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  1. Wow, you know -- this was one of the few game-oriented message boards that I would count on for intelligent conversation. Then threads like this pop up, and I wonder why on earth I even bother. What is it with video game message boards and the penchant for homophobia? As a sexuality and reproductive health professional, and a person of alternative sexual orientation, I can tell you that folks like {deleted for the sake of flame avoidance} are indeed bigoted and most certainly incorrect on almost every single point made in this thread. Not knocking you guys personally (though I would like t
  2. Team Gizka, Thanks for all the hard work! Here's a small suggestion that may help: a.) Help people understand what kind of effort is going into this, and b.) Get the more impatient people off of your diligent and well-appreciated backs. In the progress reports, under the very cool light saber bars, give an hours worked estimate. Note: only a valid suggestion if it won't add more undo labor to what is surely a gueling labor-of-love anyhow! Rather out of my mind this morning, Cloris
  3. Too true! Maybe I like Di so much because it seems to be heavily implied that he's had a crush on the PC ever since that first meeting in the Enclave. Of course that is going to be a little odd -- and maybe even a bit stalker-ish, but I think it's awesome. Atton's fun and all, but out of the two of them, I think it's obvious which one would remember your birthday! Cloris
  4. Bitter Beauty Beautiful Scars Hey, I kind of like mine... Cloris
  5. In some long-ago seeming thread, I listed a bunch of the voice actors and other projects from which I thought we might recognize them, but I don't remember what the thread was called! Anyway, take a look at IMDb -- it's all there, and it was pretty fun to figure out who sounded familar and why. Or maybe that's just me being a geek, Cloris
  6. Sure, but he's "so open, so trusting..." It's that naive love for others, it'll get you every time! He can be my wasted pawn any day! Bwaaaahahaha... opps, sorry, ummm, so how's the weather? Cloris
  7. Okay, I have finally quoted myself, but it's because I forgot something: Disciple is the only one on the ship that knows who Kreia is! We never find out, but at first he asks who she is, and then later says "I know you, not even the markings of the dark side can hide it." But he never gets to tell the exile, so we never find out -- aaarrrggg! Cloris
  8. Here's another mod question: when I try to download some mods from pcgamemods.com, I get a screen of nonsense rather than the save window -- anybody have an idea of what's up? Cloris
  9. Kreia clouds his mind so that he can't remember what he learns until much later in the game -- Mical figures out that something is wrong with life itself. It's kind of hard to explain... (I haven't played for weeks, so I'd rather be vauge than wrong.) I've played both male and female, and honestly I think that Di is much more useful than Handmaiden. The hand-to-hand in skivvies is nice, but no where near as useful. I do like the questions surrounding her parentage, though. That, and the Di romance has kind of a Lancelot feeling to it. Cloris
  10. I like him, and he's a really useful character. I posted about that before, but it's been a while. Mical's got 'mad skillz,' for one, and is one of the only people from the PC's past that can be counted on to help. Not only is he a tank, but he can heal you, recover your force points, AND serve as a lab station. Nevermind that he's the only one that figures out what the hell is going on (even if Kreia makes him forget)! I like Atton, too, but he's just not as handy. It's not Disciple's fault his teeth are too big for his chin! :D Cloris
  11. Agreed -- and that long, slow pan across the repairs makes it seem like the repairs are a big deal, although they never explain how or why. Cloris
  12. I think Kreia had to die because she knew the path she was on (the death of the Force), and knew that the Exile was the only one that could stop her, and that she would only stop when she was dead. I enjoy the "was she good/evil/neutral" debate -- because I find her to be all of these things rather than any one exclusively. That's just my opinion, Cloris
  13. I agree. And you can get Yavin 4 (KOTOR I) via XBox Live, I did. Cloris
  14. I agree, and its more fun to kick ass when they don't see it coming (not that I rub it in with the fanboys on Halo2 Live). " I've played both male and female on both KOTOR games and don't find any of them to be disturbing. Now if they were hitting on someone too young or infirm to consent, that would bother me -- but adults that no what they're doing, nope. In TSL, I found Sion's big battle dialog with the female exile to be particularly interesting. Cloris
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