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  1. From the start the reactivity of the game has been very slow. Going through character creation takes forever as each click of a button takes 5-20 seconds of freeze before I'm able to interact with the game again. Anyone else seen this problem? I don't really know how to better explain it so that it can be fixed.
  2. An ancestral side to the Barbarian would fit. The Germanic and Norse "barbarians" revered their anscestors, to call upon your anscestors in time of need would fit if they based the Barbarian class upon them. It could take the form of a spirit mask or a physical mask as some has suggested. They, just like tribal groups aronud the globe, had shaman. To add a shamanistic side to the Barbarian class would be interesting.
  3. We know that the game starts with the main character as witness to an extraordinary event. Why not call it the Dyrwood Incident?
  4. I usually strive for a balance. My first playthrough will be as a womanizing, dashing elf barbarian. In ME I always try to balance Paragn and Renegade and I'll try to do the same in PE. Imagine a mix of Kintoki and Gintoki from Gintama.
  5. I'd like something based upon the pantheons of the norse, greek, slavic and celtic. Mix in a bit of monotheistic faiths and you'll have a good mix.
  6. I've talked with a few I know who is backing it and most of them would probably want their money back if there would be cannibal elves or something else silly.
  7. I do prefer more grey settings. What I was trying to get at was the looks and feel. Can you imagine a Noldor warrior running around in a string mankini armour with a sword the size of a skyscraper while trying to get you in bed? No, they're noble warriors who uses equipment and weapons that would work in the real world.
  8. Agreed. I'm sick and tired that elves in modern games are just there as sex symbols. I miss the old days of Tolkien.
  9. Those are actually pretty good ideas! The problem with that is that you probably would push away those who are fans of elves and dwarves. Wouldn't it be better to have new races who are like these changes instead?
  10. I love dwarves and elves, I seek out rpgs that uses them. Thoguh I do not mind seeing them in new shapes but it kinda depends on how they do them. For example, the elves and dwarves of Dragon Age I was solid, though I do love my elves in a less enslaved matter. Dragon Age II failed brutally when it comes to the elves. What has always drawn me to elves are the combination of intelligence, magic, knowledge, stoicism, dexterity and agility over brutish strength. Best example of this is the High elves of Warhammer.
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