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[435] Combat log event sort order appears to be backwards




In this image, I kill an NPC in the Inn.

The order of which things are pasted into the log are backwards, I think.

The order is:

Reputation Loss > Killed > Attack Rolls

When it should be

Attack Rolls > Killed > Reputation Loss

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There is also possible to come with order of events like this:



So BB Priest and BB Fighter are beating the corpse and interrupting its fall;)



My main character has exceptional estoc with damaging enchatments, high Might and specializations, as well as Savage Attack active -> high damage output. With this, it's easy to reproduce the above-like combat log entries on low Endurance targets like villagers or BB Wizard.


Perhaps the order of events is right, the NPC death was too fast and party members still kept their momentum, still attacking (maybe made the attack resolution in the beginning of the action and the damage calculation later?). Regardless, I think there isn't much point to show the last three entries after the death of the target.

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