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  1. Well sadly I dont have $1500 to spare for pro, although im not sure how the override folder works yet so thats something to look into. Still a bit of a learning curve at the moment with regards to what is going on where with the original code and assets so progress may be a bit slow initially, particularly when the wife isnt working and moans at me for being on the computer all night
  2. It's still a work in progress, I've been able to deserialise all of the information in the save files without getting any read errors, however it is a pretty awkward job, especially as I am a self taught coder. At the moment I need to verify that the data I am loading is actually correct. On the plus side, after about 5 hours of commenting bits out I have managed to import all of the original POE scripts into unity and get them working, which means that things like resources, string tables etc should be editable in the near future. Will keep you posted on progress.
  3. If someone could send me the Assembly-Csharp.dll file from the backer beta that would be extremely helpful with making a fully deserialized save editor. I'm probably going to push back releasing the editor until I get it working properly now.
  4. Bester, you are a legend! I didn't know I could do that, that is very very useful, I will make sure to use it to edit stuff properly!
  5. Im not sure about the level cap, as I dont have access to the beta I cant interrogate the game files for stuff like ability files, currently the editor scours any save file it loads for useful information and saves it for later, as such the only way to access the higher level abilities would be to load a game with a character who had them already, so catch 22 really. With regards to uploading, im almost at the point where im able to add and remove spells, abilities and talents, as such I would like to get that done and dusted beforehand. Since im checking my work in a hex editor rather than in engine it takes a little longer. I will definitely upload this in the near future, I just want it to have a good chance of working properly first time.
  6. Hey, long time lurker but first time poster. So having seen this post I decided that I would try to port this project over to visual c# (especially as bester had voiced his disdain at having made it in unity), it's taken a couple of days but i'm at a point now where I think I have a relatively functional editor. *** At this point I have to mention that a good chunk of the code was taken from Besters project (due to him saying it was open source), soa huge amount of credit must be given to him for providing the basic code and functions to interrogate and update the save files. At no point am I claiming that all of the code in this project is my own, although a fair chunk of it is. *** The only problem is that I completely forgot about the backer cutoff date and never purchased to access to the beta. Currently i'm testing the editor with savegames that people have uploaded to the forums but that presents a lot of issues in that I have no way to compare what I see in the editor to what the actual values are in the game. For things like basic stat editing i'm pretty sure it should work ok, but for more complicated things like adding or removing feats,spells, abilities and items I have no way of verifying that what I am making is going to work. ***None of this is tested on any beta build*** Below is a list of what the editor can do currently - Edit attributes, skills, saves, health, stamina, race, subrace, deity, background etc. - Edit defense bonuses - . disease, poison, etc. - Edit gold and camping supplies - View current abilities, spells, talents and inventory - Alter the quantity of items in the inventory I have a bit more work to do before the program will be truly standalone and at a point where I am happy with it so I won't upload it yet (probably about another 2 days work), however I will ask that if any of the higher level backers have any spare beta keys they would be willing to donate (or trade) to me they would be helping to improve the editor far past what I could ever do without beta access. If this is the case then please PM me. Please see below for some screenshots of the work in progress: Lastly a big thanks to the developers, even with the current discontent about some aspects of the game, the fact that they are even trying to recreate the IE feel and style of games has earnt them a lot of respect from me.
  7. What really gets me in almost every RPG i play is the lack of variation and uniqueness between enemies of the same type / class, particularly when it comes to how the AI is implemented. For instance in the IE games you knew that when you saw a mage his contingency would fire, then they would go through a set list of (reasonably predictable) spells until they were all used up, then they would attack with their dagger. Obviously this still presents a challenge - the enemies have a very limited element of randomness, and the abilities they use are often the best in the game (I should point out that a lot of player made mods, such as SCS and Tactics did a lot to address this). If you look at modern MMO's the situation is even worse, each monster of the same type has exactly the same behaviour, abilities and stats and you use the same rotation to kill them - it makes things seem so stale, almost as though the world has been populated with clones rather than creatures which have grown and evolved with different personalities and backgrounds. What I want to see is lots of little variations in enemies to make things much more unpredictable, for instance: I'm walking through the forest and come across a ranger who begins attacking me, pretty standard stuff, but then once his health gets low, he enters a berserker rage - thats a bit unusual, but you can adapt as you've seen it before in other enemies - suddenly, when he is extremely close to death, he shapeshifts into a huge bear and starts ripping your party to shreds. That's something completely unexpected but pretty cool - this would be the only enemy in the game that does that particular thing, and there is no prior warning of it, but it makes you stop and reassess the situation and keeps you on your toes, that fight which you thought was goingto be pretty straightforward actually forced you to usesome pretty unusual tactics. Other examples of little quirks which enemies could have (just off the top of my head out of the thousands of possibilities): - Only ever use one type of element in their attacks - Particular hatred towards a certain race or class (especially when outside of their inidigenous areas), or conversely a particular reverence for certain races or classes, for example a nature spirit may completely ignore a nature-element godlike character - Limited cross class abilities, e.g. a chanter who can buff himself with some limited priest spells, a fighter who uses only throwing daggers and electrical magic, etc - Extra or unusual animal / demonic / fey companions - Unusual items which enemies actually make use of (think similiar to wands in the IE games). - Unusual weapons or fighting styles, e.g. a fighter that only uses their fists, a mage who uses touch spells through a spear etc Obviously some of these are more ambitious than others, but hopefully I get my point across, enemies should be interesting and exciting to engage with, and the combat should be reactive and surprising although it's important to point out that not all enemies should have these extra characteristics, it should be something which happens with maybe one or two enemies every few fights to break things up. So yeah, bit of a ramble, but that's what i've wanted
  8. I was just wondering if any of the technical / programming devs would be able to shed a bit more light on what kind of options there will be for modding and how much of the game data they are hoping to externalise, e.g. similiar to infinity engine games, restricted to just ai scripts and conversations, full control over everything. Also any information on whether they plan to release some of their in house tools would be great. I know there has been confirmation that modding will be supported and some speculation as to what form this may take, but as someone who often enjoys making mods more than playing the actual game I would love to know what I can expect when I get the game. As an aside I fully appreciate that modding is not exactly a priority for the team, but even just a post which says we havent really considered it too deeply would be something.
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