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Pictures of your games

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That game is so awesome. I should play it again for the umpteenth time. You seen to be using some mods for it, are there any good mods out there ?

I just use a small mod that allows me to add custom animations for Advanced power armor and such. Oh and custom images for custom weapons i made myself. The only decent mod i know is Fallout tactics redux . It doesn't add much but it makes the core experience somewhat better.

1.13 killed off Ja2.

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Ah, now I realize what game this is. Saw this screenshot and thought the map is very unbelievable:




Is there more of this stuff in the game?

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At that apparent rate, they will soon run out of streetlight poles to carry out capital punishment. Leaders better start campaigning for some new construction funds, pronto. :lol:;)

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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Looks nice for a game with yet the same unoriginal premise. At least they tried to play with the colors a little bit.

You're shooting US soldiers. Not sure how often that has been done before in military themed FPS'.

You are chasing a colonel 'John Konrad' who has gone native and disobeyed orders to complete the evacuation of Dubai, nice to know the devs are putting their college educations to use, and my AK47 doesn't have a single fire mode because apparently you are not allowed more than two per weapon.


It's pretty good (albeit cover based) gameplay, except when you die because you tried to duck behind a chair that that didn't have the cover property. It would be better if your squad wasn't immortal, but I manage to forget about them most of the time and they seem to know not to not ruin the game for me by being better at dispatching the enemy than me.

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Na na  na na  na na  ...

greg358 from Darksouls 3 PVP is a CHEATER.

That is all.


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Strangely enough I'm really keen to try a bit of pop-a-mole Dubai mass murder, I'll buy it in a future Steam sale, for now I've been playing a freshly modded Morrowind, this is my second run and I'm agonising over which of the great houses to join.



So that's what happened to the old sugar tooth...



Vivec looking lush.



Godrays suit this game so well.


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I really like how my Saint's character turned out.


"Show me a man who "plays fair" and I'll show you a very talented cheater."
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It's so strange. There's something about Morrowind's graphics that just rubs me the wrong way. I can't for the life of me find it beautiful or even slightly aesthetically pleasing.


Even with god rays.

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