display bug with new changes to wielding (also shows unarmed damage too)
[inventory] Inventory Weapon Set and Quick Item Bug
[item/Spell/Ability Descriptions] Chant Descriptions aren't modified by Attributes properly
[Main HUD] Afflictions overlap portraits and class resource display
[Main HUD] Slow and Double Speed Button selection area too wide
[Main HUD] Status icons get "pressed in" when portrait is selected
[Text] Scrolling & Text stretching bug
[uI/UX] Selection issue with overhead ability icons
[uI/UX] Marquee select is inaccurate
[uI/UX] Visual Bug with Engagement Arrows
[uI/UX] Minor Transition Icon Bug

UI Issues
[Area Map] Area Map Close Button is Dark
[Character Record] Friendly buff hits counting as hits on the character personal record
[Crafting / Enchanting] Issue: Poor Audio / Visual Feedback when Crafting & Enchanting
[Dialogue] Current Dialogue Node not removed from list when on current node
[Dialogue] Can't reset dialogue window size
[Hotkeys] Can't bind a hotkey to weapon sets
[Grimoire] Removing a spell from a Grimoire slot changes spell level view
[Grimoire] Could Wizards and Chanters "share" the Grimoire UI ?
[inventory] Default Split Item Amount Uses Stack Total rather than 1
[inventory] Minor issues with color picker - This issue was incorrectly addressed - sound was added to the wrong thing, and the picker still flickers
[inventory] Is it possible to get a "Consume" button in the item description for food items?
[item Descriptions] Inconsistency with Opening Item Descriptions
[Main Menu] Game difficulty resets when you exit the game
[uI/UX] Issue with selection when currently selected character goes down
[uI/UX] Accept into Adventurer Creator should have a fade to black
[uI/UX] UX Issue with order of abilities on the action bar
[uI/UX] TAB Functions not uniform across UI screens
[uI/UX] UI Clicks are counted as a click for double click camera moves
[uI/UX] Mouse scroll speed is tied to the frame rate

Graphics & Art Issues / Bugs

[2D Art] Save/Load Wood Texture
[2D Art] Two Minor UI Art Issues
[2D Art] Tiled Border Pattern overlap in Main Menu 
[Environment Art] Ogre Cave needs adjusted lighting and Ambient Maps
[Environment Art] 2D Art Bug - Dyrford Village
[Environment Art] Another Dyrford Crossing Navmesh Issue
[Graphics] VFX for Penetrating Shot attaching itself to the base of the unit
[Graphics] Companion portraits have been compressed
[Graphics] TAB/Object highlight not highlighting loot piles through geometry
[Graphics] Unit fading into the fog of war doesn't look great
[Graphics] Character models could be better positioned inside the selection circle
[Graphics] Character periodical run animation hitch (I'm not crazy right?)
[Graphics] v435 Fog of War Issues
[Graphics] Characters disappear at the top of areas
[Graphics] Bad framerate during rest movies

[Graphics] You can see wurms dying at level load in the Dyrford Crossing
[VFX] Ninagauth's Freezing Pillar overbearing VFX

[VFX] Severe FPS lag from Summon Skeleton VFX
Design / Gameplay / Mechanics Issues
Traps are slow to actually attack/hit the units that trigger them
Base Damage Calculation Issue
You can target yourself with special attacks
Hunting Bow and Implement base damage inconsistency
Crossbow and Pistol balance
Poorly explained mechanics in the Cyclopedia
Background skill bonus inconsistencies
Two Handed Style - +1.1 or x1.1 ?
Adra Beetle Shocking Blast Friendly Fire
Calculation for Extra Potion Duration is Multiplicative, not Additive
Interrupts occuring on Lion Frightening Roar
Bonus Damage Strings should be changed from x to +
Minor Item Description issues
Loading Tip ID 67 has a spelling mistake
Cone and Ray spell interaction
Issue with Spell-casting/Ability-use, interrupts and engagement
Interrupts occur on killing blows
Creature Collision/Selection Circle Sizes

[Gameplay] Fog of War and Dialogue issues

[AI] Auto-attack - when it should and should not occur - toggle implemented, needs rigorous testing
[Animation] Buggy Arbalest Reload Animation - still a bit glitchy
[Animation] Please Improve the Gib Animation - it has been edited since I posted this thread, but still could be less extreme
[Animation] Droid Army - I think they made it less noticeable, although movements are still synced
[Combat Log] Iconic Projection has wonky combat log entries - improved but still not perfect, part of a larger issue with similar abilities
[Enchanting] Some more minor Enchantment Display Bugs - first issue fixed, second one persists
[Gameplay] Knock Down bugs - animation still acts oddly with interrupts on creatures
[Gameplay] Loot list / container issues - loot still wonky and seed implementation is poor
[Gameplay] Into the Fray minor bug - bug fixed but the ability still sucks
[Gameplay] Interrupts occur on non-damaging spells - Fixed for some spells/abilities, but not all
[Graphics] Occlusion not working properly - still could be improved, such as colored units through geometry and better solution for trees etc
[Graphics] Poor Quality Loading Screen Images - the DTX5 compressed images still look bad, please use lossless images
[Graphics] Lighting, Post-Processing and Shader issues in the 3D Model Viewers - mostly fixed, found new issues
[inventory] Equip/Unequip items in the inventory causes microstutter and weapon set flickering - flickering fixed but not the microstutter
[Main HUD] Mouseover interaction issue with action bar icons with submenus - submenus persist if you open them, unless you change chars :/
[uI/UX] Selecting a self-targeting ability does not cancel attack/special attack cursor - doesn't appear to have been addressed but actions appear to be queuing instead of overriding
[uI/UX] Interrupt and Concentration need to be shown on the stat sheet - Interrupt now shows on spell/item tooltips, but Concentration is not shown/explained
[uI Scaling] Really bad UI / Font scaling since v333 - NGUI sucks, move to Unity 4.6 UI in the future pls
[Various] Assorted v364 Bugs and Issues - many of the issues fixed
[VFX] Severe FPS lag from Armor of Faith VFX, over the top after FX - FPS lag fixed, horrible after FX not removed

[Character Art] v435 Character Art Clipping Issues - most of the issues fixed

Quest Issues by Rivmusique
BB Wizard Implement attacks launch from PC's body
Dudes that attack Aloth in Gilded Vale don't drop clothing or weapons
Bug with Enemy AI & Holy Radiance - haven't seen it so far, as Priests aren't using it in this patch
Sound bug when moving items in the inventory
FIXED IN v480 (68+ bug reports containing at least one bug)

Action cancel no longer works before the hit frame
Enemy Tooltip shakes in the top left corner of the screen
Issue/Complaint about changes to Paladin Auras
Can't inspect unused spells of a spell level with fully assigned Grimoire slots
War Bow still not positioned properly on character's backs
Beetles don't seem to have updated AI targeting clauses / Beetle pathfinding issues
Spells, Non-weapon based abilities and Ranged weapons need their range in the description
Boots of Evasion incorrect string
Unlootable Ingredients in the Dyrford Crossing
Missing Strings for UI Option for Disable Engagement Stop
Untidy Health Bars on Solid UI
Wrong Shader on Rauatai Male Monk
Dwarf Unclothed Texture Issue
Item Description mouse over inconsistency
Interrupt being calculated incorrectly
Solid HUD UI Combat Log Position not saved
Vicious Fighting Talent doesn't appear to work
Combat Log Resize Selection Area is too small
Issues with Chant Descriptions
Weapon Set Display Issues
Persistent Enemy Tooltips
Targeting Reticles no longer move
Double clicking to center the camera on a unit causes tile shaking
Paladins cast combat only modals twice in a row
Can't shift-queue actions because of hotkey bug
Selection circles/UI stuff still obscured by VFX
Knock Down does not correctly interrupt spells
Blunderbuss combat log display issue
Special Inventory Slots (Grimoire/Pet) appear at a delay when switching characters
Feral Druids not dropping loot in Stormwall Gorge
Issue with Wood Beetle AI and Fog of War
Beetle Targeting / Pathfinding issues
Lion Roar has no animation or SFX
Units prefer moving left if shortest path obstructed by a unit?
Return of the v278 Invisible Stone Beetle
Issue with highlighting abilities and spells in CC/Level Up screens
Poor Quality 3D Door Textures
Modal UI bug
Opening the Area Map causes character shadows to glitch
Miss VO plays on hits
Animal Companion AI targeting issue
Inaccurate Shadow Maps
Issue & Bug with Ability Hotkey changes in v392
AI Loop doesn't update during movement for most enemies
Several Issues with Combat State / Fog of War / Animal Companion
Combat log event sort order appears to be backwards
Combat State - it's pointless to attack before seen - they haven't removed the combat only flags from some of the passives though
Racial Ability Descriptions have incorrect icon size
"This character is currently busy" - AI won't let me control my character
Blast AoE not being increased by Intellect?
Nasty Performance drop when you have lots of items in a stash tab
Floating cloak in middle of map when PC has one equipped and you open the inventory
Inconsistent hotkeying of the slow and fast buttons
Issue - can't get +1 PER or CON from a Culture
Using mousewheel to scroll up and down in the log also zooms camera in and out
Minor Threat bug
Issue with Aiming Ray spells
Bug with Iconic Projection targeting, Fog of War, and Walls
Ranger Animal Companion (or at least the Boar) uses increased Engagement range
Enemies still have poor targeting AI
Issue with save game order and most recent character
Opening the Area Map causes character shadows to glitch
Shift-select issues
Companion selection circles not visible after added to the party via Party Manager
Pathfinding issue with tight spaces between units
Can't stack retrieved traps with non-placed traps
Retaliation Property is overpowered

Occlusion/Dithering not working for Creatures through geometry

Summoned Creature bugs

Periodic Microstutter in Stormwall Gorge (same as v392)


NOT YET CHECKED (Haven't gotten around to it yet - a moderator will edit them into the correct category as I go through them)
Crystal Eater spider walk animation - second front leg clips through floor
Phantom Foes - FPS lag, and over the top VFX after effect
Rime and Frost Followed the Footfalls of Karth - No Effect?
Every Item bug I can find in v435
Combusting Wounds VFX and damage linger
Minor Sound Design issues with areas with creatures
Ancient Memory (and other friendly spells that 'hit') play hit SFX when they shouldn't qualify for it
Engagements can proc from a distance and creatures can still engage when moving sometimes
You can pull the bears away from Korgrak
Wall of Flame spell/trap is not correctly damaging units
Issues with Nridek/Vithrack Psychic Blast
Painful Interdiction combat log lines and interdiction interrupting again
Bug with Dominate Affliction and Engagement

Three minor Lle A Rhemen issues - 1/3 issues fixed

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v480 Bugs / Issues


Issue with new click sounds
Issue: Moving items from Stash

Crossbow & Arbalest reload animation glitches

Interrupts cause unit super sliding across the ground

Animation Stuttering issue in the Dyrford

Background Sharpness Filter bug

Ranged weapon switching abuse

Weird darker text on some interactables

Fine Pike texture issue in inventory screen

Reputation Loss should probably not be green text

AI Targeting issue with ranged enemies with shorter ranged attacks

3D Doors have no collision

Minor issue with Wary Defender Ability Description

Issue with spawn location in Stormwall Gorge when travelling from Dyrford

Blurry Environment Art in Winfrith's Shop and Hendyna's house

Hotkey bar should be on the main ability bar

Vertical Sync bug

Character Shadows jitter when you pan the camera

Issues with VO streaming

Persistent Hazards (e.g. Tanglefoot) persist through rest

Female Aumaua Head 2 accidentally overwritten?

Hit reactions and VO playing on non-damaging spells

Issue with combat log auto-resize

Flanked UI art briefly shows under units playing ambient dialogue

Knock Down combat log issue

Seldom Environmental SFX locational issues

Wild Orlan facial hair bug

v480 Pathfinding Report

Flanked UI flickers under units when their selection circle first becomes visible

Area Map and World Map UI are inconsistent

Sounds anchored to units do not anchor to unit position, just unit starting position

Dyrford Crossing Navmesh/3D Water/VFX issue

No padding on the right side of UI tooltips

Bugs with Flanked UI art

Selection / String bug with Sound Menu

Wood Beetle Spit VFX is pixelated

Invisible Medreth - buggy Escape ability

Bug with Modal VFX that attaches itself to units hands

Minor issue with Description scrolling

Talisman of the Unconquerable Incorrect Focus Mult

Issues/Bug with Submenus of Action Bar

Inconsistent VO playback

Wrong sword model used for Druid spell Firebrand

Can deleting characters be made easier?

Bug with Modified Asset Bundle Behaviour

Regressed Issue - *horrible* downscaling/blurring of HUD portrait in 720p

Art bug with portrait in inventory

Compressed Inventory image for model viewer background

AI Targeting/Pathfinding issue that causes idle melee units in combat

Female Orlans and cast VFX bugs

Marquee select does not appear instantly

Trollhide belt active effect issue

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