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Installed Windows 10


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I miss the days when Microsoft was the ubiquitous Evil Empire and Bill Gates the Anti-Christ.

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It appears to be the official name, but of course we never know. This is the quote I saw yesterday at Polygon:



Asked about the Windows 10 name in a Q&A following the presentation, Myerson said, "When you see the product in its fullness I think you will agree with us that it is a more appropriate name."


Maybe internally the tablet version of 8 was regarded as "9". Who knows. 

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Guest Slinky

It's windows 9 not windows 10. Makes me wonder what they are going to do next time. Maybe a reboot so the actual windows 10 will be 'windows' by microsoft. 


I bet those working at help desk would just love that.

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They should have stuck the year of release as the name of the Windows version.

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They should really get off the numbers, like they did with Windows XP and be a bit more innovative with names.. 7, 8, 9.. but they still got 1989 numbers before they have to reconsider.. colliding with Windows 2000.

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Nah, now they're naming them after fictional fighter pilots and Friz Freleng toons.


(Or places in California, if you want to be boring about it.)


Edit: they also finally managed to make a file manager that's actually useful for managing files. Only took them, what, 30 years.

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"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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I really don't want the store anywhere near my operating system unless I want to install it 100% voluntarily and separately from when windows is installed on my next desktop and laptop. That is a big part of why 8 is really bad for real computers. I just want a flippin' operating system to run the crap I want on my computers.

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You see, ever since the whole Doritos Locos Tacos thing, Taco Bell thinks they can do whatever they want.

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I don't want to make a new thread just to ask this, so...


...can you still buy Windows 7 from Microsoft? When I go to their page I just see 8.1 stuff.

...I know you can try to get it from other places but trusting whether what they send you is a new/legal copy seems rather iffy.


Sigh. I may have to use Win10 or whatever when I build the new rig.

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Quick look at the likes of Amazon and Newegg show OEM versions are still plentiful (OEM installations are tied to your motherboard and won't activate again if you switch it to a different model, and are not covered directly by MS support, but are otherwise full function) and I don't see the situation changing anytime soon.


The Pro versions of Windows 8/8.1 come with downgrade rights to Win7 Pro, but that's probably an unnecessary expense (probably the only way to buy direct from MS though). If you can find a copy of the discontinued Win7 "Family Pack", that's three upgrade copies of Win7 Home Premium, but a quick Google will show how to do a full install with it (legally a bit questionable but eh). The latter is likely the cheapest option (per copy, that is), but somewhat hard to find these days.

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most stores that sell HW could set you up with a OEM installation... and it's often for free for regular customers, at least in my country.

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