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  1. I would've thought so too, but it looks like you were beaten by three months.

  2. What kind of cookies? I think of you whenever I think of or see squirrels :)

  3. I'm currently listening to Bjork's Earth Intruders... who needs coffee when you can listen to this song when you wake up? *crazy dances*
  4. This is mine... the text in the bottom corner makes me giggle lots :D
  5. I'm currently listening to Fatboy Slim's "Right Here, Right Now"
  6. Considering most people make their degree choice when they're 16-17 years old, I'd have to agree with you... money definitely didn't have much to do with my decision, but what with how the world works and growing older, money is something you have to take into consideration. Most 21 year olds I know are not in a position to be able to make that trade-off... sure, you're doing something you enjoy and find interesting, plus helping others in a pseudo-altruistic way, but you can barely afford to feed yourself. But I guess, that would be too obvious
  7. If you have the means to, I'd definitely recommend you going into as many Research Assistant positions as possible. One of my friends is currently doing a Masters in Health Psychology, I think, and she's going straight into a PhD, and she's had a couple of Research Assistant positions (non-permanent positions, as the research only had so much funding) and she worked as an Assistant Psychologist for some Clinical group, but she wasn't paid. Financially, it's quite tough, but take any means necessary to get relevant experience. Plus, you make a lot of contacts
  8. Yeh, I definitely agree about the Psychology comments. I've got a BSc in Psychology, and I'm currently in a job that has nothing to do with that. I really enjoyed my degree and found it incredibly interesting, not to mention the immense knowledge it's given me about the mind and whatnot, but career-wise, I sometimes wish I had gone with something a bit more vocational. I do have a dream to go back into something more Psychology-based, but money-wise, it's going to be hard. A lot of my friends who did Psychology with me have either gone into other areas, like teaching, or continued their education on a postgraduate level. Today, I have mostly vegetated, due to illness, and planned a holiday with an insane friend of mine. It'll be wild :D
  9. Oh, I'm not sure what I thought this thread would be about before clicking on it, but I must say I'm a bit disappointed
  10. I'm currently listening to and enjoying Ian Brown's F.E.A.R. I love this song and Ian Brown looks like a monkey
  11. Your avatar is hot! Although, not as hot as the Hoff one you used to wear...
  12. What age range are you in? -> 18-24 __ 25-30 __ 31-55 __ 56+ Are you male or female? __ Male -> Female Do you think overpopulation is a problem? __ Yes -> No What do you think should be done to solve it? __ A maximum limit of children per family enforced by law. __ Colonization of currently non-habitable environs. __ Nothing, new technologies will be developed to allow us to place more people in the same area without stripping the planet of its resources. __ Nothing because I
  13. The last thing I drank was Raspberry and Pomegranate juice
  14. I've always wanted to be happy, and I'd said I've got a lot to be happy about Yay for me! :D
  15. I like it too, it's fun and silly... but what's this MySpace you speak of? :o

  16. I vote black hair, but I guess I'm biased
  17. Fact: Baby hands are evil and creepily tiny with their razor-sharp finger nails! Congratulations
  18. So it's three times on Saturday and twice on Sunday... brilliant :D

  19. Surreptishus is the delicious way to satisfy your sweet cravings, without ruining your good intentions to stay in shape.

  20. Hi, long time no see! Hope you're well and still doing the art thing :D

  21. Being the busy stalker that I am, I can only fit a good stalking of you in at the weekends... what say you?

  22. I'm currently listening to Supergrass's Alright :D P.S. I hate all these new smilies... what was wrong with the ones we had?
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