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  1. I had tried uploading the save, but it was too big (~4MB). Cache verification worked though, so thank you. I doubt i would have thought to do that on my own, since i had no reason to expect fault in main game files.
  2. In short, my +40h PotD, trial of iron, solo paladin can no longer be played. Not sure if corruption or version difference, but char was able to clear White March 1 and had just entered Cragholdt Bluffs. attached the output log. output_log.txt
  3. I didn't go for Triple Crown Solo. I went for Triple Crown (not solo). Triple Crown = Path of the Damned, Expert Mode, Trial of Iron Triple Crown Solo = Path of the Damned, Expert Mode, Trial of Iron, Solo I have no problem with micromanagement. In fact, my favorite hero in DotA 2 is Chen, the most micro-heavy hero. I have a problem with how swingy the combat in PoE is, especially how rough the flow of battle goes. I actually didn't die in combat, because I'm pretty good at PoE combat. My game was also still active when I uninstalled. I just lost 1/4 of my current gameplay due to tech
  4. ;D yeah, i'm no stranger to sarcasm, even if it is the least of witticisms. All i want from the unique items of the game is for to be actually unique, having unique enchantments that differ from spells and common enchantments, which would make finding one in the depths of Od Nua actually worth it, in stead of replacing it soon with one you made yourself. If you have some original ideas i'd love to hear them as, how you so eloquently have observed, my own creativity in that regard is wanting.
  5. While I love crafting and several different types of it, this one i'm not sure works here. I mean that you can pretty much top any "unique" item in the game by crafting one from a common weapon you found in the rubbish bin. The uniques provided by the game are not unique enough. That basically is the long and short of it. Some have unique meshes and textures, but stop right there. The supporter designed weapons are effective but nondescript, usable only as crafting bases. DEVELOPERS!! PLEASE, HEAR ME OUT!! You can't make an item with enchantments that you can craft yourself and ca
  6. Ever since 2.0 i've noticed that orges have become unable to attack properly and keep themselves in an activate Frenzy loop. I.e they won't stop activating frenzy and cannot attack. Ogre shamans seem to not suffer this problem. if you travel to Caed Nua and go to the fourth floor, the ogre floor, you'll find plenty of instances to replicate this problem. Just attack, let them come close to smack you once, they'll activate frenzy and then just stand there even after the duration runs out. It seems they try to activate frenzy again, but can't.
  7. Everyone has their own way to enjoy a game, if you want everyone to play and enjoy the game as you do, you're just another idiot in the net. I enjoy playing games with and without cheats and playing the backer beta has left me with the feeling that this game needs cheats, be it via console or a cheat engine -table.
  8. As we all know there are several forms of these and I'm wondering which of them will be implemented into PE. Will it be BG style pause-to-plan; Fallout style action point based; ToEE style true turn based or what?
  9. I'm in favor of not implementing skill/talent trees. they make character creation into a linear and rigid system. Something similiar to fallouts skill and feat system is closest to my heart. In other words: a TON of different skills (at least 10 or so :D) a TON of different perks and a lot of gaming and experience available to gain them. The people at obsidian want to make a game with a lot of pure exploration areas with plenty of content to make us immerse into the game as adventurers, so this kind of multitude of skills and perks adds flavor to the game allowing you to customize your ad
  10. ToEE style turn based was great. It gave possibility to perform more complex tactics without spoiling the momentum of the game. Though it did get annoying when there were so many creatures that every time i opened a door combat started. That opposed with the attacked, pause, engage of the BG. I really like both, so I vote for an in-game switch from where to enable/disable TBC.
  11. I think each armor type should be unique, not just categorized into light, medium or heavy armor, but each should offer different ways of protection and penalties. and of course magical and improved armor has special qualities that outweigh normal armor. Leather tunic/jacket/doublet etc. is lightweight and encumbers its wearer very little, but offers very little in way of protection against bladed weapons that pierce or slash, but may serve to soften blows of blunt weapons like hammers or clubs. I.e no movement penalties, small DR/ DT against blunt, no dodging restriction Brigandine/
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