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  1. While the system does need to be changed, let's not lose sight of the fact there are lots of types of "direct action"... and not all of them violent.
  2. I need to find some new shows, I'm down to Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries....
  3. Yup! They even semi-explained it in the room with the time traveling bunny!
  4. Darque

    TV: Heroes

    It died during the first season finale. Peter: I'm going to blow up. Nate: Hold on a second, Pete, I need to say a few things. Peter: Uhg, starting to glow. Nate: Blah blah blah. Peter: Can you hurry it up? Can't hold it in. Nate: Blah blah (5 minutes later) blah. Peter: Arg.... Nate: Blah blah blah...... ok, let's go pete. ..... I'm sorry, an epic leadup lead to... that ending? Everything after that was just... deathrattles.
  5. Seeing as we've seen at least 3 timelines at this point... I'm guessing it's someone in a timeline already gone.. so no real point. edti: clarification: Timeline 1: Season 1-4 Timeline 2: Season 5 Timeline 3 and possibly 4: Season 6
  6. A few things... "Mother" was obviously the previous guardian (i.e. like Jacob) - let's not assume she's a smoke monster just because she's a mass murdering maniac. Just because Jacob didn't show any super powers except immortality and the ability to grant it didn't mean he didn't have any. The same would apply to his mother too. Also - note the "ritual" she used to transfer... or maybe "share" guardianship? That's the same thing Jacob did with Richard... I wonder if there's something Richard isn't telling us.... or maybe something he doesn't even know. As for the black/white/goo
  7. lol That was my first thought when that scene started to play out.
  8. Answered next episode, betcha. And if so, guess who it'll be.
  9. This is messed up. Punished for wearing an American flag in America... on a Mexican holiday.... And on the next episode of the Twilight Zone.....
  10. I predict Jack and Desmond - there's always been a tie there. He and Jack had met BEFORE the island. Desmond's "special" - but... what if he's not meant to beat Smokie, but either usurp or contain him?
  11. Dogmeat was just awesome. Search your feelings, you know this to be true.
  12. I've played this game - and it was a fantastic experience. Divination by coffee? Yes please!
  13. Bayonetta! ....as I wait patiently for Alan Wake...
  14. From what I've heard, you're going to get your wish
  15. Agreed, Desmond saved this show, in my opinion. All the way back to season 2... not the only thing, mind you.. but definitely a major one. As for Des' knowledge... if musician faraday can recall quantum physics... Des can remember Evilocke
  16. Was not expecting that either. Though I saw "Artz part 2" coming a mile away.
  17. Let's have less flaming and even less hate-mongering.
  18. Fable 2 - scrapping the bottom of my collection at this point
  19. I agree, Alien vs Predator 2 is far better than Out of this World. I don't see your point though
  20. Walk a bit each day, and set a goal for yourself and focus on reaching it.
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