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  1. Too cheap to stump up for a new copy! I dug this one out of my friend's attic. The jabberwock has a moustache drawn on it in faded pencil. I was kidding, I think the new version is an abomination.
  2. Enjoying Alan Wake at the moment.
  3. Now that might be interesting to watch
  4. That's cute. Especially when we look at the fact that in season one the creators said they were going for Sci-Fi grounded in real world science. Really? I'm pretty sure that went out the window when they physically moved the island. There is a magical smoke monster as well that seems a little bit of a stretch for sci-fi. Yup, it's what they said. That and.. there will be no time travel... and... well... after all, it's all about the characters. I enjoyed it, either way, but the creators were loaded with BS.
  5. That's cute. Especially when we look at the fact that in season one the creators said they were going for Sci-Fi grounded in real world science.
  6. That pretty much sums up my feelings. I'm VERY glad it wasn't a "here are your answers"-fest. And it raised more questions. Also: Team Richard/Frank/Miles FTW!
  7. Think I'm doing this right.... --------------------------------- Jack, Kate, Sawyer Locke, Desmond, Ben, Smoke, Jacob The Island screwed them all
  8. What? Too good for the new "dice" version of WHFRP?
  9. That's the important part of the whole pregancy issue. If you were conceived off island, you could be born on the island. eg. Jacob, MIB, Aaron, Alex, etc. If you were conceived on the island, you would die. We've never seen anyone conceived and born on the island. Something the island does in the first tri-mester, maybe the electromagnetism or some other 'magic' affects the foetus. We have seen someone conceived ON the island and born OFF of it though. Sun and Jin's daughter.
  10. Didn't they already... kinda do that?
  11. I say let him be, he clearly knew the job and put safety first. Still, the idea is kinda scary that someone not able to do the job might be flying a plane.....
  12. Bite your tongue... or fingers I REALLY hope they don't go that route
  13. If presenting the info and most likely situations based on what info we have is defending, then so be it, I'm defending. Or maybe I'd rather wait till we have all the info (i.e. all episodes) before trying to blast it, rather that than jumping the gun because it doesn't seem to fall into place based on what we've seen "so far."
  14. Thanks for the link. As for Smokie - after 2000 years in a non-human body - he'd be likely to be pretty wonky in his through process. Of course, everything he did as "black smoke" seemed to be to create fear or kill targets... and as dead people, to manipulate Locke/Eko (till the actor wanted out) and possibly Ben.
  15. VS required a bit of grinding to max your weapons... without that... yeah, I could see why it'd be hard to beat. Downright impossible, now that I think about it.
  16. One other thing, Smokie's been gunning for the "candidates" since season one... ever since he tried to lure jack off a cliff using his father's form in like... episode 2
  17. THAT is the coolest thing ever!
  18. A) No, he and his people were building it - hence the need for Mother to kill them too. B) Across the Sea takes place at like... 23AD.. I think... plenty of time for Smokie to sucker some of Jacob's "other" pawns to finish it. And Jacob has apparently brought a LOT of people to the island. C) The Wheel might have been "unstuck" too, and bouncing through time as well. Or it might have been because of Locke's presence... other items timeshifted too. D) See C. Verdict - not really looking at the big picture. Also - note: When Smokie talked to Locke about turning the wheel (in the ca
  19. Got anything constructive to add? Yes, youre wastine your time. Run away. Or, alternatively, you can save yourself a crapton of time by reading the exhausive replies from Wals and 1337 in any of the other 15 threads that all boil down to the same thing. Yeah, I've kinda noticed a trend.
  20. Prototype. And enjoying it far more than I thought I would
  21. He wrote this? I'll have to check it out.
  22. The last movie I saw was Next. I loved how they showed Precognition as a practical and useful ability, rather than omfwtfpwned visions that are vague or tacked on.
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