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  1. I notice that perception is being used a lot in dialogue...is it worth having it bc of that?
  2. I think rerolling...did not make perception high enough, currently lvl 5 and it comes up a lot in dialogues and especially watcher related issues.
  3. dont know if this has been posted before, just found it...i'll just put it here http://imgur.com/gallery/DGrzs
  4. On deviant art there are some awsome fantasy pics that might fit into the PoE, even art stylewise...just crop and there ye go hehe
  5. I had similar feelings towards magic system in POE as the OP, at least mage wise. I supposed grimoire is just more sophisticated tool than what we have seen earlier (which it is) generally blueprints, guide for making wiz more sophisticated in shaping those energies...unlike druid or other more intuitive, feel it, zen meditate, whatever...shape it and cast it. I was bit dissapointed that without the spellbook he is pretty much powerless by what we know so far. No matter if he can tome by heart so to speak. All magical energies are stored within the book. Wiz just sort of tunes himself /his sou
  6. Imo portrait art should be consistent in style. I dont like if suddenly mod introduces a character but gives him cartoony anime, manga style look. Some find that amusing and clever. It isnt.
  7. I liked the interview with Josh. Some stuff like reputation system. The way your character behaves, will come to be known. He mentioned if through dialogues your character is picking witty lines, that might be how people start to view your character. Whixh is great.
  8. Spiritual successor, uhm maybe. I just hated the magic vs tech after awhile. It didnt make sense imo. I wanted to be dual wielding techomage.
  9. My first pick human. Although I might go with demonspawn...i mean godlike!
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