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  1. How about some verbalized throwback to the old days? It IS a nostalgic re-envisioning after all. "Eternal Memories" "The Things We Lost" Stuff like that.
  2. Hmm, "We"? May I ask what exactly is the point of having that possibility? Am I correct to think that what you are saying is "We" don't want any restrictions whatsoever, not even INT ones... *but* minimum STR would still be required to put on a specific piece of armour? Well, isn't that a restriction? 99yo wizard with high strength (brawny wizards, sexy) wearing full plate? Why would "we" want that? Technically speaking one can eat soup with a fork, that's certainly an option, but is it really useful? Another natural step after lifting all restrictions on armour/weapon use would be to make on
  3. Very interesting discussion going on, lots of good info has been laid out. Here are a couple of my observations on the subject: 1. We don't want the +1 mode of progression concerning gear, that seems to be a universal opinion. 2. We want any character to be able to wear any piece of armor, because you would be able to do that IRL. How you perform in that armor depends on other stuff, but putting it on should be possible, even with the lowest of low INT. 3. There's an inherent problem in integrating armor from different time-periods since some/a lot of the newer armor outclasses
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