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  1. A new traditional WRPG?!! Oh man, urge to come back rising...

    1. Musopticon?


      Bah, let's get this Thesis business out of the way first.

  2. Capital, dear sir!(lol pun) You should've seen the ruckus and hullabaloo at the Tampere centre. People were running naked into the fountain and continued partying till the morning hours. It was crazy. And so very Finnish. Fortunately I decided to skip the occasion and get some study diaries done. Summer can't come any sooner...
  3. What I did today? Well, I congratulated Nightshade on having a birthday and surreptitiously, so very very carefully returned. Hi guise.
  4. Wolfmother - Joker and the thief This album is either a huge tribute to almost three decades of music or a very successfull mish-mash of rip-offs from old rock hits.
  5. Solium Infernum, an indie hex-based tbs strategy game about vying for the throne of Hell. Yes, it's one of those "one more turn" affairs.
  6. That was pretty damn top notch. I'm actually contemplating on updating this rig(or buying a new one, actually) just to get to play New Vegas and AP. The hype sustains me, I'm a sad sad man.
  7. Crpg based on the Gumshoe-system Trail of Chtulhu, cheap license, interesting mechanics. Steampunk is always a hoot, but this time it could be honest-to-god Victorian steampunk, the dresses, the staches and lot. An fantasy action rpg with Obsidian's original setting, a merging of good writing with visceral action. Perhaps something contemporary, a mixture of espionage with ecoterrorism and esoteric cults as a backdrop. Doesn't really matter if it's supernatural or not, but the latter would avoid all kinds of PC issues and not seem like a statement against actual religious orders.
  8. Yeah, shame about the length, I was really interested. Now though, I don't want to fork over the dough for a full price game which offers only 7-12 hours of entertainment, too little content for a student's frail budget.
  9. Musopticon?


    You're a godsend! Thanks a lot, I'll see to them.
  10. Musopticon?


    If I may suggest an alternative, George MacDonald Frasier. He is perhaps less obvious, and far more colourful. His fictional works concern the anti-hero Flashman who in turn was a fictional character taken from the classic Tom Brown's school days. G MacD also wrote his own semi-autobiography in 'Quartered Safe Out Here' which is a historical account of his time fighting with 14th Army in Burma during WW2. Therefore, G MacD is not only the author of far more racy books, but you could contrast his true and fictional creations. I think you should find it hard NOT to be able to write ream
  11. Really? Protective makes them harder than most to blitz, but I don't remember Wang's unit probability as being all that high (which is a better indicator of what a military pain an AI civ is likely to be), and he tends not to expand very quickly (via settlers or via invasions). Protective + a not-huge standing army can still be defeated; just bring a few more siege engines. In my experience, Korea never seems to grab enough territory to emerge as a power in the mid-late game. And the AI is one of the more reasonable ones-- get them to "Pleased" and you know you're safe from attack. It's r
  12. Ah, Civilization and it's massive fortification boni. You know which civ is still the most hated in Beyond the Sword circles? That's right, the freaking Koreans. Protective and Financial is a recipe for disaster the second they get to archers. Then it's turtling time. And I freaking hate the turtling time.
  13. Musopticon?


    Hay guise, I'm in a British Historical Fiction course right now and am wondering if anyone could lighten my load by lending a hand. The situation is like this; we've talked about Robert Cornwell a couple of times, but there has not been an actual class about the author yet(we've looked into Walter Scott, Jones, Howard, Follet, etc) and I'd like to recitfy the situation by making a brief intro about the author, followed by a class about a short story of my choice. The problem is that I can't come up with a short story by him that I've actually read. I admit to my complete lack of knowledge ove
  14. Few weeks ago our group did our second foray into the Skinsaw Murders, the second scenario of the Pathfinder Adventure path Rise of the Runelords. The scenario is spread over three or four parts in and around the city of Magnimar. Now, we've yet to enter Magnimar, which is a fairly sizeable trademeet of a city in Northern Varisia, a rival to the larger and more rigid Chelaxian(a hellish empire to the south, like Renaissance Italy with devils) ex-colony of Korvosa. All in all, Magnimar is the place where we finally actually get to use all the well-earned loot. It's large enough to have mag
  15. Hey, I hate the (although relative) stagnation too, so many companies seem to think that there's no market in the west for innovative new games and so we either get jrpgs in a very conservative vein or games that generally pass under radar, leading to vicious cycle of a lost market opportunity. Thank heavens we at least have Atlus, Inc to keep the western market for Asian games relatively fresh. Well, at least handheld gaming doesn't have this problem. But I wouldn't touch handhelds with a ten-foot pole.
  16. Bloody hell, about time for hexes! Hopefully they haven't thinned the amount of civilizations or other content to make up for the time lost to developing and programming a hex-based system though. I' at least like the nice 18(21?) that we had at the beginning of the Civ IV line. And most of the modes from the two expansions to play with. I loved the one where you could change your civ mid-game and retake your now-corpulent and seething empire with a new civ. And the Crossroads of the world -scenario of course.
  17. Look, that's exactly it. Did Medieval 2 have blue hedgehogs hopping around once SEGA took over? It's just your prejudice showing, that's all. Having Squenix as a publisher/co-developer doesn't magically introduce or increase animeish content in a game. Game design isn't a cover-up for foreign ethnicity. That's just the bigoted part of you. I have a dislike for a certain art style, that certain Japanese game developers sometimes use. Do you see me hate on MGS, SF, Mario, Shemnue, RE etc? No. It's like saying to someone that because they don't like rap they are bigot. Here's a
  18. Look, that's exactly it. Did Medieval 2 have blue hedgehogs hopping around once SEGA took over? It's just your prejudice showing, that's all. Having Squenix as a publisher/co-developer doesn't magically introduce or increase animeish content in a game. Game design isn't a cover-up for foreign ethnicity. That's just the bigoted part of you.
  19. You guys could try to tone down the bigotry towards a Japanise company a bit, it's smelling a bit colonial here...
  20. We talked about it last page. Awesome album. Massive Attack - Sly
  21. I think Clear SKy is worth playing, it has great level design at parts, less boring dungeons(looking at you x16), interesting new gameplay like the artifact hunts and a plot that stays fairly focused until the confusing end. The only real problem with the game is the broken faction wars, but you can mostly stay out of it and play the game like SoC, maybe cherry-picking some missions, like the interesting bandit ones. I had a great time with the game, it's built very differently than SoC, but it's still an atmospheric shooter with all the weird and fascinating quirks(and some new!) of the other
  22. Tempted, but no. The fmvs are love and the soundtrack is excellent, but the gameplay is so dated compared to say Red Alert 2, that I don't think I could struggle through the campaing again and especially not the skirmish mode, urgh.
  23. Electric Wizard - Witchcult Today eargasm lol
  24. Already the early second editon DnD Fiend Folio ludicriously copy-pasted the 9 circles into their cosmology. Dante's inferno, meaning the setting, is probably the very first progenitor on how people imagine a fictional hell should look like. Don't like fiery hell? Blame Dante! And I agree, God of War did not flaunt itself as anything else than a complete reimagining of Hellenic mythology. Done badass. Funnily enough, that's quite the prevalent idea, revamping mythology to suit modern audiences. Rune did it, so Titan Quest, Jade Empire and of course Argoneuts etc. Continuing with that thoug
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