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  1. What about Flames of Devotion with Kind Wayfare'ers they give 20hp heal per hit, would synergize well with moongod. Also im wondering does Might affect the healing of these 2? And does Intellect affect the aoe of both aswell? Been debating of using this along with the other defensive stuff.
  2. I figured as much, thats why I wont bother with survival cause you can craft/buy potions and they are instant regardless of survival. What I had planned out was 3 athletics, dump rest into stealth/lore for my party. But what im trying to figure out is how high mechanics should be on the one character dosnt matter if its MC or not to see if I can have it on my rogue or not. As far as dialogue variety, not too concerned with survival/lore options for that, ill have other options from other things and thats good enough for me. And i agree about backstab and escape(aslong as your not putting him/h
  3. So from what ive gathered around the net for what skills needed is the following: Atleast one person with high mechanics, min of 3 athetlics on each character, survival is optional, stealth is optional and lore is optional. Now my question is tho is how high do you need mechanics at? Somone mentioned theres an item that gives +2 to mechanics, I read on the wiki that a trap needs 12 mechanics to disarm. Is 12 mechanics the highest you need for each type (traps , locks, and secrets)? Also from what lil research I did, Ive come to conclude that you only need 8 in Lore for the lvl 5 sc
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