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  1. Greetings, im new to this community, and new to the PoE. Just bought this game.... and im wondering why i didnt mention this game earlier. im a great fan of NWN, BG, etc. so this is a must have ! also, im in to Skyrim modding, so my first step was: checking out the install-dir of PoE. i found the portraits and prefered the blonde girl for my blonde medium. but oh damn, this portrait is reserved for Calisca. so i copied and renamed the files to PC-female and deleted it in companion. but in game, Calisca still has the original portrait !? now my question: does anybody knows, how i can change those portrait of followers, npcs and maybe player characters afterwards ? what did i wrong, that the change of Calisca didnt take place ? Embedding new character-portraits is quite easy: just put the .png-files in the according folder. thanks obsidian ! thanks all Gilgaladh
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