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  1. I run into an issue too... after getting rid of the slavers, and freeing her ppl, I returned but could not talk to Ruasare, only option was to read her soul and then tell Aloth in the party about what I saw. After that she won't even talk to me and only tells me "not to come closer, outsider", the guy at the door outside of the ruins thanks me for saving her sister though... spoiler alert: At the slaver fort, I went along with the auction buying the guy, talking to the slaver boss, got the quest from him to get rid of the tribe (only to get into his trust, hehehehe), freed my slave and requited him to work for me, then proceeded to go throught the caverns bellow and killed all the guards in the catacombs, freed the "regular" slaves, went upstairs, took out the boss and everyone in the fortress inside-out, went back to the wahiki slaves, freed them, went into the jungle behind the fort, cleared everything (could not presuade some escaped slaves(?), that I mean no harm, had to put 'em down), went back to the tribe to finish quest aaaaand that's it. Now I can't finish Cruel Cargo.
  2. Thank you too Mr. Sawyer Thanks Obsidian for making all this possible I might not have followed every update, but I was cheering on you from the sidelines all along
  3. Hahaha, the bigger they are, the harder they fall! I'm a big fan of talking weapons (pls do create a weapon companion for us) xD I gues a singing sword would be cool :D A sword bard, find new musical notes for it to sing a defferent buff :D
  4. I hate it when I have to fill my whole inventory with crafting materials and required items (á la WoW). In nwn2 it annoyed the hell out of me to check all those damn crafting books, never really used any crafting until Mask of the Betrayer... so lets just collect all those materials to a different kind of tab in your inventory, or let's have a lesser number of required mats... for example it's logical that the blacksmith/crafting station has leather strips and other essential materials... also you can craft anything else needed from the metal you found (hilt, blade etc) -> you only have to get the metal/skin/weave for an armor/blade/robe and make it... and because it's custom made by you, you could choose the basic cosmetics (the form of the pauldron etc, like you could do minor adjustments to items in NWN 1... would be cool) I also think, like some who posted before, that crafting should not be an "alternative epic gear". Your main source of gear should still be exploration.
  5. wow, that escalted quickly... I just want to point out: supernatural does not equal god lvl superpowers... let me explain what I had in mind: let's take being a vampire: be about 30% stronger during night, but NEVER again see the sunlight, take double dmg from fire, most NPCs refuse to talk to you etc mechanical/steam punk limbs : you take dmg in water, walk slower in cold areas, electrical attacks prevent you from moving, you have to have a repair kit ready at all times (limbs don't heal, they must be repaired), but the character's melee dmg increases significantly transcendent soul form: you can dissolve into a cloud of energy and deal area dmg, use more spells / spells per day due to your higher intellect, but this intellect is so far removed from a normal mortal's that you are unable to express yourself properly to them (you may switch back to your normal form in some special areas, but then you lose all benefits) so all in all this is more about spicing things up a little and not about becoming a god
  6. would be still cracked sooner or later, and it's still an issue whether the develelopers would gain more money with or without the free hype pirates do in addition, updates are cracked too... I think the best solution is still something drm free that encourages pirates to buy the game and does not fill the net with angry pirates who tell everybody that "this game is broken at multiple points", that's bad for sales, could also cause issues for legal copy owners but we are going off-topic, we are not looking for DRMs, but clever lures to convert pirates into legal owners
  7. Kreia is the most epic character I have ever seen, very complex, unpredictable, a mystery in itself. She was truly "alive".
  8. how about something like a construction set/monster/adventure module creator that creates half-compiled files, you have to register with a serial key online, upload your half-compiled file, the server finishes the compile process and allows the files to be downloaded/shared among serial-key-registered users. The idea is, you can only create your own mod if you have a proof of purchase. Also, cracking gangs like skidrow would not be interested in uploading/sharing thousands of small/large mods. this would both encourage the community to create mods/modules/adventures and lure pirates in to buy a legit copy would not affect the base game
  9. In D&D for becomening lich a person shoud have to make some secret ritual ... and becomening lich change apierence vary much ... In oridinal NWN1 if i remember coretly .. at 20 lv (or less) a pale master apierience changed and your left arm becomes sceleton-like ... In skyrim we have option to become Werewolf or Vampire .. and from mechanical side it is done very well BUT it does not have proper athmosphere in my opinion ... at lvl10 of the pale master prestige class (character lvl15 earliest), the arm changes, though it has no effect whatsoever on the game world, not one NPC screamed in terror: "OMG your arm!" rather lame if you ask me (same with red dragon disciple, nobody notices your wings/scales, and you cant even fly) being a vampire in morrowind was much more fun... you even had new vampire questlines for 3 different vampire clans! , though they were rather similar... just a fun addition... and a great many NPC-s would not talk to you, even main quest NPC-s, unless you found the cure (mage guild and the Telvani house would still talk to you though, they accept vampires) http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Vampires btw, in PE something half transcendental, like those ghost like things in Stargate, would fit perfectly, "soul people/race/whatever"
  10. hmmm, an annoying "this version of the game is not genuine" in the main menu/load menu... large red letters... no other effects whatsoever, drm free... if the pirate wants to show the game to someone else... the shame the pirate has to face each time (would work for some ppl, but some would "crack" the letters out, still I don't think reloaded or skidrow would do anything about it, even they ask players to buy the game) load menu, to further annoy -> every time a pirate has to load a game, he faces the same not genuine letters
  11. Whenever I was playing a wizard/sorcerer in NWN1 or 2... or other D&D games, i was wondering, hell I stopped others from becoming liches, i killed liches... etc, why can't I become one? okay there's the pale master prestige class, but that's not satisfactory...
  12. Both options damage the game for those who actually buy it... they don't go nuts with the second one due to it being totally useless, 'cause there was no game that was not cracked within a week... (most are cracked BEFORE they are even released to the public, does not matter how great the drm is... hell my friend has to pirate the game he actually OWNS because the old drm does not support winVista/7, if I remember these are ubisoft titles like splinter cell) Starcraft 2... they turned off the achivements today again... I could not play for single!? player achivements... How exactly does making an MMO damage the game for legitimate buyers? I realize there is the atrocity that is SimCity now, but it was cracked anyway. That doesn't count as an MMO then, if it can be played offline with the client alone. The second option is of a self-sufficient client, which always can be cracked. Do you suppose companies should simply give up? Witcher 2 was a great game, and CD Projekt were kind enough to not include DRM at all. And it had ridiculous pirate rates. Because people could pirate it. DRM can be harmless, just look at Steam. My original point was simply that increasing the number of variables that hackers have to take into account will buy time. sorry, I thought u meant always online gaming... like sim city or starcraft2... Witcher 2 was, in my opinion, ruined by the reputation of witcher 1... people expected it to have issues like the original release of witcher1, so instead of buying it, they pirated it not to "waste money" on a faulty product... Yes, I think companies should just give up the whole DRM thing! drm's are cracked whatsoever, mostly even before release. When it comes down to it, having a DRM or not having a DRM, does not effect pirating at all! Instead of wasting money on DRM they could improve the game or spend it on hype. About MMOs, you can't make every game into an mmo (costs lot of money to rent/build/maintain servers). There are even a great many unofficial MMO servers with enough supporters to be nearly as enjoyable as the official. always online gaming like starcraft2 or simcity is a valid option, but it still has so many issues, that it's absolutely out of question. lagging in single player? or throwing you back into the main menu just because the servers are full, disabling achievements mid-game... until the whole planet is covered with 100% stable high speed internet connection and the servers are ready and able to handle so many players... always online will break the game experience! (though i do not know a lot about the simcity issue... but if a cracked version is playable offline... that's even more of a scandal) I'm not rooting for pirates! If people have the money to buy every game they are interested in, than they should buy it! But drm is both a waste of time to make and an offense to customers in my opinion, especially in case of single player games Continued support, physical extras in the retail version (small figures/map/keyrings etc, that you can show off to all those "infidel non-gamers") and a little things like this one that cdx suggested are what can counter pirates oh, and Steam's success lays not in it's drm, but it's SALES ( 75% off etc, so a wider range of gamers can afford them) and continued support, steam games have to work on new operating systems, steam installs direct x for you, etc... it's very comfortable compared to piracy where people have to use the workaround methods... also advantage to retail version/piracy: you cannot lose a steam game, it's in your online library forever...
  13. Haha.......yyyyyyyyyyyyy...... nice joke ... but i don't know what soviets has to do with slavic ... Besiacly we Poland fight soviets ... and after second world war Americans and British (who was our allies) Sold us to USSR. So if you are jokeing first lern history and secondry don't mix ethincs with political movements ... bocouse someone can be offended. But i also have a joke.... A little sample on USA inteligence Thank you :.) and greetings from Hungary bro! :D
  14. Well as Oneda said... In my country most people either don't have the hardware to play demanding games or have the hardware and pirate, tough both category always has a collection of "worthy games to buy" Both options damage the game for those who actually buy it... they don't go nuts with the second one due to it being totally useless, 'cause there was no game that was not cracked within a week... (most are cracked BEFORE they are even released to the public, does not matter how great the drm is... hell my friend has to pirate the game he actually OWNS because the old drm does not support winVista/7, if I remember these are ubisoft titles like splinter cell) Starcraft 2... they turned off the achivements today again... I could not play for single!? player achivements...
  15. I'm pretty sure it would not take any time at all to make quest related rooms/corridors indestructible xD would be cool though to be able to rampage across a dungeon, blowing walls into the faces of orcs xD
  16. Oh I love in icewind dale how the monsters explode and their corpse's pieces fly away in 360deg, and the sound effect :D perfect... would be boring though if all corpses did same... how about vultures swooping down or giant rats eating on the bodies in open areas, worms/bugs pulling them under in caves, disintegrated by lightning enchantments in wizard towers, piranhas attacking them in the waters, tree trunks in the cursed forest, undead pulling them under near cemeteries, rabid dogs in the slums, guards taking them away on city streets, enchanted floor eats them up in one giant bite in a magical castle... oh, oh, and how about valkyrie like hot babes coming for the good NPC-s, while demons take down the wicked ones? :D
  17. well if others talked about ranger and hunter translation issues... I might as well add Hungarian to the lot... :D we have 2 different terms, similar to hunter and ranger "vadőr" = wild animal/wildlife guard (vad=wild, őr=guard), a professional who tends to the forest, plants trees, marks trees to be cut down, puts extra food out during the winter, hunts occasionally, puts down or cures sick animals etc. "vadász" (ász=ace), who mainly hunts animals for sport/profit, it's not a profession, more like a hobby (though you need to be a member of the "hunter guild/association" of the specific location, membership is hereditary or costs a fortune), but they still need to work together with the "vadőr"-s so both terms are a bit different... Either of the two possibilites would shift the English meaning nobody gives a **** about a Hungarian translation though XD and given the awfully dull experiences I had with translated games (Mass Effect and Dragon Age were especially bad), I am strongly against a Hungarian localization... unless there are some skilled game lovers who supervise it... (Grey Wardens were translated as Szürke(Grey) Kamarás instead of the very obvious choice of Szürke Őrség (~protectors/wardens)... "kamarás" = chamberlain, a title granted to nobles that had no significance whatsoever in Hungary, it was only a ceremonial role... so on top of "kamarás" sounding ridiculous, it suggested a certain uselessness... well that went a bit off topic... sorry xD)
  18. Sir, the term you are looking for is "bounty hunter", real hunters and rangers (IRL) have to look atfer the forest so the wildlife population would not decline, that's why there's a close connection in games between these classes and nature.
  19. No. Srsly. NO. A construction kit would be fine to add modules to the game like in case of Neverwinter Nights... but a fully open world like Skyrim... I think that would damage the story and would limit the developers, concerning how the player's choices influence the world... for example the deforestation theme, you should not be able to go back into a forest that has been already cut to do the quests you missed... that's part of making those heavy decisions. For Skyrim it's okay to have a fully open, unchanging world, because there's no epic story, just a bunch of sidequests with one of them said to be the main one, but you do not have choices, and honestly: It does not matter to the game world whether it was saved or not, the dragons do not kill anyone, do not burn down any village, they just randomly pop up saying "here I am, kill me", than everything returns to normal... In a story driven game, this would look ridiculous. That is why you should not have too much user added content to the main game, you don't know exactly how to fit together a user added house and a developer made earthquake... would the house be floating over a giant hole or in a river of magma?
  20. I'm sure Obsidian will make a fitting end game... but what comes after that? Just the credits? I just want a long epilogue... most games end after killing the "final boss" with a short clip about what happened next... but if my characters survive, I want them to be able to take a well earned rest... maybe they get together for a grill-party before parting ways, joking around how they kicked ass... in a quest-like manner, get the ingredients, don't let the meat get burned etc xD And people will pay more attention to the credits if it's displayed while you still can do something cool, like these kinds of "epilogue quests"... would be interesting listening to your teammates during hours of desperation along the campaign as they make plans (bucket list), about what to do in the case they survive the situation and ultimately watch them live up to their plans in the epilogue... would make the game so much more closer to being alive (in my opinion) the "what to do after all this s**t was done" thing... an "endstory"
  21. I do not need an "achi" for killing the dragon (like in Dragon Age origins), killing the dragon IS the achievement! And if the game world recognises me for killing it, all the better... like when you reach high levels of a skill in Oblivion, people will start to know you by reputation, these small rewards are far more fun/sensible/satisfying than a useless pop-up. more examples: -if you kill the local bandit leader and his gang... then after a while, when you are ambushed by bandits and they recognize that "s**t, it's the bandit slayer", instead of attacking they attempt to flee in terror... -when guards look the other way, because you saved their king... -when all the women in the local bordello wants the dragon slayer in their bed... -when the priest at the temple spit at you for desecrating a shrine with your filthy demonic presence these small influences on the game world are the real achievements... though there should be a list of them, that can only be unlocked AFTER finishing the game, so you can check what content/fun things have you missed for the first run
  22. Equally immersion breaking is being able to walk through the corpses. Yes! It would be really cool if the character would not just walk trough corpses, but jump over them (different animations), or smash giant ogre corpses to pieces if they are in tha way
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