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  1. Same issue here, loads for about 2-3 minutes. No mods installed and the game is installed on an SSD. Edit. For me the game also slows down/hangs a lot while playing. Not present in 1.0.2. output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  2. Description: I'm not able to set my native 3440x1440 resolution while playing Pillars2 after the latest backer beta update. v0.0.0.0006 Backer Beta Release 4.1103 BB-steam System Specs See attachment Screenshots See attachment DxDiag.txt
  3. A lot of my impressions have already been typed out here, but I think the volume of the same feedback is also meaningful. So I will post my feelings in full. I won't bother with clear bugs/omissions/inconsistencies here (looking at you subrace traits), but rather give my feelings on core mechanics and feel of the game. Game speed: Normal movement speed is great, I feel like it takes enough time to feel like I'm actually traveling, and with fast mode doing exactly what I think it should. Issues arise in combat and in the overland map. Combat feels too fast, I enjoy a lower combat pace where I can enjoy all the new and fancy visuals and animations and not feel rushed to act. This would easily be fixed with having the slow mode back in the game. This would not slow down combat for those who prefer the fast action, and keep people like me happy. On the other hand the overland map feels too slow, even in fast mode I'm drumming my fingers on the mouse internally trying to hurry the icon along the trail. There are no pretty effects/animations here for me to look at and it does not benefit at all from the slow pace. Characters: New character creation is divine, easy to understand and having a preview of the skills is something I wish more RPG's incorporated in them. Multi-class characters feel great, I think you hit the sweet spot between power and possibility there with loads of interesting combinations. Sub-classes feel mostly great, some feel like you have to sacrifice a lot more than you gain, but in general I think they bring great build possibilities inside the same class. I feel there are not enough skills in the game right now, only way to bring strong variety to the characters people make would be to have more options for people to choose from. Like creating a dual wield hunter with the subclass 'Stalker' feels like it's missing skills to take. Feels like if you pick the subclass, then you only have a single option as to what skills you can take each level. I dislike the spells == skills that is implemented in the game, lot of the power and fun in spell casters is to have possibility to have something for every situation. Right now as a priest I feel stuck with always having to pick the heal to fill my role and missing out on other fun stuff. Some help might be if casters got some extra skill points, but I'm not sure that would really address the core issue there. Combat: I touched on the overall speed already in the first section. For the specific combat speeds: Movement is too fast, feels like it takes absolutely no time to close a gap and ranged units are in melee before they barely get a shot off. Spells take too long to cast (for their power at least) my casters sometimes died before getting a spell off and instead of making me think what spell to use, it made me want to not use any at all. Say the cleric spell 'Spiritual weapon' in the time I finished casting it on my hybrid melee cleric the 2 enemies were already dead. This might affect some spells more than others but these in the very least need re-balancing. The new mechanic where you stumble into your teammates felt fun, made the combat feel more positional and tactic. This was then somewhat diminished by the enemies sprinting around the battlefield like race cars. Partly for the reason above, but damage spells felt lackluster. Paralyzing the enemy or blinding them for the same cast time it took to deal minimal damage, was a lot better option than trying to deal damage with spells. And while on the subject of spells, missing with a long cast time spell was a devastating loss, now that there is no grazing, getting no return is devastating to the combat. I disliked the new penetration system, no matter what weapon / attack I used the 'No Pen' text kept flashing everywhere and it was making the combat confusing. I also think that the new system was a bit more boring than the old. Now a shift of 1 pen might do nothing or it might do a lot. Old system had nice straight way of calculating penetration and made it simpler to use and think about. I'm a little torn about the new health system, on one hand it's easier to understand but in game play it's worse. Combined with my final point below it makes the game feel too plain, I enjoyed thinking about who's health to top up with the few skills in my disposal and saving those camping supplies for when they were really needed. And finally on the combat section; I enjoy per rest spells/abilities that is what makes them stand out, makes them cool and interesting and timing them is an interesting tactical challenge, now everything mushes together and nothing can stand out. Conversations: These feel good, I love the UI and can't wait for the voice overs and to really delve deep into the story. The new dilemmas feel great I love the way the portraits pop up from the bottom to let me pick people who will perform the actions. Graphics: Just a big thumbs up, game looks good and I hope the final version will get even more of that sweet eye candy. Oh my, that ran a bit longer than I expected, I'm a little passionate about RPG's so forgive me for the wall of text. Edit. Fixed a typo
  4. Ok, thanks for the quick response. I did feel like the combat was a bit too fast (that's why I was looking for the slow mode feature), but it was playable without it.
  5. Hello, After a short test here are a few of my findings that are quite easy to spot but I thought to report them anyway. 1) When scrolling the camera so the party is not visible all icons are the same. -> second.jpg 2) When transitioning from one area to another the UI toolbar on 21:9 aspect ratio (I can't say for other aspect ratios) will shift right -> seen on second.jpg and clearer on first.jpg 3) I could not enable slow motion at all, I tried setting the "Combat auto slow" on, but it didn't make a difference. No screenshot on this, happened to me always. Attached is also my DxDiag. (Images scaled down since uploader wouldn't let me upload them) DxDiag.txt
  6. Got my key, activated it, but no game in library Might have to wait for steam to update...
  7. Any idea what time the beta unlocks, just finished work and I'm eager to start playing...
  8. I have the same problem with takedown. Steps: Make Itumaak attack an enemy and get stuck/knockdown while doing so. End combat while Itumaak is stuck. Itumaak runs to the place where the enemy was and uses the ability on the body. Skill is now stuck. For me at least it happened this way. And here is a DB link to the save which was too big to upload. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fw6fg6qdp5vzd72/8aafecc05c074c619d19694ce8eb8ada%2013725234%20CaedNua.savegame?dl=0
  9. A mysterious cloak appears behind the character in inventory screen. This effect was not tied to a character but instead to the background of the preview window. I snapped a screenshot but I was not able to replicate.
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