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  1. Thank you for your reply. The problem occurred on the first parts (after patch install) but does not seem reproduced there. I hope it will work fine now. Thank you for this patch, tweaking pretty anyway.
  2. Since the patch loading and saving time are longer than ever. Before it was avout 3/5scs now it's something like 15/20scs... with black screen etc... What's happend ?
  3. I spent 40 hours on the beta and yet ... The final game is even more to the task. Everything is so well done, well written (even the French translation is perfect), I had never taken much pleasure in a game since ... a long time. 54 hours and I just begin Defiance Bay ... I read everything I explore everything and, if not many times incomprehensible and hard to remember names ... I enjoy. Obsidian thank you, you did a great job!
  4. Same here. Et oui... en attente... encore et toujours. Cela ne m'empêche pas d'être à 38 heures sur le jeu... mais c'est frustrants.
  5. As always said... Thank you. Pillars is the game i've dreamed to play... you made it possible... no words. Tx !!!
  6. Hi, We are the 26 and my order is always on "shipping soon"... any idea ? I live in FrAnce and I imagine it will take at least a week to be delivered ... luckily STEAM is there.
  7. Now... have to wait "real release"... but Pillars is on my computer ! ^^
  8. Wake-up (05.24 am here... ), can't wait... happy like a kid in christmas time...
  9. And what about the orders ? Mine is always " shipping soon" $160.00 Confirmed Shipping Soon But i'm in France... so... can i really expect it for Thursday ? I don't think so...
  10. Same here... but just for "fun". With optic fiber "my Pillars" should load in 5mns... and after i'll sleep 5mns a day... ^^
  11. Finally they did something similar on the areas of spells (but lighter) in the final version. Cool.
  12. Today, hope a last patch before release...
  13. Steam key for me. (I prefer, best for update, library etc...)
  14. Sure. You wait so many years... so you can wait some more days to have the "complete" edition (and plays day one with steam key or other one).
  15. It'll be great to have a Dev' opinion about this. Yesterday, I showed the game to my brother and his first reaction was to find these originals screens "messy" ... so it confirms me in the idea that to the uninitiated a little polish will not do any harm.
  16. Nice. Is the box and manual will be located (in French) ?
  17. Sensuki, for me "red highlighting" could be displayed by a mouse over on real value for exemple. It's not necessary to see them all the time i guess.
  18. Hi, First i have to say i realy love the spells sheet design ! But, i think that spells description (and others) could be improved and that we can hope more lisibility. 1/ why not some "bulleted list" in front of the main description (area effects / effects etc...) 2/ Other think, "base value" looks confused. Why not see them with a mouse over on real spells value ? look : Thanks.
  19. There's a good FRENCH translation in last update. Seems to be really fine to me.
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