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  1. This is mentioned elsewhere in the manual, I think in the description of feat-types.
  2. Track makes enemies show up on the minimap, a pretty cool feature.
  3. I think you can download SS2 at Underdogs.
  4. It only takes a couple of weeks to get something onto a cover disk.
  5. Most of the released videos have been very outdated, I don't think they've released a single one that shows the present state of the combat animations.
  6. I don't understand any of what you said. You asked what the difference is between a real studio and a bunch of modders. The difference is pretty big. Then you ask if it is a professional endeavor... You go ahead and think about what you posted. I'll be here. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know the difference is big, but what I was getting at is that this seems more like the work of a group of modders rather than a genuine software studio. This is the first time I've seen a press release like this from a modding group.
  7. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH... wait... are you serious? Let's go with top 5. Money. Professionalism. Not making press releases for a mod using a game that hasn't been released yet. Experience? (I have no idea who is on the team, so...) Not "planning" a mod, and then putting out a "casting call" for characters. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So this is actually a professional endeavour? I don't understand why a professional outfit would make a mod for a game unless they were going to charge money for it, which it appears they aren't. This is a pretty large undertaking, what's in it for the
  8. So what's the difference between a studio with an executive producer and a bunch of modders?
  9. Hi, After having ditched my plans to spend a fortune on an all-singing, all-dancing Alienware behemoth I'm now planning on taking the cheaper route and building a new PC in installments. My plan is hopefully to buy a case and power supply, a good new mobo, a nice video card and a decent TFT screen and then shove all my old components into the box until I can afford new ones. I don't have a lot of experience in building PCs though...is this kind of thing going to work or will it just be a headache? I think everything I have other than my vid card (it's AGP) should be easily migrated...if
  10. I wish they'd sort the NWN2 site out, it's a shambles.
  11. I wouldn't have got into RPGs at all if I hadn't played the IWD demo that had not only the prologue but the whole of the first chapter of the game. I went out and bought the BG and IWD boxsets the next day. I was totally sucked in.
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