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  1. Dragon Age was awesome. Awakening felt like a beta test though....
  2. The concept of "reality" is a fairly subjective point of view.
  3. surprise -9000 This is what they do.
  4. I liked the fact Eloise seems to know EXACTLY what's going on, no matter which timeline.
  5. Jacob is awesome, shame he died. You attack Smokey and he just takes it and laughs at you, Jacob beats you down for even trying.
  6. He will with Broken Steel
  7. She doesn't know Sawyer is with Smokey though.
  8. Kate's an opportunist, has NO idea what's going on, and is determined to save Claire Claire goes with Smokey... so... Kate goes with Smokey I doubt it's more complex than that.. of course, Kate does like to work the angles...
  9. So that's why he could take out entire bases while I looted. I'm sure glad I got the GotY edition now.
  10. Except... when Michael blew himself up... Smokey was with him "You can go now..." and all. The scene with Richard and Jack was freaking awesome though
  11. Currently playing Deadly Premonition
  12. Bah, where's my Alpha Centauri 2
  13. Yeah, that's the main reason I put fallout 3 off for so long... couldn't believe how far advanced F3 was over Oblivion once I got into it.
  14. Previously on GYALFT - Page 1 More of the same, just later. - Page 34
  15. Page 1 of the last thread Page 35 of the last thread Just finished Fallout 3
  16. D2 is one of my favorite games, but I'm leaning in the "what's the point" direction.
  17. Dark Sun was a good setting, unique at that. I think I'd prefer a 3.5 version to a 4E version though.
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