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  1. Anyone else extremely temped to build a team of 2 or three Moon Godlike pallies? One tank specced and 1 or 2 dps specced using talents to restore health.
  2. My party is far from optimal. I have tank, offtank, and buffer. My tank has my only heal and my offtank does my main dps. One thing I wish the game did have was an indicator of enemy level. It would be nice to know if fights were extremely difficult because my build isn't working anymore or if I simply need a higher level.
  3. I had a 5 man party, with a ranged Cipher PC. Basically, beating him the ''normal'' way (by walking among his goons and engaging via dialog options) isn't really possible at level 4. You will get mobbed and torn to pieces in a hurry. I set up traps and trap spells (Durance the priest has some, did you get him?) at the stair in front of the throne room, got my two tanks in front, 3 ranged in the back, and attacked the archer from sneak to dispatch it right away. The fight was still hard as hell, and a chaotic mess. I basically won thanks to Aloth, who cast two Rolling Flame spells into the
  4. I am seeing the same. In addition the crushing damage amount is not changing so it doesn't seem to be a simple damage type error and rather a non-effect error.
  5. I'm enjoying this myself. It kind of feels like the start of BG2 with a bit of ability selection in the beginning. The ability graphics and variety really remind me of BG2 as well, although the variety in pillars seems much better (and it's nice being able to mouse over opponents and see that my fire ability will be resisted but my crushing one will not be well defended against),
  6. I took the side of the chick in hiding and killed the elf outside of the starting town. During the fight a few bugs appeared 1: All of the BB Wizards spells blanked out, and have stayed blanked out since (each level of spells displays as if all casts had been used) 2: My quest log blanked after the fight (I had already visited the town and collected the kill orge and find daughter quests) 3: The rogue crippling strike ability seems perminantly activated (the ability if green and on mouse over says ability activated)
  7. Big Head mode was the $4M stretch goal, wasn't it. I still posit that Extra Brain Candy Mode is a shameless money grab meant only sell the game to the zombie gamer market.
  8. I thought a few of the BG 2 romance mods were rather amusing. If I remember correctly in the Resurrection Gone Wronger module for NWN you could actually end up in a perminant relationship with one of the NPCs... which resulted in a game over as your character then lost any motivation for continuing the quest. I do admit to difficulty remembering a game I played unmodded which had any romances beyond the say 'x' or give 'x' to person and ding, romance!
  9. Just a short hop back towards the OP: I've always found applying moral systems to the types of magic in games to be one of the most interesting aspects of roleplaying. I sometimes like to consider each branch of magic from my character's moral perspective, which can lead me to playing a bard who refuses to use any mind-influencing magic. (unless they are beneficial AND I have permission)
  10. I don't see it really taking much in the way of resources. If they already have the head marked out as a region in the model couldn't they just apply a universal scaling to that region on all models. The only issue I see would be armors that have such large Pauldrons that they intersect with the head, but since this isn't a Blizzard game that souldn't be a problem. Anyways how can Extra Brain Candy Mode be anything but a good way to get a good share of the zombie gamer market?
  11. After Dragon Age 2's limited modability and somewhat annoying gameplay (multiple character's being required for combos and bosses effectively immune to one or more of your character's attacks on nightmare, small class system) I'm probably going to avoid Inquisition unless they announce the release of an editor or a hear a lot of good word of mouth.
  12. Considering the posts on the moddability of NPCs and the number of player made romances in BG2 I expect that eventually some will be modded into PoE to space up replays. I personally prefer no romances and better interactivity otherwise than the romances they had in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games which I found fairly lackluster.
  13. This reminds me of a NWN playthrough I did without ever using cloaks/helmets because of how ugly they were.
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