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[435] "This character is currently busy" - AI won't let me control my character



I figured out what this line is from



This line is pasted into the combat log when you issue a command to a character and the Party AI overrides it/will not let you command your character. This is currently __THE___WORST___ with the ranged character AI, when you click to target a unit, it won't let you target the unit, a targeting reticle does not appear and the line "This character is currently busy" is pasted into the combat log.


Expected Result: The player's actions should ALWAYS override the auto-attack AI, and Party AI should only designate new targets after the currently targeted unit has been killed. Currently you cannot override the ranged AI targeting, and often the melee AI will ignore your target too.


This bug report is related to this issue here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70365-435-auto-attack-when-it-should-and-should-not-occur/?hl=%2Bauto+%2Battack



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