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[480] Duplicate footstep sounds




You can hear two sets of footstep sounds created when moving the BB Fighter in this video, the sound that is supposed to be heard - the sound created by the animation frame that has locational sound based on where he is in the area, and then there's another duplicate louder sound in the right channel for some unknown reason.

Will see if I can find any specific cause for this but I have noticed this and several other audio issues in this build. Just got to get around to looking into them.



Different save, different character



Noticeable duplicate footsteps, it appears there is a second set of footstep sounds playing when you move and it also shifts based on where you are but it's like .. either left, center or right channel without the log(10) positional formula used to calculate the dB for the footstep sound position of the character.

Expected Result: Should only be able to hear the softer version of the footstep sounds coming from the character, and not the duplicate set

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