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Found 23 results

  1. When me and my friend are playing in my world and I kill him his bag drops and I can see it, but for him he cant see his bag where I see it. Instead he sees his bag icon falling through the map and getting farther away when he respawns. I found that it can be fixed by throwing something like a weed stem or a spear at the bag to un-glitch it and then he can see the bag where I see it, but unless I do something to move the bag it remains invisible to him and he has no way of knowing where it is. We both play on Xbox One.
  2. Platform: PC, Game Pass for PC Game Type: Multiplayer, non-host Description: after being defeated and respawning, the backpack appears in a place different from where I was defeated, and contains items that I did not have in inventory previously. Unsure, but seems to also be from a place that is also spawning too much dew drops? A lot of dew drops appeared, rendering large down to small in a weird manner. This only has happened when playing multiplayer, and not as the host, while on PC. The host of the game is on Xbox One X. Result: Backpack appears in world, but with items
  3. I have set my game to Windowed mode and expand it to fill the screen but leave my task bar exposed. Whenever there is a change of view, such as going into Settings to adjust something or going into a converasation, my game window drops back to non-expanded mode. Can we get a fix for this?
  4. Priest ability Salvation of Time (+10sec Duration of beneficial effects) does not increase Time Parasite buff duration. After using Time Parasite, you recieve a buff increasing your action speed by a significant amount depending on how many targets you affected, this buff is not affected by Salvation of Time and it doesn't look like it's intented. Ascendant buff from Cipher Ascendant Subclass is affected by Salvation of Time however, allowing you to refresh Time Parasite for free anyway, so this bug is not very impactful (beside the fact that if you refresh Time Parasite later in the figh
  5. Description - Crash to desktop when using map to exit Neketaka by sea from Periki's Overlook. Crash occured when the character reached the end of the map of Neketaka. Reproducible? No, tried to reproduce but no crash occurred.
  6. So far, I've enjoyed playing POE: Deadfire. Apparently, I've played for over a hundred hours. I hadn't really noticed. I've just been enjoying the ride. Except for the bugs. There are a lot of minor bugs. As yet, I haven't encountered any truly gamebreaking bugs (except the one that periodically deletes my saved games, which would have the potential to be gamebreaking if not for the fact that it doesn't seem to delete autosaves). Hmm. I suppose I'd better answer these questions: 1. I've never used Cloud Sync. As far as I'm aware, I don't even have it on my computer. 2. I got Deadfir
  7. Having chosen crippling strike at character creation, and since upgraded it to Arterial Strike, when I respec crippling strike is lost entirely. I've done this repeatedly to make sure the issue can be duplicated - it can.
  8. I have Tekehu classed as a Theurge, and noticed that this spell never hits any enemies. The beams pass straight through them without any mention of attack rolls in the combat log. Seems to still hit allies as intended. I am on v1.1.1.0064 LAXABC-steam currently.
  9. Uh, so I started a new game. Entered the cave that Beodur's in, freed him, Eder and the Watcher leveled up. I proceeded to level Eder first, which proceeded without problems, but when I finished the level-up, my Watcher had been transformed inexplicably into Eder. Tried saving and reloading, but the problem was still there. I have the save file, but can't seem to upload it.
  10. I'm playing a Wizard and I've set it up so she'll cast spells while I manage the other characters. However I've recently encountered a bug where the game will not save the changes I make to her custom AI behavior. Since I've encountered this bug the same is now true for all party members. I cannot add, remove or switch out spells, neither can i change can i change the priority of the spells already in the Behavior list. Does anyone have a fix to this issue?
  11. I'm playing on a Windows 7 desktop and purchased the game through Steam. My user name is Nolcatt, I'm playing in story mode, and when I get to the phase after the first scenario where you adjust the characters' decks the game keeps crashing after I make my choices. It goes to the load screen and never gets back to the main menu. Also, when I tabbed out and reloaded the game after waiting about 10 minutes, all the items I had transferred to the characters from my unclaimed stash had disappeared, but the game still sent me back to the deck screen when I hit continue. Anyone else having this prob
  12. Depending on the direction the character is pointed and the 'frame' of the attack animation the blue-white energy effect either encapsulates the fist, is at a 90 degree angle or just a plane 180 degree angle from the fist as shown below. In most of the animation frames, one hand's effect will be at the correct angle where it points in the same direction as the fist, while the other hand is bugged. It looks kinda off.
  13. These are the bugs I've found so far: Blessing of Gorum - the tag that the blessing is checking to give 2 dice is incorrect Occasionally, checks will happen out of order (example: cast guidance before a fight and the check to recharge it doesn't occur until after the turn gets passed or you explore again. This may be caused by the same bug, but sometimes buttons will fail to appear when they should, leading to being unable to end a turn after a fight Sometimes a card will get selected on iPhone via touchscreen and fail to be unselected if you let go of it in a place where you don't reveal/
  14. General (For all issues) What device type are you on? iPad Air 2 What version of the OS are you running? iOS 9.3.2 What model is the device? iPad Air 2 Store Issues What products were purchased? Daily Gold, Rise of the Runelords Bundle What products are missing (if any)? Prior to the 1.0.3 update, several days of Daily Gold were missed due to timers greater than 24 hours. Gameplay Is pass & play on? No Is permadeath on? No Tutorial, Story Mode, or Quest Mode? Both Quest Mode and Story Mode have different issues. Characters in Party: Kyra and Merisiel are the make-up of both parties.
  15. Hey guys, I don't know if these have been posted before, and I'm new to the forums, my apologies if I screw up the format or anything. I have 2 bugs to report. I'm on a galaxy note 4, running android 5.1.1 with only the two characters that you get from the tutorial. Both of these instances happened in quest mode normal with pass and play off, and perma death off. 1: at the Glassworks location, with the Poison Pill event active and the paladins turn, I drew a Specter. This automatically loaded the bonus d8 against undead and the wisdom die check was better than the combat check, loading my t
  16. Two separate issues: 1. Zahua seems to be missing a line of dialogue during his introduction as seen here. 2. "The Wax Maker" Stronghold adventure seems to display the text for a different adventure and "No events currently pending" probably shouldn't display while an event is currently pending.
  17. Ever since 2.0 i've noticed that orges have become unable to attack properly and keep themselves in an activate Frenzy loop. I.e they won't stop activating frenzy and cannot attack. Ogre shamans seem to not suffer this problem. if you travel to Caed Nua and go to the fourth floor, the ogre floor, you'll find plenty of instances to replicate this problem. Just attack, let them come close to smack you once, they'll activate frenzy and then just stand there even after the duration runs out. It seems they try to activate frenzy again, but can't.
  18. Description: The wording on Firebug says ""A fearsome ball of fire that bounces from enemy to enemy up to eight times, causing burn damage" but when i cast it and Eder is tanking, firebug will bounce to him as well. Steps to duplicate: 1.) Have a level 9 Druid, and a Tank of some sort (I used Eder). 2.) Engage an enemy group with at least two enemies. 3.) Cast Firebug once the enemies are grouped around eder. 4.) notice firebug will bounce to eder as well as the enemies. Expected Results: Firebug should not bounce to allies, or the wording should be changed to reflect this if the function
  19. just noticed this. on both Aloth and custom wizards, the Blast talent is showing an innate 5 DR penetration. If you taking penetrating blast, then it becomes 10 DR penetration in combat logs... is anyone else seeing this? or is my game bugged? Screenshots: http://imgur.com/VU8riS9 http://imgur.com/YfFpo5I http://imgur.com/Dbxlnpk
  20. Hi, my game keeps crashing when I try to leave the Black Hammer Smithery. It gets into the loading screen, stays there for a few seconds and then throws me onto the desktop. I am playing the Steam version. The crash reports, specs and savegame can be found here (I'd use the file attachment function if it wouldn't keep giving me error messages).
  21. NOTE: The forum prevents me from uploading a .7z file, so I have changed the extension to .bmp. If you want to look at the crash dump, change the extension back to .7z. [Description of the issue] Loading of saved games, both normal and quick, results in a memory leak that will eventually cause a crash. [steps to Reproduce] Start a new game, default character, default settings. Resolution for me is 2560x1440. Save/quicksave the game as soon as it is loaded. Note the memory usage in Task Manager (or Process Explorer). Repeatedly load/quickload the game, noting how the memory footpri
  22. I took the side of the chick in hiding and killed the elf outside of the starting town. During the fight a few bugs appeared 1: All of the BB Wizards spells blanked out, and have stayed blanked out since (each level of spells displays as if all casts had been used) 2: My quest log blanked after the fight (I had already visited the town and collected the kill orge and find daughter quests) 3: The rogue crippling strike ability seems perminantly activated (the ability if green and on mouse over says ability activated)
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