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  1. Honestly, for a studio like Obsidian I think it's absolutely not serious. It's sad but next time I do not know if I would backed a "physical" version ... I like collectors editions, but it's even more enjoyable when it's when I play the game whose box is on the shelf. There I have 200h on Deadfire and ... nothing. I would have bet $ 40 and not $ 200 it will be the same ...
  2. Yes... Shipping Soon Since more than 2 weeks now... Next step "Shipping soon but not too soon haha" ...
  3. Do i have to restart a new game ? This first DLC starts at what time / level? In original game i peaked at the maximum level well before the end of the story ... so with DLC it will be worse no ? Nb: I do not look too much info / videos to not spoiler me.
  4. Shipment Status : Pending... When can i expect to read "Shipped" ? One or two week why not, a delay can happen, but now... it's not respectful i guess. My Pillars 1 box feels alone.
  5. Project Indiana ( The Outer Worlds ) ... no news ? Nothing at E3 ? I'm waiting for something big now that Deadfire is out !
  6. Be careful this is not provocation, but, does the fact that the game has to come out on console soon did not influence this approach (and game design) of too simplicity?
  7. I do not know what to tell you. My game, and that of many others, must have a magical XP boost... because I (and we) reached level 20 well 10 hours before the end of the game ... and with plenty of quests to do. But no problem, we'll say that each game is unique. Captures before to go to the end :
  8. There must be something yes (bounty i think) ... or else he has a different game from us. :D
  9. Same with a group. He can not say that he did everything and not be at level 20, group or not. It's impossible. Of course he had to leave a lot of quests or bounty aside.
  10. Apparently not everyone. The only reason I mentioned Diablo is if you want hack and slash, you want Diablo, not Pillars. I actually like that both PoE 1 and 2 you can complete the main story line with a minimum of killing. You don't have to fight your way through everything. If you want a challenge, try that play through. Joe I think there's a mistake, you mix everything here, sorry. And where do you see someone asking for an HNS? Worse, it's actually that the game looks like that so the fights are simple in the end ... I'm the first that play "RP" , read all i can, try to av
  11. Don't understand why you spoke about Diablo. I have 300 hours on Pillars 1 and now 110 hours on Deadfire ... I do the quests that correspond to the choice of my character etc ... it has nothing to do with the problems mentioned above. The game is too easy, it's a fact that everyone agrees to recognize (and developers too since they work on a fix).
  12. Yes and no... Do some quest for useless XP and 500Pc when i'm 700K and more... feel not interesting i found... but if there was a challenge, but not even.
  13. Well summarized... I finished the game with more than 700k gold. I was level 20 more than 10 hours before the end... and especially no challenge, even the final fight, the fingers in the nose ... in POTD. Strongly waiting for patches!
  14. Another point that disappoints me, I'm level 20 for hours now and I still have half of the missions of companies to do ... and I must be 2/3 of the main quest. It's a shame ... it's redone as in "pillars 1" and his last act ... And i don't speack about money... I own all the boats, I upgrade all my legendary elements if I can ... and I have more than 700,000 Pc! Until level 12/14 it was ok but after that it's anything. Yet I go back because I love the game, but these "little" things are so bad ...
  15. To give an opinion on such a game with only a few hours is ridiculous ... whether it is a positive or negative opinion. My steam profile if you want to check (i was 30h on Deadfire beta too) : https://steamcommunity.com/id/BillyCorgan81/
  16. First, i'm only 90h and level 16. I have not finished the game yet. I play in POTD, a wizard. I read everything I find, I search, I take my time ... I enjoy. So... THE GOOD : - Graphics, animation, lights... - Ambiance and lore - Soundtrack and high quality music - Full dubbing - Factional system, even if it is too "political" oriented - Trees of skill and variety of playable characters - Crafting and enchantments, special weapons - The different approaches to solve certain quests THE BAD : - Balancing! I play POTD (without AI) and I feel like "normal". It's realy too eas
  17. Same. It's pretty strange in the end because if these islands had not been there, the game would have been pretty empty in the end ...
  18. I think that DoS 2 is more "popular" and "mainstream" (real 3D, turn based) than Pillars (real time with pause and old-school iso). I do not imagine sales at the Larian level (but if I'm wrong it's so much better!). Speaking of Larian,Colin McComb join this team today !
  19. This would be really useful because at this point, sometimes,I get screwed without understanding anything at all (I play POTD with upsacling up only).
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