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  1. And after this combat... a team member stuck in place (save/reload dont change anything).
  2. I know this is a beta... but i hope a better 21:9 support in Deadfire than PoEt1 menu. [ so curious of the game... feel like a child ]
  3. Same i guess... And after that... as always...i figured out i'm a bald wizard or something worth lol.
  4. I did the game once again to have a full backup (with the DLC) ... but I don't think I'll use the import in the end ... I like the idea to create in the least steps my character. Let's see how this will be done before I decide...
  5. I have not read the whole subject, sorry... but, on the other hand i do not understand that there is always this subject that comes back ... Ask for a good story, good characters etc ... yes, but "romance" ... is it so important? I do not want to play "sims" or something ...
  6. 1.7Go today, but no log ? Edit : "Here are the update notes for Update 3.03. General Enemies no longer gain increased shield Deflection and Reflex bonuses when you and save and load in a creature's area. Improved the performance of snow footprint VFX. Biography now correctly updates after collecting springberries. Characters no longer slide across the ground when commanded to move when getting up from prone. Spells and Abilities Chanter buffs and heals now affect the chanter. Combusting Wounds now correctly adds damage. Shadowing Beyond and the Strike abilities now correctly gain a b
  7. I bought The White March Pt1 but I don't have time to play. Yesterday I launch the game ... and it's beautiful ! Even more beautiful than my 110hours spent on the basic version. Really congratulations to Obsidian for the good job done. I long to have enough time to immerse myself (with White March 1 & 2 I hope I'll like to play them two together).
  8. I certainly miss something but... is there a "boxed" version ? Any idea of the Price ? [ I've read above but i 'm looking for "official announcement" ^^ ] I think that communication on this add-on is a bit "confused" for a guy who don't follow all the twitter/conference/forums...
  9. Thanks, nice one ! Actually, only two things : - Font seems to be more "blur", something more "sharpen" would be better. - Why "Enchanter" and "Comparer" button are different. Old design was better and more incorporated.. (perhaps a bug)
  10. [on GTX 970 - last drivers ] After this update my screen resolution was set to 1920*1080 but display somethink like 1024*768 (and i see 1920 in resolution selection)... I have to choose a lower resolution and go back to 1920 to recover the right display.
  11. Excuse, my poor English i guess. I asked for STEAM Achievement ("succès" in French).
  12. Thanks ! Are the STEAM succes always "running" with it ?
  13. Ok. Once again loading time is long... (And pillars is on a SDD drive). Sometimes i have this screen for a few seconds "chargemenent mean loading" :
  14. You can see all of this here : http://steamspy.com/app/291650 Of course it's working with all STEAM games [ with sometimes some mistakes ]
  15. I do know. I just hope that the sales figures will increase. The game deserves to sell so it's good ! Actually I'm afraid there was not enough "communication" about the game, except in the circle of "fans". But maybe I'm wrong ... Let's see in one month for exemple.
  16. A this day Pillars Of Eternity is 226,422 sales on STEAM (and only this one, not GOG or other...). For exemple Baldur's Gate EE is 442,798 and Baldur's Gate 2 EE is 224,876. Other game : Divinity OS : 795,182 / Wasteland 2 : 410,342 I know the game only come out but i hope that sales will increase, especially when I see BeamDog sales with basic "Enhanced Edition"...
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