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  1. This is good news, even though it's pretty old already, and it can't get any worse - and even if it did it wouldn't make any difference to me. The last Obsidian game I enjoyed whole heartedly was the Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues expansion and that's almost ten years ago. All the games they have produced since has been a huge disappointment to me and especially PoE, which was the final act of complete alienation and total indifference, which is also why I didn't see this news before, because this board is as alien to me as the company and that makes me a little sad, because I long to belo
  2. Lately I've been doing a bit of nostalgia gaming. Last week I played GOG's version of the Temple of Elemental Evil, which proved to be a lot better and a considerably more different experience than the game I played more than ten years ago. Lots of different beginnings, content and endings and a lot of extra areas and NPC's.. Unfortunately my headset was broken during that week so I can't say whether sounds was improved as well.. In the last few days I've been playing this really ancient game, the first of the Might & Magic series called Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum. I've be
  3. Feels like there is an option missing, the meh one seems a bit too indifferent, which is never the case for me.. I have a strong sense of both genders and the homosexual ones as well and I play them all, because it's a game and I want to experience everything that it has to offer. In games that doesn't offer any difference I go with the ones I think fits the class and my character the best, but I have tendency towards picking female characters, because for some inexplicable reason, perhaps being heterosexual does have some pull, I just happen to like girls..
  4. In short: The problem, as I see it there is a problem and it is that pretty much all Romances are just like mini-games, like a puzzle or a maze of things you need to do right and often totally out of character somehow, because the game turns into more than just your choices, and once you've "beaten" them, it.. erm.. disappears and is replaced by a strange kind of moral compass, like a marriage or something, because it's somehow tied into the End game. If you break your "wovs" something else breaks in this game or the next or the third one.. Even though it adds to replay value I find it to
  5. So.. The free "Upgrade to Windows 10 now!" The "Offer expires on 29 July in 4 hours, 51 minutes and 8 seconds." I tried it out a year ago and wasn't pleased. Especially the lack of control with Windows Updates is a big turnoff point and some graphical changes too like windows and folders and everything is so bloody flat and have shadows at the same time. Has anything really changed? Is Window Updates still a pain? I wish I could search for these things myself, but I find Both Google, BIng and pretty much every search service to be bloody useless in regards to filters or maybe I for
  6. Would be nice if there were some auto-responses in this thread like... { I logged in <event>, got into the <area>. Got to about the <level> before real life interrupted and I had to log out. Expecting to be able to resume it at that poitn... Logged back in a day or so later and found the whole thing resets so I have to go through each damn combat again. Got to about <level> again... and real life interrupts. I'm really not sure if I can be bothered to <insert action> just for a(n) <insert result>. } That would really save me a lot of time
  7. My subscription was cancelled yesterday, because I had a new set of creditcards a month ago and the one attached to this was retired. I mostly play for the single-player experience and I think it has become more of a bad habit than.. erm.. Well, anyway, I just spent the last month trying out new ways of dealing with equipment. I had gotten used to use my army of crafters to fill out all 14 slots (and 7-9 of these with 3 mods and augments) every 4th level and it was a hell of switching characters, watching the game load/unload fifty billion times to research and pile ressources and work, wo
  8. It's too bad that those old boxes are so big and clunky.. I thought about making a wall with covers of all my old vinyl electro-industrial and my games too. I never got the standard Vinyl plastic sheets to Work, never found plastic sheets for both that would work and when I sat there with a scissor ready to cut the game boxes I just couldn't do it. I wouldn't be surprised if plastic sheets that would fit exists today, but now I have other priorities. I've got all those boxes stashed away in bigger boxes, while the content has been split up in other boxes... CD's in one box and a few stragg
  9. Can't solo World Bosses?! That lord kinda stinks.. No Wonder, it's a JEDI ffs!! (they don't have Lords...not even on Dark V.. kinds sucks) It was going so well with Alliance missions.. Solo this, solo that.. and then suddenly forced into Multi-player and big Groups to do World Bosses to get some useless Trandosian (from the dreadful Consular Arc) to join you.. Leaves a big scar on my single-player experience x16 (legendary double living-legend) with an unfinished quest on my sheet. And then some other event that I am still puzzled about.. involving Lokin..
  10. Phew. What a x-mas nightmare, but.. it's real?! Shiiiii... Okay, erm, so, well, uh yep.. The flooding can easily be explained by the total nerf and cripple of companions. They can no longer use Earbuds and Implants, and some of them can't even use headpieces or secondary weapons, and Khem Val only have two slots left.. One for customization and one for Melee.. 11 slots dropped.. Same goes for the ship-droid.. For a standard game with five stripped companions (and a bot), that's a lot of items to pop-up in inventory. Twelve characters with five companions plus droids.. Too much Work. I
  11. Haven't played the game for a few months, forgot to cancel my subscription and then I decide to replay the game with an alternate classes.. Already completed all eight a long time ago.. And played 4 extra alternate versions.. Deciding what to pick.. Haven't played the Imperial Agent for ages.. But as soon as I decide to switch away from my new Adventure to get all my Crafters started up on creating items for my new character I am hit with overwhelmingly huge mess.. All my characters are flooded with items.. Cargo bays have gone missing.. Action panels have been reset.. Skills have been reset..
  12. In my second and last play, a week ago, I completed the game, with a Monk, Solo on Path of the Damned with Expert and Trial of Iron enabled with less than ten rests and got only Seven Achievements instead of Eight. I didn't get Zero Knockouts, even though I obviously never had one! Please fix it. + Solo + Expert + Trial of Iron + Path of the Damned + Triple Crown + Triple Crown SOLO + No Rest for the Pro - Zero Knockouts?! (Complete the game without any party members hitting 0 Endurance.)
  13. How about using a higher resolution? - And some green tea and a yoga strike..
  14. I just upgraded yesterday and it's too much work already. I have already sent more than fifty suggestions about things to fix and so on. Lots of simple stuff, flaws, bugs and mistakes. I really get the feeling that it must be an early sketchy draft just off the table they sent me. I can't believe anyone actually spent more than five minutes crapping up graphics for a quick preview and botched the rest. This release is like an early alpha or beta-release of a small game from an indie developer, that just barely managed to fund the development on a Kickstarter that only had their moms and granni
  15. I just hope that Bethesda teams up with someone who actually knows how to make content, characters and dialogue beyond that horrible generic crap that Bethesda is known for, but I don't see any mention of that.. There are some snippets and comments ffrom the past, but.. Any light on that?
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