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  1. Je n'excuse pas les erreurs, mais elles sont moins "nombreuses et catastrophique" que tu sembles le sous-entendre. Pas con l'idée de faire pré-tester la VF... mais niveau timing peut-être juste.
  2. Pas du tout exagéré comme souvent... Il y a deux / trois trucs à améliorer/corriger, mais parler de "catastrophe" il ne faut pas déconner.
  3. Very often the left click of the mouse does not work anymore, even in the menus (I can not even leave the game without alt-F4). I play 21: 9 for info... I also noticed that if I change my game zone it works well ... for a while. Edit : I'll try to disable Steam Overlay to see what happen !
  4. To return to the subject, theme is really cool espacialy in the second part, great job Justin E. BELL !
  5. Same here.... too long for me, need an "escape" option...
  6. Is there an "escape" (with malus why not) choice now ? (if we don't want to engage or if we want to leave a long boat fight...). No time to test for now.
  7. A suggestion. I'm on a new run on Tyranny and this feature (and others UI elements) are good idea that i'll hope to see in deadfire.
  8. There's no more "21:9" support in this update ? Can't set 2560*1080
  9. Deadfire delayed to may 8... I had asked a week of vacations for this game in april... so sad...
  10. Do you think to implement a minimap button like Tyranny ? Would be great i think. For the "IA group button" i find the placement of this icon rather unsightly. It might be nice to move it to the global action bar ? IA is more important (with more customisation) in deadfire, it's not stupid to think of dedicating a more worked place in the menus no ? Somethink like (when select all is activate...) : Last, my team is (often) too dark. Fake light on team is perhaps a solution, no ? TY.
  11. Is there an "import/export" option ? That could be a good idea to exchange settings etc. (or just to keep them through different games).
  12. Do you want me to try it? If so, post proper 210x330 size portrait without any of the extra stuff. If you do not mind, thank you ! Here's the last one i made and that i want to use (for a battle (not sure) mage (sure) i think) : and like this >> Original one : And a last little try :
  13. Same for me. 21:9 change my life... finally, you see... Now, all games are (mostly) supporting this format (except for some cinematics or menu). Pillars run well in 21:9 (except some issue in menu or loading screens) Deadfire will support 21:9 (confirmed in beta forums by the team).
  14. For example, for me, the Tyranny layout is quite better than the 6 PoEt2 choices (Shortcuts on middle top, actions etc in a character-box in the left etc...). Ennemies spec in the middle (not on the top left), icons, etc... all is more "clean" and easy to use in my opinion. The little map option on the right was a perfect idea too ! The improvements/revisions at this level are envisaged ? So that it is "simpler" (by remaining so complete) TY.
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