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  1. It seems I was a bit hasty, the keyboard shortcuts still work, but the indicator needle does not move in response. Still kinda annoying, but should hopefully be easy to fix.
  2. I'm playing real-time with pause, but now for some reason the keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing combat speed do not work. I can change combat speed by dragging the needle with the mouse, but this is unfortunately quite tedious, I'm used to changing it up and down all the time and this has unfortunately made the game quite unplayable for me at the moment. Occasionally, the needle indicates the wrong combat speed as well. Is there any way to revert to the previous version on Steam?
  3. I have Tekehu classed as a Theurge, and noticed that this spell never hits any enemies. The beams pass straight through them without any mention of attack rolls in the combat log. Seems to still hit allies as intended. I am on v1.1.1.0064 LAXABC-steam currently.
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