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What will the real name be?

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World Of Diablo : Return of the Neverwinter Knight


With the expansions, Baldurs Doorway, Dalewind Ice and the Outfall weapon pack as a unique gift......


Seriously though, I don't reallly care about the name :p Aslong as it's not


'Charlie the unicorn'.

Juneau & Alphecca Daley currently tearing up Tyria.

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I really liked the single-word titles. Something plain, simple, and relevant. Like Fallout, Half-life, Prototype, Dishonored or even Battlefield. They are sticky and cool and appealing by the sheer fact of directly relating to the game. You get what it says on the tin, which is always heartwarming. Multiple-word names make good acronyms, but they feel redundant even without getting long-ass appendages.


So how about getting very original and calling it... Eternity? Ambitious, maybe, but it's pretty catchy and appealing. If the story is relevant to the title in any way.


P.S. Yeah, sorry, I know I was supposed to be sarcastic and suggest something along the lines of Puddle of Eternity or Something's Gate: Eternity. But I just don't feel like it.

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Darklands Torment: New Vegas

Pillars of Eternity Josh Sawyer's Quest: The Quest for Quests - an isometric fantasy stealth RPG with optional combat and no pesky XP rewards for combat, skill usage or exploration.

PoE is supposed to be a spiritual successor to Baldur's GateJosh Sawyer doesn't like the Baldur's Gate series (more) - PoE is supposed to reward us for our achievements


"Josh Sawyer created an RPG where always avoiding combat and never picking locks makes you a powerful warrior and a master lockpicker." -Helm, very critcal and super awesome RPG fan

"I like XP for things other than just objectives. When there is no rewards for combat or other activities, I think it lessens the reward for being successful at them." -Feargus Urquhart, OE CEO

"Didn’t like the fact that I don’t get XP for combat [...] the lack of rewards for killing creatures [in PoE] makes me want to avoid combat (the core activity of the game)" -George Ziets, Game Dev.

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*insert rehash of joke mixing various RPG titles - if it's still being done, it MUST still be funny!*


Seriously though, the first thought I had was the name given to you as a result of your experience: Watcher. Unfortunately, that's very close to Witcher, which would probably kick up all sorts of annoyance. "The Watch" is a possibility, but it's hard to say.


On the other hand, if Obsidian does manage to build this into an on-going series, Watcher would have a place as a subtitle. I'm thinking along the lines of Guild Wars, where each "campaign" was differentiated by the subtitle referencing the main story. It's a good way to set several titles in the same universe while separating the unique stories.


So, if the main title for the series was, say "Chronicles of Dyrwood", the first installment would be "Chronicles of Dyrwood: Watcher".

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I really liked the single-word titles. Something plain, simple, and relevant. Like Fallout, Half-life, Prototype, Dishonored or even Battlefield.

How about...


Remember: Argue the point, not the person. Remain polite and constructive. Friendly forums have friendly debate. There's no shame in being wrong. If you don't have something to add, don't post for the sake of it. And don't be afraid to post thoughts you are uncertain about, that's what discussion is for.
Pet threads, everyone has them. I love imagining Gods, Monsters, Factions and Weapons.

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"The Obsidian Crowdfunded RPG Initially Known As Project Eternity"


Because regardless of what the name ends up, it'll always be "Project Eternity" to me...


I thought the same, but it really depends on how long it takes them to announce the real name. If it's announced next week we've got more than a year to get used to the name :D





Soul Forge? You mean the band or the book?


just googled it...no...yes for Soul Forge


blacksmith of souls just doesnt have the same appeal, but what do i know, english is not my native tongue...Smith of Souls :/ dun know...


Not going to happen. It's already a thing (and a good thing at that!).


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If anyone who suggests something wouldn't mind doing a quick google lookup... Pretty much all possible titles will already be taken, but if it's taken by something small it doesn't matter too much.


I still think that Project Eternity sounds better then any other videogame title I know of.

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Does the "E" necessarily even have to be after a semi-colon? PlanescapE as an example.


Why can't it be "Planescape: E" as well? Could Torment+Numenera+P:E have relations with one another? :dancing:


I've always loved "Planescape" because it's a mix of 2 words, or could be seen as it (Escaping the plane). Torment is one Plane, Numenera is another.... is the "Project" also a Plane or a "realm" within the same multi-verse? :dancing:

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Planescape is actually the name of the PS:T setting, and the associated IP is under lock and key by WotC. Obsidian wants to build their own IP so it doesn't end up being locked away in a vault if a licensing deal is dropped.


Numenara and P:E could conceivably be different planes that link to the Planescape since that's it's big schtick, but they're not Planescape itself, and using the IP would be a good way of getting WotC up in arms. And invoking the name without Planescape actually being involved would be a pointless relic title.

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Obsidian Souls!


Obsidian Souls would stand for both the Developers and the Backers (the order) as it's sort of product of both. Also, it kind of catches one's attention and makes you wonder what the hell are obsidian souls.

Makes sense... and even the HUD would look cool if it was made out of obsidian, with some lava pulsing behind it's brittle surface...

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