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  1. This is just something silly...Pimping Master Kavar.
  2. Something I'm working on...still very rough at the moment...if only I could give him one white eye.
  3. Neither. Updated...my new Visas. Was she ever a pain in the behind to make.
  4. Yeah, so what? If you have a problem with that say so, cos I doubt that you've actually read it and if you haven't read it then what's your basis for mocking me? It's not fangurl fluff, it's a sexually deviant Atton enjoying being dominated by Revan so there . And it was also obvious that I meant the other link in my sig. Kotor Sims
  5. I did make some, just the faces, because at the time I didn't understand how to make custom stuff. Revan Calling Carth a hairless wookiee, while scary old Canderous lurks in the background: DS Kreia lurking: Bastila: PLEASE NOTE I did not make her outfit. Check the link in my sig...I have 19 pages of kotor sim antics.
  6. I did tinker around with some stuff for her, she not finished or available for download yet:
  7. Here's a preview of what I'm currently working on...
  8. Aww Exxy *huggles* Post the Di pics....come on, you know you wanna.
  9. Aww darn it Aimo...you're just too good. Now I'm going to have to take a series of very cold showers.
  10. It's stange that he has had more downloads than the rest... What, you want a pretty Kreia?
  11. My Custom Sim Creations. *runs and hides*
  12. OOOh Owch....It's a good job they mate in the water!!
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