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Found 11 results

  1. I'm only getting round to playing The Stick of Truth now & I've found a glitch in the first mission that has me stuck. Whenever I try to approach Token's house (from either direction) my character freezes & none of the buttons work except the pause button. It's only my character that's frozen as there is still movement on the screen from the NPCs. I've searched for a fix but can't even find other people having the same problem as me (at least on that stage of the game) tho I did notice some people saying it froze on them at Clyde's house later in the game. I've rebuilt the database & restored the file system on my machine in the hope that it would help but no joy. Halp please
  2. Hi team, I cannnt proceed the game in the middle of Randy's abortion scene. Do you have any bug fix patches or something like that? Before the new kid vacuums Randy's balls, the display is freezed or blackout or the game does not accept any command. Actually in the scene I just should press "L <-- to vacuum" but it does not work really. I get dead. Please fix the bug. Let me know if you have any concern or something. thanks
  3. Hey guys, so i'm just starting up on a 'South Park the stick of truth' let's play/ walkthrough on my new Youtube channel LETSPLAYMJ. I guess it's more of a let's play because I haven't played the game before. But i'm looking for some newbies to the game to follow my video's on Youtube and enjoy it with me, guess that'd be kinda cool. Please feel free to check it out and give me some feedback, or if you enjoy maybe subscribe and continue to follow me on Youtube. I plan on doing many more let's play/ walkthrough's, guess i'm looking for some followers and ideas of what games to play through, cheers. Just click the following link or copy and paste the link into your search bar to get to my Youtube channel, cheers. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtdlyLnlGgjAK270Kczz4dqQ
  4. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before and if so please direct me to the relevant topic. I was just wondering if there is any way with Stick of Truth on the PS3 to load save games earlier than the three checkpoints available on the "load" menu? I wasn't sure if they might be tucked away elsewhere in the PS3 storage somewhere. I am currently at Clyde's Tower but I read that there are quests like the Zombie Hunting challenge that you can only do before beating Clyde. Unfortunately I didn't realise this and I'm now stuck - the earliest save game I can load is just as I enter Clyde's garden, but I can't go back into the house. Alternatively is there any other way to just leave the battle at Clyde's back onto the street before entering the tower?
  5. On the PS3 we're having a problem playing the game when Cartman is trying to teach 'Dragon Shout' - the farting ability. Everytime we try, it freezes attempting the 'Let it rumble' frequency. We have tried maybe 15 times so far, restarting the console, reinstalling the game, but it still happens. Wondering if anyone has a solution for us - we can't even exit the backyard without doing it
  6. Hello, First of all I'd like to say I'm a proud owner of a digital version of South Park: The Stick of Truth. Such an amazing game! Unfortunately I'm facing a small issue: I have the digital version of South Park The Stick of Truth, purchased from PSN to my PS3. It's a version in Brazilian Portuguese (I'm from Brazil). At the elven shop, the game always freezes when I'm selecting the Monk Gloves in attempt to buy it from the character Jason. Not only the games freezes, but the PS3 itself freezes and the only thing I can do is resetting the console. Having all weapons and costumes is necessary for one trophie, so I can have the platinum trophies (that's one of the few I still need), so it's a little bit frustrating. Other people I know in Brazil are facing the same issue. I'd appreciate if someone could guide me on this, or maybe fix this in future. But anyway it's an awesome game. I'm looking forward for a sequel!! Best regards! Daniel
  7. Oh, look! Someone else stuck at the Abortion Clinic! I've looked through other posts and haven't seen anything that could help me, I'm playing on PS3, I can do the first part easy enough, but the second part is starting to get me really mad. From what I understand after Randy says that's as far as he can gape, you're supposed to stop, but I can't stop, my character just keeps dilating Randy. I've tried everything I've stopped spinning the L stick, I've mashed all the buttons, I even put the controller down completely, but nothing works. Am I doing something wrong? Please help.
  8. So I found a Bug today... I have actually found many bugs so far, but the one tutorial I cannot seem to get through is the Sneaky Squeaker. In my PS3, I do all of the instructions provided and have actually did them all greatly until the time where you test it out on Mr. Mackey. When I push the joystick up, the game crashes and I have to restart my PS3. This happened to me about 7 times, now appearing in the tutorial, all crashing when the joystick is pushed up to release the fart. If any of you guys know what I can do, feel free to do put it down in the comments. Please help me! Thank you...
  9. I just beat Jimmy the Bard and went home to sleep. I'm stuck at the part where (spoiler ahead) the aliens are trying to ram the black **** up my ass. I mash x as fast as possible i cant get anywhere over 75% of the bar full. Im going crazy trying to get it. I have adjusted the settings to casual and i still can not mash fast enough. What can I do to beat this? I need help I'm losing my mind!!!!!
  10. ***Okay so I must say that the only reason I made this thread is because I have seen far too many threads suggesting to make a Console Port etc.*** The fact of the matter is that I "invested" nearly two-hundred dollars into this project for a PC Exclusive game and nothing else. I do feel empathy for the console gamer's, but with a tight budget, Isometric CRPG origins/style/gameplay, and the fact that console licenses are skyrocketing through the roof right now due to the next generation being released means it would not only over burden these developers that are acting alone with no publisher, but would also give the industry another example of the death of true WRPG's. Those of you who promoting a console release need to realize that it would not be in Obsidian's best interest as a respected studio to do something of that regard. P.S Most of the fellow gamer's that are suggesting said course of action have not even played the vary Titles (BGI, BGII & TOB expansion, and/or even Planescape Torment) which their is no excuse as to why when I'm only fifteen and have played all of them (for hours).
  11. Hello all, After looking at how sparkly and clean Microsoft's knob was, dripping with "exclusive" content salivation... I was wondering what about the poor saps on the other platforms?
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