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  1. How is it? PS. Hi, stranger. Hey yourself! Also, it's pretty good, though I've only started a few days ago. Reminds me a lot of Baldur's Gate.
  2. Those are more for "sidekick dude" and not Issac. If you play as Issac, you're just kinda there for the ride, if you're playing Sidekick Dude - then you get more of his story. Moderately pointless depending on how much completeness you want.
  3. Heh. Well the "YOU'RE" is wrong, anyway. Start swinging dictionaries at each other.
  4. I tried a Vampire Lord for a brief moment. I found them to be too ugly for my tastes. Fugly as sin, but tossing people around with that "force pull" power is hilarious. :D Since I'm doing the hybrid thing, I can see them side by side with Werewolves... I can't decide which is more deadly.
  5. Still skiing the slopes of Skyrim. Now in full Vampire/Werewolf glory. Now to finish out the triat as a Wendigo...... I'm kinda curious where Bethesda zigged.... In Morrowind it seemed I was heroic.... now I'm a CW TV Monster.....
  6. Double-Ouch There goes my hopes for a potential semi-Dishonored fix.
  7. That said - I'm debating cutting Skyrim short...... the darn thing keeps locking up on me, and Dark Souls 2 keeps taunting me to hurry up and finish so I can start it instead.
  8. I could see it working for a game that has a grind element (read: MMOs) - single player games.... it would just bog down the fun.
  9. You can completely ignore the microtransaction aspect. It's a good game, overall. But how's the atmosphere? I thought DS2 was a nice shooter with horror elements, but it didn't scare me anywhere near the amount the first game did (except that bit where ). I think the more streamlined combat contributed to that (in DS you sort of had this feeling you were in a heavy suit, so getting jumped from behind was baaaaaaad as you couldn't just spin around UT-style), but maybe knowing (roughly) what was going on also sort of dampened the scare factor. I wouldn't really call Dead Space 3 horror.... More like the transition from horror to action that happened when Alien transitioned to Aliens.
  10. Sounds like the plot of a cheap horror movie.
  11. Some would... Overall, spell components in video games wouldn't really translate well.......
  12. You can completely ignore the microtransaction aspect. It's a good game, overall.
  13. Neverwinter Nights - though it was hilariously fun to run around the end boss while my Pixie familiar tore it to shreds.
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