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Planescape Trilogy Announced!


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Rogue Dao Studios announces the Planescape Trilogy


September 25, 2006 -- Rogue Dao Studios announces the Planescape Trilogy, a massive campaign set in the Infinite Planes for Obsidian Entertainment's Neverwinter Nights 2.


The Planescape Trilogy will deliver up to 45 hours of gameplay, 16 adventuring companions, an epic main plot and a slew of dynamic side quests.


"We expect the Planescape Trilogy to be the must-play adventure once everyone is finished with the NWN2 Original Campaign," - Montgomery Lee Markland, Executive Producer.


The first module, PT: Purgatorio, will hit the vault in December 2006, just in time for the holiday season. PT: Inferno will be released mid-Spring; PT: Eschatologia will be released next Summer.


For more information go to www.roguedao.com


Planescape Trilogy: Purgatorio -- Features


- A rich 15 hour single player story featuring dozens of side quests, interactive NPC party members, and opportunities for roleplay -and- intense combat

- Player strongholds, romantic subplots & Planescape-unique features driven by a customized Sigil Faction system that operates seemlessly with the game engine

- Custom soundtrack, voice acting and art that all deliver the moody, dynamic feel of the Planescape setting

- Multiplayer Party support so you can complete the module with your PnP group or online friends

- PC Advancement up to level seven

- DM-Friendly design


Innovative NPC Casting Process


We are taking lessons learned from the social networking and guerilla multimedia world of the web 2.0, and applying them to the process of game development.


Basically, we are casting the Planescape Trilogy campaign like a movie. There is an open casting call on the forums. Anyone can "audition" to have their character included as an NPC in the modules.


Some players from the community will have their PCs cast as potential adventuring companions for the main player character. Other players' PCs will be cast as major and minor NPCs in the storylines, as well as in a variety of cameo roles.


People are becoming more interested in virtual celebrities and icons.


As the web becomes a more powerful tool for individuals to create virtual personae, people will begin to recognize virtual celebrities. Casting a NWN2 campaign with NWN community members' player characters is the next logical step.


The Development Team


We've put together a twelve-person team comprised of some of the most practiced designers and custom content generators in the community.


The team counts a half-dozen PW admins among the ranks. We've got the lead designers of a Hall of Fame PW. The lead designer from a PW that should be on the Hall of Fame; and some of the best and brightest level designers, sourcebook material experts and jacks-of-all trades available in the community.


The team members have, collectively, around twenty years of NWN design experience between them. Thousands of NWN players have enjoyed the fantastic worlds that these individuals have created. Now they are going to turn their collectively energies towards producing the finest single-player campaign possible.







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I thought it was a game; not a mod.


Still, looks like it has lots of potential. I'll be sure to check it out when released. :geek:"


Why a full press release though? Heh.

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I thought it was a hoax, knowing Don Jags. :thumbsup:


Well, this is all kinds of awesome. I would have preferred Dark Sun setting, since I haven't played any games in that, but Planescape is just dandy.

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Too much pressy crap for my liking, but even the fact that something like this is in development makes the skin tingle.



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Before the game is out, a great mod is already in the works. Excellent!

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"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

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Amazing. A trilogy! This will obviously get finished!



SOmetimes these things do get completed. Remember the three part zombie mod for HL? They Hunger? That was beyond awesome. Better than the original game really, since headshotting zombies beats headshotting weird aliens any day. :lol:

Notice how I can belittle your beliefs without calling you names. It's a useful skill to have particularly where you aren't allowed to call people names. It's a mistake to get too drawn in/worked up. I mean it's not life or death, it's just two guys posting their thoughts on a message board. If it were personal or face to face all the usual restraints would be in place, and we would never have reached this place in the first place. Try to remember that.
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I thought it was just a big hakpack, not a mod. When I still played NWN mods (I installed NWN recently) I saw many times new CODI stuff coming out.


I don't know was they ready, but newest CODI stuff few months ago was awesome.


Back on topic: This sounds cool

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

- OverPowered Godzilla (OPG)



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Did anyone else notice they said they were accepting PCs? Thi calls for writing! I shall be staying awake into teh small hours this wekeend getting high on Fallout, and kebabs with that in mind.

"It wasn't lies. It was just... bull****"."

             -Elwood Blues


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...I could kiss these peoples...Gods luv 'em... :)







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So what's the difference between a studio with an executive producer and a bunch of modders?



HAHAHHAHAHAHAH... wait... are you serious?


Let's go with top 5.



Not making press releases for a mod using a game that hasn't been released yet.

Experience? (I have no idea who is on the team, so...)

Not "planning" a mod, and then putting out a "casting call" for characters.

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