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  1. Or rather, my game doesn't even want to open when I add in the SweetFX files.... Is my PC the problem? Or does this have a work around?? I'm pretty sure this mod worked fine about a year back, but now it just doesn't....maybe it isn't compatible with the the latest version? Anyway, If anyone knows how I can get it to work, that'd be great! Info; I have an intel I-5, 8gb ram. All I recall atm, but I'm pretty sure it the mod should work fine with the rest as well....it did before so, why not now? :/
  2. Hello, Been playing pillars of eternity again to get ready for dead fire and am trying to figure out how to mod some things, mostly for fun. Have not been too successful yet though I think I have a basic grasp. I am trying to change the enchantments on the whispers of yenwood sword, mostly because I like its lore and want to use it with a build I am making. more role-playing than anything. I am trying to replace the positive constitution and negative will with attack speed and draining. I know this will be a little over strong but oh well. Can someone please help me do this ?
  3. First @mods: Where is the modding section? Pillars of Eternity Quest editor Its here: https://xaratas.github.io/ Version 0.1: Works in FF 38 , *edit* does work in Chrome 43 but draws the lines wrong , *edit 2* tested IE 11 its totally not working What can version 0.1 do? * Load .quest and .conversation files and display parts (conditions, scripts) of them (other parts are not implemented) * Make the Structure in the xml files visible by drawing interconnections between the nodes. * Edit Comments and IDs (just to test the edit features of polymer, the underlying library) * Connect nodes via drag and drop * Reprint modified XML to the browser console (only the implemented parts, its currently not useable ingame) As this forum limits the time one can edit posts watch the end of the thread for updates. Suggestions, improvements, coding help: Be invited by posting here or fork https://github.com/Xaratas/PillarsOfEternity-Quest-Editor Documentation of the PoE quest system: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Modding Misses the documentation of useable function calls, help therefor is appreciated. Easiest way to obtain the functions is IL Spy, see the PoE Modding Framework setup guide.
  4. So, as Josh stimulated us to try different casting speeds ourselves, and since I've already been tinkering with those for awhile (props to Andrea for the idea) I think I would share these modifications for everyone willing to try it. I've made 2 mods: - BetaSpeedMod - it changes the values of casting and recovery categories, and also adjusts several selected spells - BetaBalancingMod - it includes the above, and also has a few balancing changes. This is still a WIP and I am experimenting with these. Here's the full changelog: - BetaSpeedMod: - BetaBalanceMode: Here are the download links: - BetaSpeedMod: download v2 - BetaBalanceMod: download v2, download v3 How to install: - go to <Pillars> folder (e.g: E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta) - create 'override' folder in <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/ - choose one mod (BetaSpeedMod OR BetaBalanceMod), and unzip it to /override folder - you shall have the following path: <Pillars>/PillarsOfEternity2_Data/override/BetaXMod/gamedata/ What to do now: - if you are interested: try it and share how it feels) P.S: I am thinking now: - of iterating through all weapon types, as their base values require a few adjustments - re-testing few spells in combat (especially fireball) - adding -20 respective defense malus to rank 3 afflictions (still gotta figure how to best do it) - and perhaps later writing down the reasoning behind these changes. But am also curious: - Josh mentioned that they are going to increase the penetration of weapons by 2. Do you want this implemented in the mod?
  5. I have created a repository to hold as many as we can gather portraits for Deadfire. ⚠ I need your help! Could people upload the already done portraits as pull requests? Once we have those, I can generate a massive mosaic of them all as a preview. Could someone expend the section of how to install those portraits in game? Could someone explain how to create those portraits? Ideally, I would like to be able to have something working for the 3rd of April… Note that I cannot do this alone as I have neither the expertise for some of it nor the time to do it all myself. If no one helps, then it does not happen.
  6. Here's a simple guide to get a helmet for your Godlike character. You need to have the ability to change your race. To do this, you'll need either the paid Cheat Happens trainer or a free Cheat Engine table for Pillars of Eternity. Google is your friend. As far as I know, console commands can't change race, but if they can then that should work as well. Step 1: Get the trainer or Cheat Engine working. Step 2: Change your race to any non-godlike race. This will not change your appearance, but it will unlock the helmet slot. Step 3: Equip any helmet. Step 4: Change your race back to your original Godlike race. The helmet slot will be locked out, but you are still wearing the hat, and gain all it's bonuses. Please Note: Parts of the Godlike head is actually "hair", so most hats and helmets remove those excotic parts. Horns are always part of the head, and remain visible. Thankfully the Death Godlike growths are part of the "hair". Death Godlikes have red eyes and it seems that their faces are complete, even though we were never meant to see them. Ears on the other hand are incorrectly flesh colored. Flavor text: Fire Godlikes will always have horns poking out from the helmet, but that doesn't bother me. I think my elf bodied female Fire Godlike looks rather cute in that hood. And if your worried about going against the established lore, you could imagine that the hood on your Fire Godlike is made from fire retardant cloth, and that there are holes for the horns to stick out. Originally I wanted to play a human looking Death Godlike, and created a human character and then changed my race and added the Death Godlike ability, and this seemed to work. Unfortunately, since leveling your character is a variation of the chracter creation, it automatically changes your appearance to the correct race. I think you could circumvent this by always changing your race back to human before leveling your character, to keep your human appearance, and afterwards change back to Godlike. Why Would You Do This: Quite frankly, most of the Godlike heads are not pleasant to look at. Compare that rather attractive female Fire Godlike portrait to the actual heads, and you'll see the point that quite many have made. Or maybe you'd like to get the helmet bonuses, for gameplay purposes. Anyway, this is basically cheating. Sometimes, mods just aren't the answer.
  7. Hello I'll get straight to the point: I'd like to mod the game, and add a DR passive effect every certain amount of levels to the monk class. Sort of like the passive you get every several levels that increases unarmed damage. Maybe I could just add a DR effect to it and save myself the trouble of trying to add something completely new. My reason is, that I like the unarmed martial arts no armor theme of the class, but every time I tried to start a game as a monk, I felt either very weak and useless, or had to stray from the theme and use medium or heavy armor to utilize the wounds mechanic properly and to actually survive (I play on POTD exclusively). If I could add a passive DR value to Transcendent Suffering, I could make it reach 12 DR (like plate armor) at level 10, which seems reasonable to me for a front line fighter who's theme is to wear just clothes and be a punching bad-ass. I'm very proficient in Java, but I have never modded any game, so I'm feeling a bit lost. I mostly request guidance on where I could find the files I need to mod, maybe a link to a modding guide would be enough. If I eventually get this to work and other people would be interested in it, I'd gladly upload it somewhere and share it. Thanks in advance
  8. So I'm considering trying to make a mod that allows you to reforge Soulbound weapons with the Durgan's Steel upgrade (and possibly other modifications like enchantment and quality as a separate option) once you have completed the soulbound challenges of the weapon. Does anyone know if this may be possible and any particular place I should start looking within the code to accomplish this?
  9. Request: Throughout the stronghold are containers of various kinds - bookcases, vases, boxes, chests, etc., the majority of which we are unable to select/interact with. This greatly detracts from my ability to roleplay the stronghold as my home. Given that I can pick up such a great variety of goods throughout the world, it only makes sense that I would be able to store them appropriately in my home. Please, make it so that a great majority of containers are usable in the stronghold. It would increase my enjoyment soooo much! Also, while you're at it, please make sorting the containers enjoyable as well. Sorting scrolls by name or level, books alphabetically or by series, e.g., part I, II, III, IV... Please, the more containers, the greater variety, and added sorting/viewing mechanisms would go such a long way! Thanks!
  10. For version 1.03.530: I found the hexcode change for modifying the experience requirement per level formula. 1. Go to your game folder: ...\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed 2. make a backup copy of Assembly-CSharp.dll 3. open the original Assembly-CSharp.dll in your favorite hex editor (I like HxD found here: http://mh-nexus.de/e...hp?product=HxD) 4. Search for the following hex code: 07 6F F2 02 00 0A 26 38 0D 00 00 00 02 7B 0C 05 00 04 07 09 6F F3 02 00 0A 12 02 28 F4 02 00 0A 3A B1 FF FF FF DD 0C 00 00 00 08 8C 7F 00 00 1B 6F 1A 00 00 0A DC 2A 00 41 1C 00 00 02 00 00 00 29 00 00 00 59 00 00 00 82 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 32 02 02 17 58 5A 20 F4 01 00 00 5A 2A 00 00 00 32 02 17 59 02 5A 20 5. The hex code immediately following the above should look like: F4 01 00 00 5A 2A 00 00 00 13 30 07 00 14 00 00 00 48 00 00 11 02 6F 12 00 00 2B 0A 06 6F 58 07 00 06 03 28 08 00 00 0A 2A 13 30 07 00 27 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 28 04 00 00 0A 39 0C 00 00 00 02 6F 0C 00 00 0A 28 DC 06 00 06 2A 72 B9 1F 00 70 28 42 00 00 0A 72 A1 1F 00 70 2A 00 13 30 0D 00 45 00 00 00 Note1: You're only interested in changing the underlined hex code above. Note2: Alternatively, you can search for and find the FOURTH instance of F4 01 00 00 (starting from the top of the file). Note3: This is at hex location 2D88B for me. 6. Change the F4 01 00 00 (which is a little-endian 32-bit integer for 500) to whatever you want (use a programming calculator -- the one that comes with windows works fine for this) For example, changing it to E8 03 00 00 (which is the little-endian integer 1000) will double the xp required per level. 7. Save your changes (obviously). Notes: 1) I use IE mod, which replaces Assembly-CSharp.dll, so this may or may not work for you if not using the IE mod. 2) I'm on Windows, so this may or may not work for you on linux and/or mac. 3) The change isn't retro-active -- it only affects experience needed for your next level. A full restart would be required if you want to see how this affects gameplay. 4) XP formula is: ((currentLevel * (currentLevel + 1)) * 500)
  11. Fairly new to modding and thought that I could download unity, import existing files and bang let the modding begin. That didn't work so I went to the internet for guidance. Not much on the subject other then "It's hard to do", so here I am asking for help. -What are you using to mod? -Any tips? -Is it possible to create a new race and/or a new class? (really want to make a race similar to animats and make a Dragoon class)
  12. Greetings, im new to this community, and new to the PoE. Just bought this game.... and im wondering why i didnt mention this game earlier. im a great fan of NWN, BG, etc. so this is a must have ! also, im in to Skyrim modding, so my first step was: checking out the install-dir of PoE. i found the portraits and prefered the blonde girl for my blonde medium. but oh damn, this portrait is reserved for Calisca. so i copied and renamed the files to PC-female and deleted it in companion. but in game, Calisca still has the original portrait !? now my question: does anybody knows, how i can change those portrait of followers, npcs and maybe player characters afterwards ? what did i wrong, that the change of Calisca didnt take place ? Embedding new character-portraits is quite easy: just put the .png-files in the according folder. thanks obsidian ! thanks all Gilgaladh
  13. Hello, I know this is jumping the gun given that the game doesn't have all of the expansion packs, and given that a modding framework hasn't been devised yet(and may be difficult given certain design choices). However, I know that a lot of people have wanted romantic options in the game given the lengthy romance threads, and it seems likely that if romances will exist in Pillars of Eternity, that modders will have to add them at some point. Because of this, it seems reasonable to maybe start thinking on the groundwork of this, particularly the idea of modding a Durance romance. After all, Durance has a lot of the qualities needed for an interesting romance: complicated emotions, deep internal struggle, passion, you name it. There has never been a character more ready for romance in any IE style game in history than Durance(Look at all of the problems the BG2 chicks and Anomen had). Here's what I'm thinking: Requirements: -Female (I'm getting more of a traditionalist vibe from him) -Orlan (obviously) -Priestess of Eothas (again, obviously) Major themes would likely be his deep abiding love of Magran, and his sense of guilt at killing Eothas, where the romantic protagonist helps Durance overcome these feelings and find peace in switching over to becoming a priest of Eothas(I'm not sure how hard that'd be to change, or whether gameplay-rp separation would be necessary). Obviously any suggestions would be helpful. (My apologies if this is the wrong forum)
  14. Since we cant level companions from lev 1 to our lev and thats just automatic I have request: -HOW CAN I edit/mod or just reset my companions to lev1 and back to my lev but with skills/talents that I want. Not crappy one. Please help.
  15. For those of you unhappy with the need to walk slowly to be able to detect hidden objects, I've just made a mod to "fix" this. With the mod, Stealth Mode uses the normal run animations. Currently only supports Windows and not compatible with the IE Mod. When I get more time, I'll figure out how to incorporate it into the IE Mod. Get the mod from Nexus.
  16. I was wondering if anyone knows if it will be possible to change the class of a companion using mods or commands? I noticed a very extensive list of console commands over in the Backer Beta Discussion Thread, but nothing about changing a character's class. I was really hoping to use the original Eder as a Rogue so my PC can play the fighter role. Thanks in advance for any help!
  17. For those (myself primarily) that wanted to try it out and see if our theory was correct, I have modded in our proposed attribute system. Might: +% Damage and +% Healing Constitution: +% Endurance and +% Health Dexterity: +% Action Speed Perception: + Accuracy and +% Interrupt Intellect: +% Durations and +% AoEs Resolve: + Deflection and +% Concentration This one I've actually thoroughly tested and it is working properly . It required a bit of troubleshooting to get everything correct. Download Link: http://www.upload.ee/files/4278808/sensukimatt516.rar.html Instructions (also included in the rar file): BACKUP THESE TWO FILES X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\localized\en\text\game\gui.stringtable COPY THE CONTENTS OF the rar into your "X:\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data" directory DO NOT submit bug reports with this installed, revert to default when testing Let me know if you like it in comparison to the PE v301 Attribute system
  18. http://www.twitch.tv/pwootage Added in custom portraits and just now added in new dialogue.
  19. Hi people, I`m new to modding myself, but what i want to do is edit Lucas` face texture so that he has stubble/a beard. i used the oaf extractor and i think i found his head texture (was hard to find without a search option and no clear file name) i painted some test stubble along his jawline and saved it as a .dds file. now im stuck. where do i put the modded file? thanks in advance
  20. I was just wondering if any of the technical / programming devs would be able to shed a bit more light on what kind of options there will be for modding and how much of the game data they are hoping to externalise, e.g. similiar to infinity engine games, restricted to just ai scripts and conversations, full control over everything. Also any information on whether they plan to release some of their in house tools would be great. I know there has been confirmation that modding will be supported and some speculation as to what form this may take, but as someone who often enjoys making mods more than playing the actual game I would love to know what I can expect when I get the game. As an aside I fully appreciate that modding is not exactly a priority for the team, but even just a post which says we havent really considered it too deeply would be something.
  21. Hello! So, this popped up recently as a thought. What are the most important aspects of modding? And in discussing this topic, I was thinking about simplicity and accessibility. First and foremost, I personally want "Portraits" to be a feature to customize depending on Status Effects. I've written quite a bit on it in the Portraits thread, so head on over there if you wish to read more about that or post an input yourself about it (post that feedback here or there, doesn't matter). Furthermore, what else is important to you? I thought about making a poll but I believe this is an aspect that is very diverse depending on the modder/person and their own skillset. People with a higher skillset might like to play around with scripts, triggers, NPC's and Quest trees etc. etc. but what about the regular layman? Some of mine that I think is important: 1. - Class "Kits": This is something that I would really like to play around with. Being able to make a custom Class, or a Sub-Class of a Class (Maybe being able to create a sort of... Friar out of the Monk Class for instance). Never quite figured out how to make your own Class Kit in Baldur's Gate, not that the learning curve seemed too difficult, but this is something I think many would enjoy playing around with. 2. - Colors and Armor/Weapons In Baldur's Gate you have a very limited amount of colors to play around with (4) when you color the armor and the characters skin and hair. I'd like to see even more than this. In Baldur's Gate you could open up Shadowkeeper and change colors of armors and the appearance thereof much more than you could in the game, I played around with it a little bit but it took quite some time to get it just right (had to save/load and jump in and out of the game over and over to get it just right). Is it possible to make this easier? And please, no buying dye's in-game that's one of the most stupidest mechanics I've ever seen. 3. - More Maps/Being able to make the world bigger Being able to import new custom maps easily into the game and placing them somewhere on the map. Will the toolset have shadow maps that you can place and/or "restrictions" a la "You can't walk over this river". Can I import Wallpapers or similar and then make some sort of Vector Masking on the map to determine "This is where you can walk and this is where you can't walk" (Simple imports~). Will there be some mapmaking included in the toolset? Dungeons, Caves, Towers etc. etc. 4. - More Items/Out of Game "Crafting" Being able to easily customize a weapon/armor/item and give it new properties and rename it. This I believe will be a little in the game already with crafting, but it is also fun to make your own items out-of-game for a specific Quest and plant it in the world as if it was part of the world etc. etc. crafting is fun and all but it doesn't have the same impact as creating something out-of-game. I can't Craft "Sword in the Stone" in-game, that's something I'd have to create out-of-game, place in the world, add triggers/scripts to it and make a Quest out of it. Two different forms of "Crafting Weapons". 5. - Quests & NPC's Also something I believe many want to play around with. Dialogues, Stories, Shopkeepers, you name it. What is your most preferred aspects of modding and how could Obsidian consider the most simplistic methods of achieving this?
  22. Hi everyone, My long-in-development Dragon Age: Origins campaign, Thirst is now close to content complete and available for beta testing. This beta is designed to gain feedback from players, to fix any outstanding bugs, and to make tweaks and changes based on suggestions. Thirst is a 10-20 hour campaign containing over 50 new areas, dozens of side-quests, a story heavily sculpted by choice & consequence, 3 companions to bring into battle and interact with, a wide assortment of new items to use, and more. You can download Thirst from the page here: http://dragonage.nexusmods.com/mods/3496/ Please also keep an eye on the patches, as they will fix issues as they are discovered and resolved. Note that due to the size of the campaign and the amount of new content added, I recommend disabling all mods (and possibly even official DLCs) before playing, in order to avoid conflicts. Thanks, and have fun!
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