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  1. Hah! Had a discussion with a friend tonight about old forums I used to frequent so I logged in here to see if the member number was still visible even though I was several months late to the party here and saw someone liked one of my posts this week so I figured I should drop in again and say hello. How's it been man? Used to talk outside the forum a lot and I still remember a few of the conversations we had back in those days. Hope everything is going well for you these days. It's always weird to come back here and see all these names that I remember from years and years ago. Even those of you that have changed them in the intervening time. Not to mention with all the communities I've come and gone from in the intervening years, popping back here to see that Amentep is not only still around, but is still volunteering his time as a mod after all these years. It's definitely nice to have confirmation that people are doing well considering I know a few people that I lost contact with were not doing so well when the dropped off the face of the internet. (Darius, remember Blaxar? Pretty sure the last thing I heard from him was he was in a car accident before he just stopped showing up online.)
  2. Thought about you Hurlshot as the only Sharks fan I know while watching that comeback. Nice job Sharks! 4 goals on that 5 minute major.
  3. Definitely! My online D&D group that has been playing together for 7-8 years now had as far as I know never actually met up in person before one of the group got married and invited the rest of us out to be most of the wedding party. No murders at all except for my voice from all the cheering.
  4. Don't know what possessed me to check back in here today, but glad I did. It's nice to see that some of the old faces are doing well for themselves.
  5. Already cleared that. The front mounted port is the SATA compatible port and it worked with a different M.2 drive. Wish I had another SATA compatible port to check the non-functional drive with. Could try an adapter to convert the M.2 SATA drive into a conventional SATA drive. Should run about $10. Fixed it. The drive was fine. It didn't like the ASUS overclock. Resetting BIOS default caused the drive to show up. Not sure which specific setting that ASUS changed was the cause, but that's fine. It's all confirmed working now so I can play around with settings at my leisure without having to open the thing up again. For now at least.
  6. Already cleared that. The front mounted port is the SATA compatible port and it worked with a different M.2 drive. Wish I had another SATA compatible port to check the non-functional drive with.
  7. Man, been a long time since I've been around these parts. Long enough that I missed updating this when I picked up a 4460, I think, to replace the Pentium. Was a pain when Windows 10 came out and killed my overclock, then games started not booting if I didn't have a quad core at least. Ah well, just popped in to say that I am no long Deraldin of the Damned System. I actually have something not pulled out of the bargain bin these days! ASUS x470-I AMD Ryzen 2600X Noctua U9S 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4-3000 EVGA 1070 TI SC Corsair SF600 PSU 480GB ADATA PCI-E NVMe m.2 SSD 1TB Crucial MX500 Sata m.2 SSD NCASE M1 ASUS VA32AQ 32" LCD LG IPS231 23" LCD It's only just been set up, so it's all running stock at the moment, so we'll have to see how far I can/want to push it. Right now it is dead silent at idle. GPU and PSU both run passive at idle so the only moving parts are the CPU fans and you can only hear them when you put your head right next to the case. Still need to do some troubleshooting though. The Crucial SSD isn't being registered for some reason and I need to get some thermal tape for the ramsinks before I put the aftermarket cooler on the GPU. Otherwise it's been pretty great so far. It's really nice not having to worry about whether or not you can maintain 20FPS without dropping everything to low when I'm now staying at 60 on high.
  8. Oh boy! Only been 6 weeks but I end up getting a couple new items as an early Christmas present. Just in time for Dragon Age. I haven't had much chance yet to really push the CPU to see how high it will go, but under 100% load it sits at 60C so at least thermally it still has more room to go. Have some weird issues with my SSD right now. For some reason my BIOS keeps setting the HDD boot order so it keeps trying to boot from something other than the SSD and then complaining that Windows won't start right. A couple times when going into the BIOS the drive hasn't shown up for some reason. Figure I'll update the firmware on the drive and see if that solves it.
  9. Been awhile since I've had any reason to update this. Finally got fed up with my old graphics card and replaced it. Found a great deal on a 270 so I pulled the trigger on that. Don't think I had the secondary monitor listed last time event though it should have been. That CPU is going to bottleneck the whole thing, but not much I can do about that right now.
  10. There is no store page for the beta. If you have beta access, you need to generate your code from the backer portal here on Obsidian (log in and check the "Products" tab) and enter that on Steam with the "Add a game..." button.
  11. That is one of my favourites. Godlikes look good with hair. And speaking of that, it would be nice if there was a way to rotate the character head when we choose their hair. You can rotate the entire character model left and right by clicking on the model and dragging left or right.
  12. I could be wrong of course, those are my memories of dimly lit things from 2004 (at the latest, I think thats when the Obs forum started). That said, I think you radically underestimate the abilities of some of our illustrious membership (myself included) in firing off angry responses. Wasn't it the 15 minute edit limit (or however many minutes it was) that was imposed because of that? I remember the problems that were had, but not the response to them. Might have been both the time limit and the edit message.
  13. Sure why not. I had fun while it lasted when we played last time around. I'm in.
  14. Dammit people! Now the collector's edition is going to be an extra $25 with an extra large crappy plastic statue that needs to be plugged in.
  15. Why do they need a reason to charge for access other than "because we can"? I would be greatly surprised if more than 5% of people that play a game in open beta actually contribute in any meaningful fashion to the beta process. They are just getting free early access to the game.
  16. No one was... You said you were uneasy about the partnership with Paradox because of how Paradox has handled DLC in their games. The only reason to be uneasy about such a thing is if you think that Paradox would have some influence on the DLC creation for Eternity.
  17. Watching the women's slopestyle event right now. Dara Howell just put down an amazing run for Canada with a score of 94.20. And as I'm typing this the Italian skier lost a ski on her landing. Was skiing on just the one ski for a couple seconds. Canada takes Gold and Bronze, USA grabs Silver. Canada is owning the freestyle events.
  18. You had a thief and a wizard get hit by a lightning bolt. You'll be able to feel that joy for another couple levels.
  19. I finished up Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies the other day. Overall I think it was a very solid entry. Quality was pretty even throughout. There wasn't really any one case that stuck out as being solidly worse the others like there have been in some of the other games, but the high points doing quite reach the same heights as the best in the series either. I'd put it around the same level as the first game, maybe a little higher, but still below Trials and Tribulations. Definitely worth the purchase even if it's only available digitally. Damn Capcom. Been playing a little bit of the Bravely Default demo. I only have a couple hours of playtime in on that so far, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of the brave/default system. I like being able to just stack on 4 extra attacks for everyone on the first turn and wiping out weak enemies without having to go through several turns of back and forth combat taking damage and wasting resources. Also getting back into Pokemon Y. Gained a bug friend safari for a Paras which will become a designated capture pokemon. Being able to stick both false swipe and a sleep move like spore on the same pokemon should work well. Working on Super Training it's attack stat so it'll hit hard enough to make that False Swipe work properly. Then I need to level it up some. It's only gained 1 level so far in order to evolve to Parasect.
  20. The Tri-X version in that picture is supposed to be about 4dB quieter at idle and 16-18dB quieter at load. It's only 2dB louder at load than the stock cooler is at idle. Pretty significant improvements.
  21. Some wallpaper/emoticons sell for more, but they are very specific items so you'd have to try to get them specifically as not all games have items that are worth anything. My 1...2...3... Kick It wallpaper is actually going for around $2-3 right now and it's only listed as "uncommon" so the steam given rarity of an item is no guarantee of value.
  22. Kensai/mage is definitely the one that comes up most often, but I'm partial to Ranger/Cleric thanks to the bug that allows for high level druid spells. IIRC the dual class version isn't restricted to blunt weapons the same way that multiclass version is. Not that only having blunt weapons is much of a handicap when you have things like the Flail of Ages and Crom.
  23. I take back Super Hexagon. There are 13 other people on my list that played it. They just didn't load when I checked earlier.
  24. I'm going to do the whole Bg1-Bg2 thing prior to release with my own NPC-free party of four. I want the basic Ftr / MU / Clrc / Thf bases covered but not too vanilla and am agonising over party composition. Please feel free to throw some suggestions at me. Was thinking uber-cheese power play of - Cavalier Rngr / Cleric Ftr / Thf Sorc Although I also like the idea of an evil party but you don't get that pure power-munchkin composition. You're going uber cheese and using a Cavalier instead of uber dispel Inquisitor?
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