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  1. ​ I hope you will not become mad at me with wine ​ ​ ​Btw. I recall maintaining one thread about trap issues at the end of beta, I think it got finally fixed in 3.0+ (at least most of the problems I think). So don't worry. But on more serious note, how do you guys like the effectiveness of forums environment? I remember shmerl tried to establish community bug tracker at github but without the official support it's not really viable.
  2. Yeah, those additional/secondary effects would be also interesting. Maybe even something unique to empower, which isn't gainable simply by getting corresponding levels or stats? Just in case it wasn't already mentioned, Josh Sawyer in the reddit Q&A said that ​​ Not sure how it will look like. Perhaps, when already reached spell level quota, you can decide that you want to use a spell from that level again, and are able to do that in exchange for empower stuff... Regarding what you have written, @MaxQuest, it's well thought out and interesting. Most of the time I'm just lurking, but I always like to read what you guys have to say about systems. It seems to me that we lack the needed info. Not only about the underlying by developer's words significantly changed class system. But also as you have yourself already touched at the end of the post, one would need take into account other progressions going on in the game -- the equipment, accumulation of abilities, enemies, even party composition, etc. I agree that the proposed formula looks useful for tuning and "c" ought to be > 0, but actually also because I think nonlinear progression of classes may not be bad thing, especially when one takes into account all the other external effects (eg. the equipment progression). As such using anecdotal example, in PoE1 I haven't minded at all diminishing returns you have mentioned, on the contrary, I've eventually wished we don't get any level ups in those things (because how powerful relative to the opposition we can get). Here they also plan to make multi-classed characters within 75%-85% power of a single-classed character. A single-classed character have at hand more class based abilities to choose from and all of them use the same high power source, so even when the relative gain in isolation wouldn't look so good compare to lower levels, he might be quiet effective character overall. But it's impossible for me to evaluate those things without bigger picture, so I apologize for not giving any numbers. On a side note, I don't dig why it has to be a system where we are required to use together class level, power level and power points for each class. I sympathize with the hard work of UI designers. From the distance it seems to me that one can simply continue the transformation into using just power points and distributing them at will between two classes. You can still gate access to abilities or spell levels by required class power points instead of class levels. Even when it's slightly different, one doesn't reach high level spells unless literally progressing corresponding source points. It may be also possible to use power points instead power levels in your calculations, and have the sneak attack progressed more gradually.
  3. I don't know I don't see much reasons to bother with multi-classing names. Ok fine just put them on the character sheet, whatever. What is actually important is what Obsidian will do in game with that. Personally, I like to think about classes like professions, or specializations. That they fulfill roles in the society, so have some recognizable core aspect. One can pretty much multi-specialize, no problem. To be fair PoE1 isn't primarily build like that. Classes are more than anything just part of the combat mechanic. So I wouldn't expect it changes extremely in Deadfire, moreover wouldn't expect narrative being build to heavily recognize all those possible class combinations as something specific in the world... However, though I agree with the criticism above, I think classes should be recognized, it just needs to be done on each own basis. Developers agreed that reactivity should be used if situations present themselves. So for example, it would be nice to have something to say as a priest of Eothas, etc. ​ I'm guessing three (or four) possibilities how class related reactivity may work: 1. Game checks for specific ability: The White March expansion came with a neat option to use class abilities in scripted interactions here and there. PoE2 seems to build upon that, as far as I recall. They used functions for that, something like "CharacterCanUseAbility". We know next to nothing how classes in the new system suppose to work. But what I've heard on the Wizard example - he will be limited not only by his level, but also by his memory or by equipped grimoire. So we really practically need just check whether the character has the required spell / ability at disposal, don't need to know anything about how he multi-classed. Which brings me to possibility, if an item grants that ability to the user. But itemization can be different this time. ​ 2. Game checks for class power: As far as I understand from the multi-classing info, the strength of the class is now measured by his class power. So if the game designers want to check how much wizardy you are (perhaps when talking with fellow wizard, again it has to make sense), they may simply check how much wizard power source points you have accumulated. Note, that I don't need to know how much levels one gets in this class nor the other. For example you will never have 40 wizard power source points unless you invested into the wizard class. So it gives somehow a head on to pure classes, as they will be able to pass as great wizards earlier, but on the other hand, multiclassed characters have more options - perhaps they would be able to choose from lines of two classes at lower power level and have different abilities at disposal. Besides the game is supposed to be more open so one cannot presume specific levels anyway. ​ 3. Game checks for basic knowledge or acquaintances expected from adepts of specific classes or subclasses / deities / orders: This is perhaps more important for Priests and Paladins, but I dunno, maybe some subclasses of other classes will have connections to factions in the world or so. As the reasons would be probably just narrative, it may be enough that you have taken the class, respective specific specialization. 4. Game checks for combination of classes: This is probably the least probable? But I don't know with what developers plan to come. Perhaps there are some obvious class synergies. However, it can be practically done using the means above, checking for both classes' existences, powers or specific abilities. ​ ​
  4. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Q&A #4 Transcript by Fereed: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5vsoiy/pillars_of_eternity_ii_deadfire_qa_4_transcript/
  5. 1. Can you tell us more about all kinds of skills and what do you plan to do with them? 2. What kind of technological and scientific advancements can we look forward to in the times of Deadfire? 3. In the update it was said that Maia Rua's companion can scout outdoor environments both in and out of combat. Can you tell us more about what birds' scouting capabilities are, and about scouting options in the game in general? 4. Is it possible to precast a spell and then wait for the right occasion to unleash it, or will we have to place the spell's effect right at the moment when the casting finishes? 5. Are you going to set a long cast times across all spells or will it vary? Likewise, what about abilities which are pre-encounter spammable already - like Flames of Devotion, will those become more situational or have some other drawbacks? 6. On the Neketaka's map there are things like type of government, import/export lists and the population composition -- will it change in the course of the adventure? 7. Would you like to do another Q&A sessions like this further down the road of development?
  6. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Q&A Stream #3 Transcript by Fereed: https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5ueus0/pillars_of_eternity_ii_deadfire_qa_stream_3/?st=iz8l42og&sh=9348345f Edit: oj sorry MaxQuest To PS: I think it was meant to be more Lore related Q&A this time?
  7. +1 to this one (or from gossip, reading npcs' minds etc.) 1. How do you plan integrate the new companions relationship stretch goal within the dispositions system? 2. The more depth is given to the companions, the more obvious is the gap to the less developed NPCs. Do you plan also improve personalities of nonparty NPCs? 3. In the Eder example you have mentioned 5 opinion tags, how many narrative variables can we expect to be tracked for a companion, and are expressed attitudes the only relationship defining parameters? 4. Do you plan integrate classes more into the ingame society lore this time, or will it stay as mainly combat mechanic system? 5. Can you tell us about any favorite nonparty NPC you are writing / designing? 6. I would like to know more about the game's time flow -- how much time advances from the end of Pillars 1, and how considerable is the Deadfire adventure in proportion to the hero's lifespan.
  8. Don't believe my memory with the wording, but one of the sources that they are aware can be Josh's answer in the second Q&A (taken from the reddit transcript): ​
  9. ​ ​Why would that be silly? Lately I was actually thinking, that folks who don't want to buy till native Linux port of full game is out (and patched) have it right. (taking into consideration all the broken or too late fulfilled promises) ​ I don't know what's going on with the Steam statistics (eg. when one pays on mobile phone and doesn't play it under linux for some couple of next days, it's counted as a win purchase, etc.) or whether it makes any difference at all - probably the most optimistically at max +1%. However, I have a feeling that people don't take too much into consideration the backers, fans and PR originating from that. I mean there are post release and also early access sales at which they look, so it's better for us to be actually in those. Yeah, Linux players are perhaps more probable to be taken into account when not being too understanding and generous. --> as opposite to doing things like paying upfront or playing under wine etc. But even when we are not many if you would be able to truly cut backers apart, there are secondary effects of the offering. Aside those dual-boot (or wish to dual-boot) backers, I mainly mean general PR effect, when it paints the company in a good generous light, especially on Kickstarter which is supposed to help fund otherwise financially not high return things, including various translations and ports. It's just impossible to estimate how much money they would collect for PoE1 and PoE2 etc., if Linux & Mac, or such things as DRM free option, wouldn't be there since the first Kickstarter. ​ And also the further effect are the fans themselves. So for example, I think developers lately have been bragging about how there is great stuff on the character builds subforum and guess who posts prominently there? (oh it sounds weird when quoting you). I'm not sure how something like the fanbase composition can be evaluated. ​ ​ ​ As you are mindful what you install in your system, I should probably also warn you that it has been confirmed in the fig comments that the beta will be Steam only again. ​ What I have done at the time* is that I've set virtual machine to confine Steam there for downloading. The game's directory then could be moved to any other system where one plans to play, as they didn't require Steam to launch it (at least for the Linux build it wasn't required). ​*yeah silly me, Steam was another fact I wasn't aware of when buying beta. Later for the full game we had been offered to choose gog. ​ ​ Which reminds me. I've been thinking about doing gaming virtual machine, when one has two graphical cards (eg. the integrated one + some better graphical unit from Nvidia for example), so the second one is used by the gaming Linux. Have you guys done something like this? With nowadays offerings I also practically bother to check a new game only if it has native build, but many great older ones aren't playable without wine or dosbox. So it would be great to do it all there in the virtual machine without any worrying or adjusting selinux or so. ​Edit: Btw. Feargus said, that cloaks should be working now in PoE2.
  10. ah, thanks for reminder about that +1 acc. I'm not sure why I thought Pel meant Prone on crit. Pushing sounds fun. There are not so many items and abilities with Push effect on the player's disposal, I think. Now if only a character could equip a bashing shield in each hand and starts pushing...
  11. The modal toggle and adding prone/daze sound also interesting. However, if I'm not mistaken, many enemies have high Fortitude. So perhaps change it to something between (+0,+10) accuracy vs. Fort for Prone effect?
  12. ​ It would be useful to mention this in the Fig's FAQ and in the addons section, in order not to have misinformed backers (also Mac?). I also thought you have a cross platform pipeline this time (in comparison to literally making ports for Mac and Linux a month before the release even when it runs on Unity, as other companies do). Either way perhaps Obsidian simply doesn't want to hassle with releasing three stable builds. In that case I would like to support saying better late than never for BB. Also feedback of versed fellows, such as Xaratas and Boeroer, would be very valuable. ​ ​ Indeed, there was Linux beta available for PoE1 roughly a month and half before the game's release. I've jumped in some time before that, not knowing Linux wasn't supported yet. So if the backers portal will be similar, it might be possible to buy a beta key later on the road. Also if it helps somehow - the Win builds were running fine under wine for playing the beta and feedback purposes, though not advisable for bug reports. But it doesn't mean it will be like this with Deadfire. So it's gamble.
  13. ok ​ ​to the topic, here is the youtube version of the Q&A 2: ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g041nD0uREI
  14. Gromnir, we perhaps just misunderstood each other. I agree with your assessment of the heated times. I just remember being happy for any answers from developers. Also seeing difference between wording disagreement and questioning someone identity, the later I just don't remember happening to me personally. That's all to it. I recall some of the issues, like the blurring filter accompanying the fatigue:) Though thankfully not any extreme nazi iconography. But I was also most of the times lurking only the BB bugs subforum. However, with the system redesigning on the horizon (extent of which we are yet to find) and developers not quiet saying no or yes to romances, etc., what makes you think it wouldn't be equally heated between more traditional Pillars 1 fans and the proponents of the changes? There is already like 13 pages on the lost of Vancian casting.
  15. no, just probably bad memory. I simply don't remember being targeted for getting some echo from developers. ​ Thanks a lot! ​ Actually, scanning through the questions' wording in the transcript, there are like 6 or at least very similar to mine being used. But I think variants of some of them, eg. the one about weather / environments <-> gameplay, were asked more times on different places or also in this thread. I dunno, perhaps they just collected questions each day, not realizing there will be much more later on. ​ ​Looking at the bashing answer: ​​Does it also mean there are PoE1 updates upcoming?
  16. I guess you are trolling, Gromnir. I don't mind. But just in case somebody takes it seriously:) you are free to search for my posts. I don't remember much, but if I recall we even tried to pinpoint a few wrongly programmed lines in the code in the past. That would be hilarious. ​ Look, I'm also unhappy many questions didn't make it through, even mine which interest me most didn't, judging by the MaxQuest's summary. As I said I can post later next time, for others to have more chance, if that makes a difference. But I'm not going to back off simply because somebody sees me as an intruder for whatever reason. We all are interested in various things. I remember PoE forums more welcoming in the beta times. But I guess there are just not yet many people in this subforum these days? ​ As for the questions, I think, it probably helps to make them short for the streaming purposes. ​ ​ ​According to the wiki page, there is going to be another one next week.
  17. ​ I'm yet to watch it via youtube video. I suppose for those of us out of twitter and twitch, this thread is the only option. I have a gut feeling that there will be another Q&A next week or so. So what about reposting unanswered questions? In case it's first serve, I promise I will try not to be the first one next time;) Really liked many queries you guys posted in this thread. Also twitter will get tired in time... ​ Btw., I think, there are one or two questions which were a sort of answered elsewhere. For example, from the first Q&A - about enchantable headgear:
  18. ​ Ok, here I go: ​ 1. Are Backgrounds in? If yes, in what form and shape? 2. Any special treatment for raiders, sailors, sailing merchants or slaves from Deadfire Archipelago? 3. Do you plan new story arc talents for PC and companions in Deadfire? 4. If the list of races is the same, what changes can we expect in the terms of reactivity? 5. The Deadfire Archipelago spreads across a range of climates and together with dynamic weather it sets up the mood of varying environments and effects. Can you tell us more - how that influences the Pillars' gameplay? Also whether it plays a part in the game's narrative, if you can talk about it. 6. So scripted interactions are supposed to be different and incorporate portraits, if I recall correctly. Can you elaborate on the changes and improvements? 7. How cross-platform development treats you this time around? And if already decided, are you planning to provide backer beta for all three PC platforms? (Btw. the nagging cape rests in peace, thanks!) 8. What about an auto-pausing scripting within the AI interface? So players can also setup their own auto-pausing rules. 9. Beside an ingame UI, would you be open to consider externalizing conditions and providing any API for more crazy fan made AI scripting? 10. In the last Q&A, you mentioned generally opening up data formats for easier modding. If I'm not mistaken, you're developing your own conversation tool. In PoE1 we could take a look at the text files and conversation structures, but would you also consider adding further support for that - for example, by releasing documentation? Or by any chance, have you considered releasing said tool for noncommercial modding of your games? I would be thankful for any of those answered by any means.
  19. Do you intend to post links to bugs which you consider important, or do you want to link all the known issues for current version? In either case, perhaps you may want to take an inspiration in Sensuki's thread on his bug reports during Beta: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71105-my-bug-report-list-updated-for-v480/ For some current known bugs summary, the best would be if somebody from QA can make a pinned thread with official list... Hm, I also fear others will throw here bugs without links or even making proper threads for them. Though I don't know what is better, forum is quiet mess anyway:) Edit on the community bug tracker: Seems that @shmerl is also periodically posting list of new issues opened there in thread you linked.
  20. [, linux, GoG] Problem: Even when proofing enchantment of armors works differently compare to proofing and other DR bonuses from items, the stacking rule sees those as in the same category. This is probably a feature. However, when suppression mechanism is applied, the decision which of the buffs is higher isn't done properly. At least in several instances this may lead to wrong suppression. Concrete examples and steps to preproduce: Used Items: -- Freeze-proofed Fine Scale Armor (Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze)) -- Cloak item Shroud of Mourning (Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze)) 1. First Armor then Cloak: a) On character without any item giving DR bonus equipped, first equip the freeze-proofed Fine Scale armor. b) Then equip the cloak. c) On character sheet there is the cloack DR bonus suppressed, and indeed when attacked the Armor bonus is applied: 15.0 Freeze DR. See picture below 2. First Cloak then armor: a) On character without any item giving DR bonus equipped, first equip the freeze-proofed Cloak. b) Then equip the Armor. c) On character sheet there is the armor's proofing DR bonus suppressed this time. And indeed when attacked only Fine Armor + Cloak bonuses are applied: 14.25 Freeze DR (combat log and character sheet display rounded numbers). See picture below --> Game not able to properly distinguish which of the bonuses is higher? It suppresses the last equipped of mentioned items, even when it's clearly wrong decision --> in the case above the number 2 (in the case below the wrong decision is the left one). Another example with similar behavior: Left: Eder's Fine Pierce-proofed Scale armor equipped first, afterwards Hiro's Mantle (giving 3 DR Pierce bonus). Right: First equipped Hiro's Mantle, then Eder's armor. Expected behavior: If it is truly intended that armor's proofing enchantment doesn't stack with other items' flat DR bonuses, the property giving lower bonus should be always suppressed, regardless order in which the items are equipped. Decision should be made in accordance with the real items' behaviors. Speculation: Because how it behaves in game, I think the decision on suppression may see both (armor and cape) as equal. Thus it simple suppresses the last one. Descriptions may support this decision, as both (armor and cape) contain the same line: Freeze-Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Freeze) However, in reality they work completely differently. The formulas for armors seem to work like this: Fine Scale Armor: Base DR = (7+2) = 9.0 DR: Freeze is 125 % of Base DR -> 125 % of 9.0 = 11.25 Freeze DR The difference: 1) Fine Scale Armor with Freeze-proofing adds 3DR bonus to the base DR before percentual calculation: Freeze is 125 % of (Base DR + 3.0) -> 125 % of 12.0 => 15.0 Freeze DR 2) Fine Scale Armor & Freeze DR bonus from Shroud of Mourning will add flat bonus to the armor's Freeze DR: Freeze is 125 % of (Base DR) -> 125 % of 9.0 => 11.25 from Fine Armor + 3.00 from Mantle = 14.25 Freeze DR On issue with descriptions: Armors and cloaks having the same description even when working differently -> this is confusing. Besides that, there are other items giving flat DR bonuses (the same way as mentioned cloaks), such as belts, with different description. See belt in the picture below There is: Pierce DR Bonus: +5 Damage Reduction (Pierce) Conclusion: A) Either items with "Proofed" in descriptions are intended to work as flat bonuses as other non-armor items, thus --> Their descriptions should be different to armors' proofing. For example, make them similar to the belt above? And the suppression mechanism should be corrected to work properly as mentioned above. B) Or items with "Proofed" in descriptions are intended to work the same way as proofing of armors. In that case --> The bug is in their behavior (giving wrongly flat bonus) not in the suppression mechanism. Comments: On the unofficial community bug tracker: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/14 Edit: Note that, regardless of differences among items' descriptions, in character sheet section Active Effects there is always listed "+3 Damage Reduction (Pierce)" or "+5 Damage Reduction (Pierce)", etc.
  21. @vahadar, do you happen to have equipped any other item which grants Pierce DR bonus? (they suppress each other) What is exactly in the combat log, no Pierce DR applied at all? I'm asking because I tried to reproduce (, linux, GoG) and so far wasn't succesfull. Durance with Hirbel's Protective Skin was attacked by bow by another party member, and the combat log formula consistently shows 9.0 Pierce DR substraction, which is correct number. So if you are able provide more info, that would help a lot.
  22. For better visibility the low attributes bug is opened in the unofficial community bugtracker: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/12 The flanking affliction is an exception and it stacks with everything. However, according to the same sources not stacking rule all the other afflictions shouldn't stack the same direct defense debuff. At least I think it still works like this. If you happen to find other combination of afflictions which stack (not the flanking one), it's possibly a bug.
  23. I have encountered something similar during Backers Beta in Skaen temple. It's indeed still present in game. So if it's helpfull below is another situation with the endless combat state bug: [, linux, GoG] How to reproduce in Skaen temple: 1. Make a peacefull deal with Wymund in Skaen hideout, wythout killing beetles in an adjacent cave. (the easiest is to enter from Dyrford crossing with character with high Mechanics and reach Wymund as soon as possible) 2. Lurk a beetle from the cave (behind the wall opened by lever) into the main chamber with Wymund's party, so it's closest target is one of the skaenites. 3. When the beetle reaches skaenites, it should attack them so they join the combat. 4. After the death of beetle, game stays in combat mode (action animation) with action icons over the heads, without player's and Wymund's parties being hostile towards each other. 5. I'm not aware how to end this state other then kill Wymund's party or reload. Additional notes: The bug happens regardless if the player's party intervenes in the fight (doesn't matter who lands the killing blow). However, when the beetle is lurked into the main chamber and targets only player's party members during the whole combat, the skaenites will not join the fight and the combat ends normally. So probably, the only condition, which is needed for the endless combat bug to trigger, is that the beetle attacks a skaenite making them to join the fight. Other notable is that when one tries the same lurking approach on the other end of cave, the resulting combat between the beetle and ordinary skaenite NPCs ends normally without an issue. Even when the player's party doesn't intervene at all. Also the ordinary skaenites seem to attack the beetle on sight compare to static Wymund's party. Accompanying screenshots: Speculation: Is it possible that this issue is specific to important neutral NPCs with scripts/conversations? Perhaps those which are triggered by party approach and/or may resolve into the combat? @flamewavelight, I guess this goes the same for the wolves stituation? Perhaps similar bug (another encounter): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/77227-bug-locked-in-endless-combat-in-northweald-at-the-mercy-of-the-tribes/
  24. Thanks for the summary. Items on lists I posted were checked on character sheet during the combat mode. However, if you have any suspicion that some damage ranges aren't used properly, the combat log is probably the best to look at (what you're obviously already doing). I think the game can have separate calculation with rounding for UI descriptions. In past, there were wrong numbers on character sheet even when the game itself worked all right under the hood... Edit: The char. sheet damage issue was added to unofficial bug tracker for better visibility: https://github.com/PoE-unofficial/Pillars-of-Eternity-bugtracker/issues/10
  25. Though I agree that the behavior is feature not a bug, can I ask where you are getting those calculations from? I'm asking because my experience seems to be a little different, see below. So perhaps you may want to comment this. After checking in Object Browser of IE mod, there seems to be the same percentage behavior as in BB. See the table below for basic armors with quality properties: Eder's armor is basically Scale armor with proofing and special property. Fine Scale Armor has 9 base DR and Pierce is 75% of the base, thus -> 6.75 Pierce DR. When showing in item description and on character sheet it's rounded to 7 Pierce DR. Speculation on proofing (I'm not sure on this, sources are several tests in game): Now proofing seems to be a part of the percentage calculation. Sadly it's a kind of unintuitive with the description on mind. So in this example the proofing 3 DR bonus isn't added flatly to the Pierce DR, but to the base DR for the purpose of the percentual estimation of Pierce subtype. So 75% of (9 + 3) DR is now 9.0 Pierce DR. (Fine Pierce-proofed Scale armor) On the contrary, original pierce-proofed armor had 75% of (7 + 3) = 7.5 Pierce DR, whereas Fine pierce-proofed has 75% of (9 + 3) = 9.0 Pierce DR (see above), etc... Another example -- Fine Leather armor with Slash proofing: Base DR of Fine Leather: 8 DR Slash DR of Fine Leather: 150% of 8 = 12 Slash DR Slash DR of Fine Leather with Slash Proofing: 150% of (8 + 3) = 16.5 (in description rounded to 17)
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