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Poking Fun at the Characters....

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Dude! Oh! So much wrongness! :thumbsup:

Please review my fanfic!

Atton's Redemption

Atton's Motivation July 30: CHAPTER 26 is up!



DISCLAIMER: These posts may contain humour. No warranties as to the gelogenic qualities, either expressed or implied, are undertaken by the undersigned. All rights reserved. This does not affect your IQ. Any issues, see your psychologist or increase your dosage. --Metadigital

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(w00t) I'm still laughing about the one where disciple gets mauled by the wookie.


Sadly, that image will probably stay with me no matter how much I may drink to forget it.


Wow, I've just laughed more than I did when that guy wiped out on his bicycle today in front of my car. :blink:


I know, I know. :-" It's not nice to laugh at other people's expense. It's so damn hard not to though!

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