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  1. More classes, but more importantly, use prestige classes. I own (almost) all the d20 Star Wars products, and there is a lot of untapped resources there. If the next game is set in the same time period, how about having Sith Prestige classes as an option?
  2. Definately. IF they can do that, then I don't care how it's released. Just don't screw the PC crowd, granted I play consoles and PC games... I just prefer the PC format because of the interface.
  3. While I do agree PST has the best NPCs of ANY rpg I've ever played... HK47 was awesome :D Die meatbag! :D heheee..... I guess i'm in a weird mood
  4. They should keep HK-47! :D Die meatbags! Die! :D
  5. Agreed I think these are the best boards I've ever been too Very sleek and nice
  6. I agree. When you make something or multiple platforms you have to make it friendly for each platform. And the biggest problem with this is player input. Dumbing things down for a controller can prevent all sorts of keyboard options, and make things sloppy.
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