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  1. yeah, i don't understand why some people were bitching about wizards being underpowered just after release. Aloth is an absolute monster after you pick up the two rings of wizardry, and his stats aren't even close to being optimal. i imagine a PC wizard at higher levels would trivialize the game so much.
  2. Only chiming on the part about not having a fair way to beat Illithids and Umber Hulks in BG2: In my playthrough with Swordcoast Strategem and Ascension, my main was a pure class half-orc Berserker... needless to say, i could pretty much solo those parts with my PC alone lol.
  3. just noticed this. on both Aloth and custom wizards, the Blast talent is showing an innate 5 DR penetration. If you taking penetrating blast, then it becomes 10 DR penetration in combat logs... is anyone else seeing this? or is my game bugged? Screenshots: http://imgur.com/VU8riS9 http://imgur.com/YfFpo5I http://imgur.com/Dbxlnpk
  4. Yes, my results doing math by hand are showing similar conclusion to the spreadsheet. I think for melee rogues, dual wield is very competitive. You want to dual wield stiletto's, which is the Ruffian weapon specialization, which also comes with Sabre (really good slower one hander), Pistol and Blunderuss (good ranged weapons). If you go the two handed route, you have to pick the adventurer weapon specialization for Estoc, and the other weapons in that spec are just bad.
  5. I dump any leftover points into stealth for everyone. It's useful for positioning your party.
  6. They are not that bad if you pick them up at lower levels. For example, Aloth is not a nuking wizard, he is a control wizard, just play him like one.
  7. There's a big caveat here: you're comparing two different builds. In other words, you're assuming the Aumaua build has a Might score that's two points (3 points?!) higher than the Hearth Orlan. That's an apples and oranges comparison. Your calculations are no different than comparing a 18 Might Human to a 16 Might human. Or a 6 Might human to a 4 Might human. Yes, a 2 point difference in Might is a 6% damage difference--this information is not a revelation. If your build has them both at 17 Might (after all racials and culture have been applied), then the only benefit of Aumaua is "anti st
  8. I find it hard to pick out the best race for a melee rogue without metagame knowledge. Ranged is obviously wood elf. For melee rogues, there are three contenders: 1. Aumaua. 2 Might is great, pretty much the best stat for DPS. Both subtypes have useful racials, but i think the extra weapon is better for melee rogues because you want at least your primary weapon(s), ranged weapon, and shield + hatchet or 2 hatchets if you are getting focused. you may also want to carry an alternative set of weapons for high DR targets or something. The extra weapon slot just seems more useful than knockdow
  9. Myrten: that's true. I pointed out that as DR gets higher, 2 handed starts to close the gap. but I didn't try to calculate a breaking point. In my example, the break point is around 9 effective DR, which is actually 12 total DR because Stiletto has 3 DR penetration, and Estoc has 5 DR penetration. but also my calculation didn't include enchants and other potential damage multiplier like priest buffs. The effect of increasing the damage multiplier further (enchants are damage multipliers in this game, not flat increases) is that it will make enemy DR less impactful. So with enchants,
  10. Assuming the attack speed formulas here are correct, it seems like DW edges out 2 Hander on 0 effective DR targets on an optimized rogue. Take stiletto versus Estoc on a melee rogue. Stiletto's base average damage is 10, Estoc's base average damage is 17. rogues have a 2.5 damage multiplier with Deathblow + Reckless Assault + Might bonus self buffed. so 25 versus 42.5 per hit pre-DR. let's assume DR is perfectly cancels by each weapon here for simplification of calculations, so we effectively get +3 and +5 damage, 28 vs. 47.5. Assume rogue specs into two weapon style and tw
  11. Hearth Orlan's racial is strictly worse than Aumaua's might bonus for DPS. Hearth Orlan's Racial translate to a 2.5% increase in damage in the ideal situation and a 50% critical modifier. If you have some talents or skills that increase the critical modifier to 100%, then it's a 5% damage increase. +3 might is 9% damage increase flat, so Aumaua's are strictly better than Hearth Orlan's for DPS. For ranged DPS, Wood Elf's racial beats out Aumaua's. The math is also pretty trivial in common situations. For melee DPS, I think Aumaua's are the best race, because they also beat
  12. Where are you getting the 20-29 figure from for two handed weapon base damage? It's listed as 14-20 for me. And you shouldn't be comparing two handers to dual wielding fast one handers, you need to compare it to dual wielding Sabre, which is 12-18. Do you know the dual wield attack speed of Sabre's? It could very well be true that two-handers (esp Estoc) still comes out ahead, but it would be good to know.
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