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  1. Let me wish the Syrians good luck when they finally get re-homed in England. It'll be better life than living in the blitz torn ruins back home, obviously, but I doubt they'll find any long term happiness. Even with benefits it won't be a comfortable life. We're talking generations of catchup. The lowest worst paid jobs, with no hope of moving up the social ladder.
  2. We need the internet version of Larry Flynt.
  3. What would justice be? I read one of them ended up working in a care home... in Essex. Sounds like justice to me.
  4. What's this? My post on censorship is being censored? Irony aside, you'll have to edit it yourself as I can't after x minutes have elapsed.
  5. Who really cares? Politicians don't understand how the internet works. Remember when they tried to block piratebay? Here was the response: [A metric ton of alternate links to Piratebay] And that was just one website. Good luck blocking all the porn sites lol. Silly politicians. The tighter they hold their grip the more porn sites slip through their fingers.
  6. Don't look at it as waste, it can be used in sub critical reactors.
  7. Moose


    Rugby world cup, about 10 years ago.
  8. Do you think people respect police less these days?
  9. I thought politics was all about one mob of goons trying to topple the other.
  10. "The Brotherhood". Might as well call themselves "hubologists" or "stonecutters". Egypt's unrest won't end until those at the top grow up like the rest of the world and realise in a modern times you have to present the illusion of democracy and freedom to your subjects. The game requires so much more finesse these days.
  11. I get the feeling a lot of people see the issue of global warming as if a crazy old man had come knocking at their door saying there'd be a bomb going off on their road in 3 days. As it happens they had planned to possibly visit their friend that day anyway, but now they're determined to stay home because of the inconvenience, and that man was clearly a loon.
  12. I would imagine if it wasn't a hoax there's probably a law against it anyway. I believe shops in the UK are legally entitled to reject small coin denominations for payment over a certain amount on their discretion. Likewise despite the myth, postal stamps are not legal tender that bus drivers have to accept : p
  13. We should just base every political decision on a magic 8 ball.
  14. Oh and I believe it was an E6600... one of the early dual cores anyway, 3GHz maybe.
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