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  1. I'm honestly okay with the level of voice acting that pillars 1 had going on, with some exceptions: I did hate it when some conversations were only some parts of the dialogue were voiced, other parts were not. I don't mind if some (or even most) of the dialogue isn't voiced, or if only the companions main quest dialogue were voiced, but it should be all of it. Nothing broke my immersion more than reading the text, only to have some of the dialogue lines voiced, and then the next text block wouldn't be. My other gripe would be if the text and dialogue were constructed in such a way that there
  2. For whatever reason, I actually really enjoyed the way the questlog and journal were done in the game Arcanum. IIRC, they were basically sorted in the order you obtained them, like a real handwritten journal would be. Some were done in slightly different colors, and if you screwed the pooch and failed the quest, they would be crossed out in bright red. Having a journal done in this way, combined with the way PoE 1 quests would update as you progress and had a drop down menu, would be ideal to me. The journal in Arcanum also had other tabs for your reputations, rumors you overheard from NPCs, i
  3. When I started up the game, the first thing I did was open the 'Options' tab (to see if I could crank any more visual settings!) and when I clicked on 'Game', the names for the different options tabs disappeared. The names only seem to stay when I click on 'Auto Pause' and 'Controls'. Running Windows 7, Geforce GTX 780 vid card.
  4. Sorry, wasn't trying to troll or anything. The 'first world problems' thing was just a joke As far as resuming the video where I left off, easier said than done. The internet that I am forced to use is absurdly slow, you would not believe. A 3 minute video takes anywhere from 10-45 minutes to load all the way, and it often times it doesn't work at all if I try to skip part of the video. Maybe I've better off voting for the blog =P
  5. Know that feel bro. I feel your pain Not everyone is living in optimum conditions to sit down and watch youtube videos for an entire hour. Work, school, family, slow internet, some people just can't do it. 10-minute intervals works perfect for me (sort of). If you're complaining because you will have to make 6 mouse clicks in an hour to watch the same amount of footage on youtube; please, tell me more of your first world problems
  6. Yes, it does Couldn't they stream it and THEN put it on youtube? Yeah, that would be pimp. I would almost never be able to see the streams, and I have to work with REEEAAALLLY slow internet, so 10 minute youtube vids are A-Okay with me. And if they're organized into a playlist, it's easy to break and come back later.
  7. Aside from Samara's ENORMOUS and generously exposed bosom. Which I found tacky, since, as you say, she was not a sexually driven character in the slightest. psst.....Adventurer's Hall!!
  8. There's a schematic for bullets, pick it up as soon as you enter Tarant. One of the two ingredients can be found in 7 out of 10 trash cans, so the cost is minimal. Arcanum does NOT use a D&D based roll system, so there is no 'D20' in that game. If you miss (or critically miss) a lot as a gunslinger, that's dependant on your Perception, or if you have the....Nietzche Poster Child background I think it is. You get one point per level, 2 at every 5 level increment, and if you reach a high level, you'll have more points than you know what to do with, and still be fairly overpowered. You ne
  9. DABLUUUUUUUUUE What's happening buddy? I only came around here yesterday myself. Been busy with work. You freezing your tail off yet??
  10. The characters in DA2 were brilliant, they were what made that game playable for me. They way they would banter back and forth made them FEEL life-like. And Varric obviously stole the show, as did Balthier in FF12.
  11. Have you beat Arcanum yet? There's a good twist involving that prophesy... And the tech is fun, I love my gunslinger. Oh my god. I'm burning the house down next time I see this, with the old lady inside, I swear to god.
  12. I'm going to laugh if the final name doesn't even have the word 'Eternity" or any derivative of it.
  13. Hoestly, a game like this only needs the "direction" voice acting type stuff. Acknolegdment when you click on them, or a "Right away!" If you tell them to do something. Not far off what BG did. Anything more would be just gravy. And if they want to save cost for voice acting, I volunteer to lend my voice, free of charge!
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