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  1. Ah, I see... A canny mullet guy. :D Maybe just female Exile then. Brianna could learn Atton's true nature instead.
  2. The correct term would be maladjusted. That muscular gun-toting Carth really reminds me of this. And your pics, Padmi, look a little bit like Indian art.
  3. Just wanted to say this: Your primeval Bao-Dur is really good, Starphire. (Twisted, kind of like Carth in a dress.) And that evil Exile looks exactly like a girl I once knew... Your stuff is always good, Sentry. And, Qel-Droma, your Kreia sort of reminds me of Scandinavian art. Right, I'm off again...
  4. Giving the rough sand line is an excellent idea -- it would give Handmaiden a justifiable cause for beating him up. Out of curiosity, which male Exile did you play, Aimo? Also, don't you want to integrate Handmaiden to your female Exile's crew?
  5. You got a series on Touched. My linky went to an older submission here. :">
  6. :cool: Two updates in as many days, Aimo! Love how the atmosphere dissolves in the last picture, and the graphic depiction of what Atton says. About that Handmaiden/Exile fight... What a coincidence, I had a glitch there on my initial play-through: During the last spar, Handmaiden's vitality stopped decreasing at 1. She must have gotten carried away by the excitement and caused my Exile pneumothorax or something... Return to Main Menu is what I got.
  7. Noone talks about him, that qualifies as poking fun.
  8. Does the half-alien go through all the phases of age?
  9. Enough with the sodding link! Did anyone even check #40 recently?
  10. Both. And the link doesn't work at the beginning of this page, because I cannot edit their posts, you silly-billy.
  11. Seriously... They didn't have a contract that allowed the removal and ownership, did they? Also, they really trust union guys.
  12. Isn't there a fraternal organization like a trade union you could join? And then sue the parish for theft.
  13. Although, paranoid disorder... Oh... I get it. Your all against me here, you bastards! :angry:
  14. Darn link keeps expiring. Check #40 now. BTW, am I the only one who finds Carth in a dress appealing? And, why do I?
  15. Why not do illustrations and caricatures for books and newspapers then?
  16. More indecent? This one nearly put my eyes out with those... colours.
  17. Never! I liked DS9 because of the soap and because it was the only Trek where a bad regular became good in the end. Voyager fell flat on its face when Moore left the writing staff. The Borg became the regular saturday-morning-cartoon style heavies. TNG was probably the best of them all.
  18. There's no point, Saraya. I could spam this thread to abyss and back, and still fail in making her comprehend the dangers of dipsomania. Here's the boycott: Guests are advised to visit most of the stuff pre-page 22 and leave the rest for the maggots. And Launch, I am sure she would be very proud of me.
  19. @metadigital: You didn't like TNG, DS9, or the 1st season of Voyager. That (and a few films) was the part I did like.
  20. It's Touched that's :cool: . Go find it on your own.
  21. I'm afraid you know that word all too well, Arky. This thread represents what's wrong with democracy. You will save the originals in a private gallery for me, Saraya and Sentry, won't you? :D
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